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39 December 12th, 2012 Has GH’s Anders Hove As Faison Delivered One Of The Greatest Soap Villain Performances Of All-Time?


If you watched Monday’s episode of General Hospital, you finally saw Anna Devane come face-to-face with uber-villain, and her worst nightmare come true, Cesar Faison.

As viewers watched Anders Hove (Faison) scare the pants off of us not knowing what his next move will be all for his obsession and love of Anna, while Finola Hughes (Anna) delivered another stellar performance, it left us pondering the question; has Anders Hove just delivered one of the greatest soap villain performances of all-time?

In Monday’s airshow, we loved when Hove as Faison screamed to Anna, (who begged that the real Duke be untied and released from the grip of Faison’s henchman) “Oh no. There’s no letting go after what I have been through in order to find you!”

When Faison explains to Anna that he survived the explosion that was supposed to have killed him years ago,  he goes on to say, “It took me years to recover, only to find you back with your ex! What is it with you and men? Scorpio, Luke, Duke? (All said with a delicious Danish accent!)  Of course from there, it is all part of his duplicity to throw Anna off track and Robert’s theory that Faison has been masquerading as Duke.   But if you watched Tuesday’s episode, it looks like Anna is finally on to him just as Robert and John have just showed up at their room door seeing Faison as the fake “Duke” and Anna together!

We know from all reports that Anders Hove was only available to film a handful of episodes, but boy, what a impact he has made!  After the jump, watch some clips from Monday episode and then let us know, what do you think of Hove’s performances?  Is Faison one of the creepiest soap villains of all-time?

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  1. brian says:

    GH is my favorite program on TV right now, daytime and primetime, plus we get it five times a week !

    I hope ABC realizes how good GH is , and doesn’t do anything to spoil or cancel it in the future.


    susan M. replied

    I agree!


    Mary SF replied

    Well I am a newcomer to the show, but I have to admit, without even knowing this Faison character history- I was creep out by the guy. Love today’s show when Robert melted his fake face off and Anna decked him. I can see why you people like this show so much- it was classic soap- reminded me of the good old days when stuff like this was on every show- something inventive and a fresh twist on the old standards.


    Marisa replied

    Everyone spread the word how Great General Hospital is to all your friends!!!!!

  2. aria says:

    yes, he’s been down right creepy, but lets also give Ian Buchanan his due, as faux Duke, he’s been down right creepy as faison. So thumbs up to Anders Hove and Ian Buchanan both as Faison and Faux Duke, they’ve been down right uber bad!


  3. laurie webber says:

    Anders Hove is my all time fave! I wish he could have stayed longer! Him with Finola , Ian & Tristan is amazing! Thanks to Ron and Frank for giving us GH fans a great holiday !


  4. Ces says:

    I would love if Anders Hove can film a few more episodes, he’s so much fun to watch! I also have to give props to Ian Buchanan for his faux Duke impersonation – I’m just curious what happens if Anna were to undress him though. Surely Faison didn’t create a mask for his entire body.


    lipstickcat replied

    I was thinking the same thing! Guess he was going to stay covered! I wasn’t watching the first time Faison was on. Wish I knew some of the backstory!


    Ces replied

    I think Wikepedia can give you some background on the character and maybe YouTube has some old footage? I know a lot of soap fans have been sharing their videos on there. Hope that wasn’t the last we saw of him.

  5. Andrew says:

    Have to agree that Ian Buchanan has been doing a superb job of convincing us that he’s really Faison under that rubber mask only pretending to be Duke. I’ve really come to see fakeDuke as Faison.

    As for Faison, well, he’s super creepy and insane and his plan doesn’t make any real sense (but then, it shouldn’t I suppose) and that definitely qualifies him as one of the best soap villains. Loved him with Robin a few weeks ago.


  6. Ann says:

    GH needs Anders Hove back on the show ASAP!!! He is acting brilliance personified!!!!


  7. udhoop says:

    Anders Hove is to Faison as Larry Hagman was to J.R. Ewing.


  8. Moe says:

    Wow, Anders is amazing!! Get this guy back on the show immediately!!!


  9. heidi says:

    Well done by all!!! Finola, Anders, Ian and Robert are superb!!! I love GH… it’s so fabulous now! Please let these people stick around for awhile. Yes… Anders is an incredible villian that you love to hate and can’t wait to watch. Yes… Ian is doing a very good job at being faux Duke/Faison! Anna is doing a phenomenal job at being all that she is going through and everything that she is as a strong and talented woman with such emotonal confusion surrounding her. Love Robert anytime he is on and wish he could be there for a long time! Let’s get him a contract if you can! Faison/Anders will never die. Can’t wait to see how this whole story ends with Helena and the others and all of the people we may think are dead… but are really in the clinic or were. Happy 50 to the best soap ever!!! Way to go everyone at GH!!!


  10. Annalee says:

    Love Faison !!! he is the stuff nightmares are made of!


  11. Christina says:

    You bet he is. I love how he’s so off the wall. Most of all I love GH. I look forward to it everyday!


  12. Christina says:

    Mitch Lawrence was right up there too!


    Marisa replied

    I agree. Mitch was the most evil.


    jp replied

    Oh yeah. Most definitely. Mitch caused great havoc on ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

  13. Susan says:

    Anders Hove as Cesar Faison makes Days Of Our Lives Stephano easy. He makes all the villains of daytime TV seem sort of bland or ordinary. The actor who hails from Nuuk, Greenland, is a force to be reckoned with.
    On a personal note, Mr. Hove is happily married with two sons. Ooo, that sounds too sane for Faison.


  14. NewFan says:

    I must say I have only been watching GH for one year but in the last months I have become totally hooked up with it! I’m a long time YR and BB fan but at the moment GH is the best! It’s amazing how entertaining it is :) Kudos to the amazing Andreas, Ian, Tristian and Finola!!!


  15. Robert Coplin says:

    I thinks Anders Hove can play one of the creepiest villians of all time even more so then the actor that played Mitch Lawrence on OLTL.


  16. MK says:

    No Villian (maybe Mikkos and Mitch) creeps me as much as Hove’s Faison. This is the true faison, compared to the character assaination by guza in 1993 on Loving and GH in 2000.


  17. ashlee says:

    I have just finished watching the most schizophrenic episode of a soap I think I have ever seen in my life. I cant even explain it. It included a ridiculous boxing match between a hypocritical murdere and his back from the dead rival, it featured an unnecessary effeminate gay newbie that could and should have played by a woman, it featured gratuitous violence against a woman by injecting her with a drug, .alternated with all of that, it also featured beloved veterans, rewarding actions by legacy characters, and surprisingly logical reactions from formerly unrecognizable characters! Todays GH is a total dichotomy. The veterans are back in full force, but many of them are now in their 50‘s and 60‘s so watching them play out action adventure stories from 30 years ago is a little absurd. The foreshadowing to Lucys return is awesome, but having an effeminate gay nurse wanting to demand credit for the ball reinforced the truth about gay people. At the same time as all these over the top plots are playing out, you have intelligent characters speaking to the ridiculousness of the unfolding events. With all of that said, this show is must see tv. Lol. I cant explain it. I LOVE that the writers have Michael in AJs corner. AJ is his father, despite Sonnys murderous wrathful claims to the contrary. I have despised the character of Sonny since 1993 when the usually brilliant and sensitive writer Claire Labine romantically involved him with a teenager. I am thrilled that Michael is seeing Sonny as the violent dark hypocritical thug that he is! AJ offered to make peace, and Sonnys reaction was to beat him to a bloody pulp. This episode boggled my mind, lol, but there are enough glimmers of. Hope for the future that I am on board with Rons writing. Ditch the femmy unnecessary gay and all will be forgiven.


    Mitchell1660 replied

    Yeah, I don’t really get your point when you said the Felix character just reinforced the truth about gay people. What in the world does that mean? There are effiminate gay men as well as men that act like, well, just men. I’m curious to see where this character’s story is going go to, but I wouldn’t write him off as easily as you appear to have. Give the boy (and his story) a chance.


    Patrick replied

    “featured an unnecessary effeminate gay newbie”

    ” having an effeminate gay nurse wanting to demand credit for the ball reinforced the truth about gay people.”

    “Ditch the femmy unnecessary gay and all will be forgiven.”


    Thank You General Hospital and ABC… Homosexuality… is here… and will forever be in our lives.


  18. Marisa says:

    I like AJ and Michael bonding. I hope this relationship develops in a positive way. I also like the new character Felix.


  19. Faison says:

    Dear Folks…got this link sent from a dear friend….would like to say thank you for all the sweet respond, – it was a pleasure to work with the great cast and crew again…merry x-mas to all of you……


    heidi replied

    Merry Christmas to you too! Excellent job and you must come back again! You are very talented and portray Faison in such a way that we can’t wait to watch what you will come up with next.


  20. ethel says:

    i love anders hove’s portrayal of faison – he is just a fabulous villan…….he was on our screens for the right amount of time because a villian like that will loose his effectiveness if seen all the time – they should bring him back in a couple of years with something else up his sleeve………………ijs


  21. heidi says:

    I like Faison more than Mitch because Faison is less evil. I watched these scenes a few times and they had an opportunity to play it just a bit differently… actually they are doing it very well… but… Faison is creepier and most interesting to me when he is not violent/evil or physically aggressive when he is more cerebral. At his age and after all these years he’s just in love with Anna at all costs and wants to succeed at getting the love of his life (irrational as it is… and howvever or whomever he has to be to get there). Anders and Finola dancing around the room and the terror and creepiness that she feels for his irrational love is incredible. More masterminding for his love for her and less guns and force is very intriguing here. There is something about how Anders plays those scenes with her where you see how much he really cares for her that is quite touching but very creepy. Let him work with others who do the dirty work… except that he did shoot my fave Jason and dumped him into the harbor. Let his love for Anna be his downfall. I would like to have more scenes with Anders and Finola and slightly less with Ian being Faison… though those are good too. There is just something about Anders and Finola’s chemistry that is very interesting.


  22. Daisy says:

    I am TOTALLY BORED with the whole Faison, Duke, Anna, Robert storyline. Then throw in that stiff John and its just AWFUL! Love Anna, but the rest just need to get off my tv screen.


  23. lizzing says:

    Awesome job! just hurry and bring Robin back.I keep watching youtube videos of Robin and Patrick to get my scrubs fix.


  24. Ces says:

    LOVED yesterday’s show!! I’ll miss Anders. He’s briliant!! Big Kudos to Ian Buchanan – gotta wonder if Anna will find the real Duke. The melting mask was GH in prime form :)


  25. Natalie says:

    Yes, he did. Hove is absolutely captivating in this role. I haven’t watched GH since I was a teen and it is so fun to relive the magic. Hove and Hughes are television gold. Bring Hove back!


  26. mary says:

    Gh is so much fun to watch these days. all the great characters coming back; Robert, (love him), Faison, lucy. Love it!!!


  27. mary says:

    I still miss watching OLTL and I wish GH was still on at 3pm. I work in a school and would come home at 3:30 and watch the last half of GH. Now I can’t. Will never watch Katie. Tooo boring,


    Christy replied

    can’t you record it? I used to VHS tape the shows all the time. I missed a lot when my VHS recorder died, but now I have a VHS/DVD recorder works great even with a digital tuner (no cable). I never miss it!


  28. Christy says:

    WOW! they were all super! yes – that face melting/screaming/ good bubbling over his face – I imagine hard to breathe under all that mess and continue to act was difficult enough! I watched several days at a time and I was fast forwarding thru it cuz I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, “what’s going to happen?!”

    I so hope Robert was wearing a thick vest… I don’t want him to die just as he’s found Robin! that would totally suck! please don’t let that happen… altho I can’t see the new crew killing off a beloved character, especially Robert Scorpio. Not when it’s so easy to have them all reunite and then Robert could go off to spy land after a while again.

    He’s got to hang around for Luke to return and thank him – if Luke hadn’t of “saved” Robert, Robert wouldn’t have been able to save Anna or Robin!

    the show / writing is phenomenal!


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