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11 March 28th, 2013 Have You RSVP’d For The Nurses’ Ball? Celebrate General Hospital 50th Anniversary!


The Nurses’ Ball is upon us!  Have you RSVP’d? While we probably think you are more than ready, you can now officially to do!

Right now on General Hospital’s Facebook page, you can add your name to the list of attendees and share thoughts with other long time and new GHers as we head towards what promises to be a three-day television event airing April 5,8,9 featuring: red carpet arrivals, song and dance, heartfelt speeches, emotional moments and high drama, and some very funny moments too! We suspect you will probably need to be armed and ready with several hankies nearby!

Just what will go down at the Ball?  Who will show up, and who won’t?  We will have to wait to find out when the Ball kicks into high gear.

Let us know your predictions as to what you think will happen when the dust has settled from The Nurses’ Ball? And what you hope to see during the performances?And just how many outfit changes the “hostess with the mostess”, Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) just might have during the festivities!


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  1. Aria says:

    It’s going to be a party!


    Patricia D Brooks replied

    Can hardly wait for the Nurses , hqave been wondering when they will bring it back, and walla it is finally returning!! Love General Hospital!!


  2. jim says:

    Dr. O and Britt pulling a ‘Carrie’ on the newly transformed Sabrina but i doubt that. Maybe Milo literally pees his pants seeing Sabrina in her Cinderella makeover. Patrick about to tell Sabrina he has feelings for her just as Robin shows up but is just a lookalike sent by Dr. O to keep Sab from him, then Robin disapears again b4 truth revealed cause id like to aggravate the fans. Monica gives speach which includes Alan who shows up very much alive and further shocks Tracy and A.J. as the missing ELQ shareholder. Kevin suprises Lucy with a new duck. Audrey shares memories about Steve, Jessie, and her late sister Lucille all shown in flashback. Lucy wearing red dress she married Alan in. Luke and Laura, not at the ball, rescue Lulu held by Helene and also find the real Rick Webber alive and held by Helene too. Carly fighting with Brenda(but who cares!) A.J. with Elizabeth, and she calls him Nikolaus. While Duke dances with Anna, Robert cuts in. Noah reunites with Bobbi. Ellie faints because she is pregnant. Micheal Easton revealed as a Cassidine…Niks daddy! Kristen A. returns as Scottys daughter Serena with Roger H. as the new Steve Webber(loved him with Robin M. …Heather) or he could be Britts wealthy but troublemaking Uncle. Who really knows….i just want to be suprised. Why spoil the suspense? Wheres the fun in that? But i hope some would happen.


    jim replied

    Also was going to say Billy D. Williams, from ghs nightshift, shows up as Epiphanys date and reveals Felix is his grandson.


    Deborah replied

    your post is awesome, you need to write for ABC lol…loved all those scenarios….you had me going for a while, I thought it was a huge “spoiler” LOL. Good stuff.


    jim replied

    Thanks Deborah…i couldnt work for ABC…i would have to extermite that mouse(Disney) first 4 taking part in the cancellation of OLTL! lol

  3. susan M. says:

    At the Nurses Ball, Patrick will finally tell Sabrina how he feels and Robin suddentely appears at the ball! That new guy at the rehersal that said to Sam he knew her. And is
    helping with the ball and dancing with Lucy! I wonder if he will be staying?


  4. Patrick says:

    Kind of exciting, no?


  5. Marcia says:

    I enjoyed seeing maksim chmerkovskiy on GH today. Milo is kind of rat turning off Sabrina’s phone messages from Patrick. He’s hardly kind, he’s desperate. Afraid that Robin will return just as jim said up in his post just as Patrick starts to pour his heart out to Sabrina. It will be neat to see all the old people come back. Really was hoping that Jack Wagner would sing for the Nurses Ball. It will be a great three days!


  6. Debbie Harris says:

    Can’t wait to see what Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini have in store for us at the Nurses Ball!
    All I know is that it will be Fun and Exciting and I will be Glued to my TV awaiting all the surprises!


  7. Al says:

    Honoring Robin Scorpio? Maybe in the midst of all the recent Sabrina-worship, the show forgot Robin’s last name has been Scorpio-Drake for several years.


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