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13 December 23rd, 2015 Have Yourself A Jen Lilley Christmas: “Tinsel Time” Hits #1 On Amazon Music Best Sellers, Performing On KTLA Morning News, Watch Her TV Movie, “The Spirit Of Christmas”!

Photo Credit: Brad Everett Young

Days of our Lives Jen Lilley (Theresa Donovan) is spreading holiday cheer everywhere this Christmas!

First, the big news! Her jazz album “Tinsel Time” just hit the Amazon Music Best Seller list at #1 in the Jazz category ahead of ole’ blue eyes, the iconic Frank Sinatra.  Lilley shared that bit of intel on her Instagram account. Next, on Thursday (Christmas Eve), Jen will start her day performing the title track from “Tinsel Time” on the KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles at 9:20am PST.

And then on Christmas Eve, you can catch Jen in the leading role of The Spirit of Christmas on LMN! (first premiered on Dec. 19th) In the film “With a promotion on the line, ambitious young lawyer Kate (Lilley) heads to Vermont to broker the sale of an old inn. Kate has her work cut out for her when she learns its haunted and she meets Daniel Forsythe – a handsome man who died 95 years ago! Each year, Daniel takes human form exactly twelve days before Christmas, unable to move on with the mystery of his death unsolved. Determined to help Daniel, Kate finds herself in an unlikely romance with the dashing Christmas spirit.”

And of course, you can catch her weekdays on Days of our Lives as Theresa continues to butt heads with Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Nicole (Arianne Zucker), and tries to ensure that she can have an enduring relationship with Brady Black (Eric Martsolf), the father of her son, Tate.

So, have youself a Jen Lilley Christmas! What do you think of all of Jen’s holiday-themed success?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I dont get that channel…wish Days was more Holiday themed this week…the 50th Anniversary-where did it go-i blinked at it was gone!!!…It shouldve had more flashbacks and brief visits from characters from the 60s to the present…it just lacked…the best part was the return of some vets… Will and Paige shouldve never been killed off…im giving it a c- for the 50th but Days is the most improved soap and im enjoying it again!!!


    4ever DAYS replied

    Jen’s “Tinsel Time” music video features scenes from her movie:

    Merry Christmas everyone!


    Patrick replied

    I wasn’t “sure” how this was going to play out… on ABS part… with Chad going all robotto or commando

    but…. LOL (yes) DAYS throws in a wrench for ABS… at the Horton Square… she “loses” it… and throws her coffee cup (in the same, window) that JJ went ballistic

    could this be ABS post menopausal… frustrated ! fire her up!?!?

    earlier , I liked how she looked dazed and unemotional… as she handed Tom over to Grandma Jenn… and just left the house

    so…. LOL

    whew! these two are still have at it …

    yearning for more

    Go Chad n’ Abs

    on a sidebar : I truly am very dissapointed at the writers for letting Stefano …. go along with Andre’ schemes ???? even in a wheelchair… Stefano would never allow his own … how shall we put this…. one does not eat their own… The DiMera have always been beset by tragedy

    I’m hoping this is when the recast for either Peter Blake or EJ returns and reigns, helms, and tourede force the DiMera

    I love dearly Joseph Mascolo’ Stefano… and know he’s on his way out… what a LEAD

    Happy Holidays guys… and ladies


    Patrick replied

    ps: have to go here

    ???? Belle Brady is the new (replacement) lawyer ??? !!!!!! for Daniel Cosgrove’ Aiden ????


    and I thought our little Belle was merely a “window dressing”

    OK… I know… I don’t think she’s doing badly… at all

    it just smarts… more than disgruntle

    my new years eve wish…

    1. DAYS / NBC / Sony : it’s time for that renewal notice ! ? ! ? Hello!

    2. REHIRES : Kassie DePaiva’ Eve

    3. Xander is Deimos son….

    4. bring back any of these three ladies… as Laura Horton… (Jame Lyn Bauer – Erika Slezak – Elizabeth Hubbard )

    i’m sure there’s more… DAYS ! I did not expect the ratings surge this last time…


    Patrick replied


    * (Abs) post menopausalk

    ** (Abs) post partum

    heart swell… for how kate Mansi has taken…. (since she found out about Chad… amnesia)

    this ride is till taking

    Patrick replied

    A Martinez: Eduardo Hernandez

    “A” is really “building” his character


    I loved the scene with JJ on Tuesday:

    “You were involved with my daughter, Paige… now… you are involved with my other daughter…. hows that going? ”

    WOAH! you could here a pin drop… spine chilling moment… JJ cajones lost

    Eduardo’ scenes with John…
    Eduardo’ scenes with Kate…
    Eduardo’ scenes with Eve…

    major applause

    he never lets up

    one more plug! DAYS ; fix this gaping remiss…. “watching Eve”… with Justin in Horton Square…. I can’t help but know…. this is INTELLIGENT stuff…. a tour de force act… that bar none… shares her worth… carries with the cast… and is an acting dream for the audience

    Kassie DePaiva

    Patrick replied

    WOAH ! does any one NEED a Rafe’alicious FIX

    go to youtube:

    As the Tide Turns,’ Episode 2

    with Ellen Degeneres

    he’s out of this world too good looking

    CeeCee replied

    Patrick, Abby is in her twenties. No way is she menopausal. I know you misspoke. I believe you mean post-partum. Perhaps she is suffering from post-partum depression. You make a good, valid point. Also, how coincidental is breaking the same window as her brother? Insanity does run in the family, lol.

  2. Ray says:

    This is excellent news. I met Jen at a DOOL book signing and she was very kind and beyond gorgeous. I love her character now that she is so more layers and has rooting value. Congrats on the success of the record!


  3. Mo says:

    Good for her.


  4. Libby says:

    So proud of Jen Lilley. Outstanding work.


    CeeCee replied

    Yessss!! I love Jen, my second favorite soap star of all time. My first? Michelle Stafford. Happy and healthy New Year, y’all.


  5. Blake says:

    Great news, she’s a great singer and I loved her song with Eric (Brady)


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