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12 November 17th, 2015 Heather Tom Directs Her First Full Episode Of The Bold and The Beautiful!

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Very popular female soap stars in front of the camera, who are also going behind the camera and directing episodes of the soap they work on, another daytime drama, or outside projects is always rewarding to see for fans of the genre.

Former B&B icon Susan Flannery (Ex-Stephanie) directed episodes of B&B during her 25 years with the series.  Alison Sweeney (Sami, DAYS) has directed episodes of Days of our Lives and General Hospital, while Kimberly McCullough (Robin, GH) is directing primetime television projects, while also returning for story arcs to her soap home.

Today, five-time Daytime Emmy winning actress Heather Tom (Katie Logan Spencer) announced via Instagram that she was indeed directing her first full episode of B&B!  Heather related her excitement with a picture of the top of today’s script which names her as the director.  She added: “I’m directing my first full show for The Bold and the Beautiful CBS today- wish me luck!”

B&B cast member and a multiple Daytime Emmy winner himself, Scott Clifton (Liam) took to Twitter adding: ” So psyched I’m in this episode. Congrats, @BBheathertom!”

So, excited to see Heather’s episode come January?

What do you think about these great soap actresses also directing behind the camera?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Beth says:

    Good for her. B&B hasn’t written for her in at least a year, so it’s good that she’s channeling her creative energy in another direction.


    davlestev1 replied

    uhhhh beth she’s involved..but this whole i’m an actress i wanna direct kick well as actors..who don’t care as much…is a bit’re directing peopl comfortabe in their own skin and newbies if that is what you want to do..newbies in a challenging sick of these silly articles about actors directing..sorry Mr.Fairman but just don’t…


    KansasGuest replied

    Disagree. Tell me, are you just insulting female actors who want to direct as frivolous, or actors in general? Did you think Ron Howard, Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood, George Clooney and Ben Affleck were all frivolous & being “silly” when they were nominated/won Academy Awards for their directing efforts? All directors start at the beginning, and they should be commended for going out of their comfort zone to try something else. Paramount had an actual directors program in their STAR TREK series that many actors participated in. That’s how Jonathan Frakes made the transition from actor to director. This isn’t a “new” thing either. Most actors know that a successful career depends on being versatile, either in front of or behind the camera. Ida Lupino directed when female directors were few & far between. Lucille Ball didn’t direct; she ran her own production studio & hired directors & writers. The attitude that actors should stay in their own lane & not do anything else is narrow-minded & antiquated IMO. So, I say, keep the stories coming, Mr. Fairman! It’s good to see talented, artistic people continue to grow & learn. Everyone should.

    davlestev1 replied

    sorry capital b B..not intentional


  2. Marc Lormand says:

    I’m sure Victoria Rowell is thrilled! (Joking)

    Congrats Heather!


  3. elm51 says:

    i really hope she does well in the field of directing because her acting talents are being underutilized over at b&b…………………..


  4. Mo says:

    Katie needs a storyline, so good for her for keeping busy and learning new skills and nice that B&B encourages it.


  5. mark says:

    it was prolly an episode about planned parenthood her cause celebre


  6. dmatthews says:

    I think Heather Tom is the best actress on any soap ,If anyone can direct ,heather can she is the best .


  7. Ercell says:

    I Think it is great. She is a wonderful Actress.


  8. Ercell says:

    Heather Tom a great Actress


  9. Mary says:

    I agree she is the best


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