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12 February 23rd, 2013 Here Comes Dr. Joe! Ray MacDonnell to Make A Return To All My Children!


Great news confirmed today via Jordi Vilasuso’s (Griffin, AMC) Paos Revolution Facebook page.  Long time All My Children favorite Ray MacDonnell, is on his way to Prospect Park’s online reboot as Dr. Joe Martin!

According to the Paos Revolution post,  “We are happy to confirm Michael E. Knight’s comment he made about Ray MacDonnell in a recent interview- he will indeed be stopping by AMC as our lovable Dr. Joe Martin.”

While “stopping by” would indicate that Ray may just make a guest appearance and not be on the soap long or short term, it is still nice to know that Pine Valley’s permanent fixture, Dr. Joe Martin is still there and part of the Martin Clan.

And as Michael E. Knight said in a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest that was referenced by Paos Revolution, “I think the Martins are going to be well-represented with Cady and I hear Ray.”So soapers, what do you think of the good news on the return of Ray MacDonnell?  How do you think the Martin clan will hold up with no Tad and Jake Martin at the moment? Weigh-in!


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  1. MK says:

    AMC would be the same without the original Papriarch. He said the first words on the first show so it would make sense to have him over MEK and SL.


  2. DrKidNurse says:

    Ray is SUCH a sweet man!!!! I was lucky enough to be the Medical Advisor for AMC one summer, and worked with him a bunch. Bright, gentle, genuine – one of the best! So happy to see him back! And – you would NEVER know he is 85 now :-)


  3. su0000 says:

    WOW! the Martin’s in the family tree .. (now we have 1 Joe..

    Henry Martin

    Katherine “Kate” Martin

    Helen Martin

    Ruth Parker Martin

    Joe Martin sr

    Joey Martin

    Jeff Martin

    Jake Martin

    Tad Martin

    Jamie Martin

    Erica Kane

    Phil Brent

    Tara Martin

    Kathy Martin

    Damon Miller

    Jenny Martin

    Trevor Martin

    Jim Jefferson

    Dixie Cooney

    Brooke English

    Hillary Wilson Miller

    Krystal Carey

    Amanda Dillon

    Josh Madden

    Cecily Davidson

    Charlie Brent

    Bobby Warner

    Kelsey Jefferson

    Nick Brent

    Sam Grey


    jim replied

    let us not forget poor Bobby Martin who suddenly disappeared without explaination around the early days of AMC.


    jim replied

    plus Paul and Ann(Tyler)Martin.

  4. Pat says:

    AMC should center around the Martin and Kane families as it always has or it won’t be AMC.


  5. jim says:

    Now its starting to feel like the AMC i remember!


  6. No1_ILoveLucyFan says:

    WWOOOOOO HHOOOOOOOOO!!!! Welcome back, Ray!!!!! (happy dancin)


  7. susan M. says:

    Alway’s liked Dr. Joe Martin! I miss the character that played Tad’s grandmother(Gran)…


  8. The_HugoBoss says:

    Very excited! Even if just for a small appearance and hopefully more in the near future. Especially with such a heavy amount of the actors who play doctors on contract!!! Hope Ruth isn’t too far behind! I think Lee is such a gorgeous lady.


  9. Johnny says:

    Dr. Joe Martin SHOULD return, I am happy to hear he will be back, I hope I look as
    good as he (Ray MacDonnell) does when I reach that age. I’m sure that Dr. Joe is retired but it would
    be great if he were around to encourage Dr. Angie Hubbard and help intervene with
    the misguided Dr. Hayward.


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