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19 March 14th, 2013 “High School Musical” Star Cordin Bleu Cast as Jeffrey King on One Life to Live!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

The Online Network announced today that actor and musician, Corbin Bleu, best known for this role  “Chad Danforth” in the popular Disney film franchise, High School Musical, will join the cast of the beloved serial drama One Life to Live, set to debut on Monday, April 29.

Bleu will join the series as Jeffrey King, friend of Matthew Buchanan (Robert Gorrie) and Danielle Manning (Kelley Missal), a brilliant young reporter who moves to Llanview to work for publisher, Victoria Lord (Erica Slezak) at Llanview’s newspaper, The Banner.

Cordin tweeted the news of his new journey to Llanview, relating:  “I’m very excited about joining the One Life to Live family and beginning a new chapter in the shows long history.  I can’t wait to meet the entire talented cast and crew begin filming @onelifetolive“  Bleu starred in the Emmy-award winning Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical and its sequel, High School Musical 2 alongside Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale.  Bleu then reprised his role as ‘Chad’ in High School Musical 3: Senior Year on the big screen. 

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Corbin Bleu join the remarkable cast of One Life to Live. Corbin is multi-talented and we look forward to seeing this dynamic character unfold,” said Jeff Kwatinetz, Chairman and CEO of Prospect Park.

Bleu can next be seen in Nurse 3-D which will be released by Lionsgate Films later this year, and has numerous motion picture, television and stage roles to his impressive resume!

So One Lifers, are you looking forward to seeing Cordin Bleu mix it up in Llanview?  Let us know what you think of the casting decision for Bleu to play Jeffrey King?

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  1. Tali says:



  2. Kelly says:

    Now that they have a small number of core veterans in place (i.e. those over 40 years old), you can be sure that the only new casting news will involve 20 year olds. Ugh. Not liking where this is headed.


    brian replied

    Please, give it a change to start airing before writing it off.


    jim replied

    I actually agree with you Brian about giving the show a chance but i also agree with Kelly, maybe not 4 the same thing, in the direction the show is going but im still going to peek first b4 i judge.

    Torrey replied

    Agree with you Brian! I get so annoyed with people complaining about the cast announcements, when the first rebooted episode hasn’t even aired yet. I have a feeling that we are not going to be let down, at all…..

    Llanviewer717 replied

    Don’t worry. The vets can hold their own. I’ve always said OLTL has the strongest cast in daytime television. Considering the list of those vets returning it doesn’t appear that has changed.


    susan M. replied


    su0000 replied

    huh? teens/20yr olds?
    Cordin Bleu is 34 ..

    Enrique Buenrostro replied

    there are only 5 “teens” the rest are the vets


  3. jim says:

    Wonder how he is supposed to know Mathew and Dani? But it should be interesting seeing more involvement of the Banner again.


  4. Annick says:

    Great news.


  5. Llanviewer717 says:

    Welcome aboard.


  6. jim says:

    ‘We’re all in this together’..oops im getting a little carried away here. Somehow that song got stuck in my head. lol. Im wondering if there is a certain time a day you watch the original episodes of AMC & OLTL or is it kinda like On Demand where you can watch on your own time.Wellm I do know you can watch anytime but i wondered if online programing is scheduled anything like network and some cable shows where the new episodes have a regular time slot before you can watch any other time. Not feeling well the last few days so i hope my question makes sense.


  7. susan M. says:

    Don’t have an opinion on this new character. Looking forward to seeing my favorite characters on OLTL!!!! Not to interested in the new bee character…Want to see Viki , Bo, Clint, Nora,Etc……………………..


  8. su0000 says:

    Great !! is sounds like the ”The Banner” will be reporting!! that could be interesting if investigating reporters get into situations etc..

    He can act very well and is an awesome decent person ..
    looking forward to having him in OLTL ..


  9. Brian Tripp says:

    I am excited about this because he will more than likely bring his fan base with him and boost ratings for OLTL and even AMC. PP is very smart about this and these shows are going to do really well. Do you think he will be in a romance with Dani? Or will there be a quadtrangle with Des/Dani/Matt/Jeffrey?


  10. Joe says:

    I saw Corbin on Bway and he is A VERY talented actor! I met him once also and he is the sweetest guy! I am thrilled by this news! And now all my High School Musical stickers double as OLTL now! lol


  11. keily says:

    The constant complaining about every little thing has become annoying as hell, I know everyone has a right to their opinion, but can you give a rest until the damn shows have aired??


  12. sherry ross says:

    I can’t wait to see Corbin!! He is such a fabulous actor!! We just love him!!!


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