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15 January 23rd, 2012 Hillary B. Smith chats on her new role on B&B, Prospect Park & the ending of OLTL!


Shortly after the finale of One Life to Live aired, it was announced by the CBS soap, The Bold and the Beautiful, that Daytime Emmy winner, Hillary B. Smith (Nora, OLTL and Guya, Venice) was joining the Brad Bell sudser in the newly created role of a sexual therapist ( or as they say,”a psychiatrist who specializes in sex therapy”), Dr. Stacy Burton!

Now TV Line has a new interview with Smith on her decision to tackle a brand new daytime role on the very successful B&B, what she thought of the ending of One Life to Live and her thoughts on the fallout from when Prospect Park bailed out at the last minute when they were supposedly moving One Life online.   Here are a few excerpts below!

Hillary on what attracted her to her new role as Dr. Stacy Burton:  “To be perfectly honest, what drew me to this role was the opportunity to work with Brad Bell… and that’s basically it. [Laughs] I could have gone on that show as a janitor and I would have been happy to have the experience to work with him. [Laughs] I have not seen a script yet, but Brad called and gave me a little thumbnail sketch of who I’d be working with and what I’d be doing. I’m going to be working very closely with a contract player and helping them deal with a crisis, so that works for me.”

Hillary on watching the final episode of One Life to Live: “I was in New York at [an Upper West Side sports bar] with a bunch of the cast and crew and there were times during the episode that I just started to cry, and others when I laughed out loud. At one point I had tears streaming down [my] face — especially when Woodsy [Robert S. Woods] and I say goodbye to each other [on camera]. That was really Woodsy saying goodbye to Hillary and Hillary saying goodbye to Woodsy, and that was tough. Just remembering the day we shot it all, you know, was sad. We just looked around the room and wished everyone well and hoped we’d see each other again. But lives move on. Actors are supposed to be nomadic by nature, but we found ourselves forming a family — dysfunctional albeit, but a family nonetheless — and then suddenly our family was gone.”

Hillary on how Prospect Park impacted the ending of OLTL and its stories: “I think there was unfortunately a lot of running around and fixing things. They had an ending in mind and then Prospect Park bought the rights and they changed a lot of the ending so that it could continue… So, that was very difficult and was probably really hard for [headwriter] Ron [Carlivati]. And then when the rug got pulled out again [when Prospect Park canceled their plan], they had from Thanksgiving until it aired [in January] to move things around and try to get some sort of closure. I think they did a remarkable job considering how the ending was supposed to go and how it did go. I tip my hat to them.

Hillary on if she had confidence that Prospect Park could pull off moving OLTL online, since she has been part of a successful online soap venture with Venice:  “I didn’t quite understand how they were going to do it. I don’t understand how you can raise money for something that doesn’t have a proven revenue point… but you know what? It’s none of my business how they were going to do that. Just give me the script, tell me when I’m going to show up and I’ll be there to bring that character to life. I was nervous and concerned about it at first, so it took awhile for a deal to be hammered out, and then when it all went away I was so sad. I was sad for the fans, that they had it cancelled again on them — that’s the hard part. So, it was very bittersweet saying goodbye. And then when this offer [for B&B] came through, it was like, I guess we all move on.”

What do you think of Hillary’s comments on the ending of One Life? Are you looking forward to seeing her on B&B?  Let us know!

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  1. Diane says:

    I now watch bb and I look forward to seeing Hillary again


    Debbie Hamilton replied

    I am so looking forward to Hillary. I hope her humor and her gaiety follow her. I loved her to pieces.


    Carol Painter replied

    Yes, I have never watched B&B, Never…But I will watch when she comes on……
    I look forward to seeing all of them return somewhere!


  2. Brian says:

    Amazing !!

    That’s how I felt after reading this article.

    The best summary of all that has happened, with no hint or tone of anger in her commemts.

    I am also very happy that she is going to be on B&B. Her character sounds perfect and while reading, she was already bring the role to life.

    I have never watched B&B but I will be when she starts. Lucky I have some co-workers who watch so them can fill in some background.

    So happy that work has come her way, and hope it does too for all the other people who worked and made a living from “One Life To Life”


  3. Jan says:

    I wont just watch anything cause theses guys go there.

    She needed a job…they all do now.


  4. kay killgore says:

    The character she will be working with is Hope I think she is finally going to get her destiny Liam and be frigid in the bedroom. Just guessing!


  5. david says:

    “I think they did a remarkable job considering how the ending was supposed to go and how it did go.” She’s right. They should win an Emmy for best editing. Under the circumstances, we got the best ending possible. We can be thankful for that. Hillary going to B&B is enough of an incentive to check it out, but Nora will live on in our hearts forever.


  6. Debbie Hamilton says:

    What she said is true, life does go on.We can’t sit and cry over spilt milk and we can’t sit waiting for our bowl to be filled again. You as actors pick it up and carry on. Tomorrow is a new day and new adventures.We fondly remember our soaps with much love and memories. Hopefully with the few thats coming to GH in Febuary the ratings will blow sky high and the show will remain for the fans that love it. Maybe somewhere down the road OLTL will spark a new start and those that played will return. We can only hope and pray. :) Goodluck to all who gave us 43 years of happiness. God Bless


  7. gloria says:

    I have watched B&B for the last 5-6 years, when I got sick of AMC & decided to switch. So I’ll be glad to see HBS but with a 30 minute show with a large cast-I don’t expect her to have a ton of story or airtime-just the way that show goes. Brad Bell is just not good at balancing story & character time.


  8. Jared says:

    I love, Love, LOVE Hillary. I just hope Brad Bell does her justice. He’s not a very good writer, and he doesn’t do very well with a broad canvas of actors, at least in my humble opinion. Also, I’ve never quite gotten into B&B, as it seems so incestuous and sleazy.


  9. Mo says:

    I’m wondering who she will be working with.


  10. Brian Greene says:

    We Love You In Northwest Illinois, Hillary–Yay! :D


  11. Mo says:

    After yesterday’s ep, I think Hope will be her patient.


  12. Susan M. says:

    It isn’t the same!!!!!!!!! I’m glad hyilliary found a job already………… Bout I was hoping she would join Gh w/ other OLTL actors… I miss Bo & Nora!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They make a good team!!!!!!!!!!! OLTL was like a family…. They had that special closeness !!!!! And you saw it when you watched OLTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABC messed up daytime programming BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Joan says:

    I really hate the bold & beautiful, I used to watch but not now, so I won’t see Hillary on it. I wish her well. I loved her as Margo on ATWT and Nora on OLTL. She is great.


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