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12 January 12th, 2015 Hira Ambrosino Cast As Paul’s Mother On Days of our Lives!

Photo Credit: Brian David

Remember the news of the casting notice that circulated around that NBC’s Days of our Lives was looking for … a gorgeous Japanese woman between the ages of 40 and 50?

Well, now it is revealed that the part is that of Paul Narita’s mother, Tori Narita, who as the casting breakdown originally went on to explain is, “a proud mother of her son who lives in Japan and longs to be in the States with her son to support his career!” The role has been cast with actress Hira Ambrosino, and is said as of now to be recurring.

Ambrosino’s other roles have included: Franklin & Bash, Hawaii Five-0, House M.D. CSI: NY,  Desperate Housewives, and Monk to name a few, and appearances on the soaps: The Young and the Restless, Days of our Lives (where she played Dr Hayden in 2009), One Life to Live and General Hospital.

What do you think of the news that Paul gets a mother? What do you think the character will ultimately be like? Good, bad, controlling, not excepting of her son, if she knew he was gay? Comment below!


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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Good or bad…controlling…knows or dont knows her son is gay…she can be any of those…just hope she is involved with Abe…was hoping Kayla and Maxine were with Abe but it looks like none will be…it would be interesting to have a character like a mother who has difficulting accepting her son is gay and they deal with it…its great Days have cast Asians in their storyline…Meanwhile, Paul and Serena have become too front and center too soon while established characters are either underused like Abe, Kayla, and Roman while others are in uninteresting stories…will John and Marlena ever sizzle again…will Nicole ever stop getting knocked down in every episode…it was poor writing having Will cheat on Sonny with Paul when Paul is Sonnys ex lover, not Wills…cant wait for Jordan to leave and hope Ben soon follows…put Chad and Abigail together…bring back Shawn and Belle, recast Bo…have Bill and Laura make guest appearances…make it look like Days Of Our Lives…its still an ok soap but its sliding downhill…too many newbies can make it look like a different soap and i dont want that…Another World was once a great soap and where is it now…gone forever and thats because the show made too many cast changes over the years and strayed away from its rich history…Days is doing the same…right now its ‘Dull Of Our Lives’…jmof!!!


  2. richard says:

    DAYS needs to get it together. So many woefully underused vets. Kayla, Abe, LUCAS, John and Marlena, Adrienne. GH definitely outdid them on their 50th anniversary, DAYS needs to follow suit or they won’t make it past 50!!!


  3. Patrick says:

    woah : her biography, IMDb : reads like an intellect, unheard of (dizzies me)

    she’s a classically trained pianist : PLEASE, incorporate this in to the show… she can be hired to play at the TBD… or heck ??? if Maggies restaurant still exists… LOL

    what was it ? chez rouge


  4. LeeAnn says:

    It will be VERY interesting to see how Paul acts once his Mom shows up.


  5. Mo says:

    We don’t need his fam.


  6. SZima says:

    If we’re stuck with Paul, he might as well have a mommy! LOL


  7. Sward says:

    I like the character of Paul. I believe he is a tragic character and that his fate will not be good. My belief is that Paul will, ultimately, be murdered and either Will or Sonny will be charged. Right now, I am not looking forward to Sonny finding out Will’s infidelity. Sonny will be crushed.


  8. Robert says:

    She is beautiful, and she will be welcome talent of color to the show.


  9. damien says:

    if days wants to make it past 50 this is the direction it needs to take!
    if it wants new viewers it needs to reflect the audiences diversification! as a white male im completely objective in seeing how white salem is! adding asians is great, continuing forward its fianlly time days fill the void of lexie and bring on some characters of colour! with chad sucking as head of di mera now is the time for lexie to return as a brainwashed di mera in a evil manner! someone more sinister than stefano couldve set up lexies fake death! just an idea!…
    as well characters that suck, chad, melanie and her overused dad dan, ben etc need to be cut so money can go to sets! days sets look like community local tv productions , pls!!!


  10. Bruce Alex says:

    I have watched for almost a year and it’s a little on the boring side – Nicole and Daniel to me are dull – and this business with Jordan and her bro Dan and their father Clyde, wrap it up already, it’s not that compelling.
    As far as the love making scenes, I FF through them – how many times do we have to see Abby and Ben smooching in bed –
    I like the characters, but they really do need some interesting storylines to keep things going – and some stronger actors, not just models who can memorize lines. I think the strongest actor on the show is the gentleman who portrays Victor! He’s one of the few who convince me with the lines given to his character.
    Since this response was off topic let me add I am happy to see an actress cast in the role of Paul’s mom, I feel a little sorry for his character since he’s lonely and feels that
    his Professional Baseball days are over.


    Bruce Alex replied

    NOTE: I’m sorry, I meant to write Jordan and her bro BEN. Well whatever his name is it’s not that interesting a storyline.


  11. DJCFlorida says:

    All for diversity (please, get someone nice for Abe and Maxine!), but how can Paul survive when he cheated with Will, the “golden boy”, altho he is Sami’s son. Sonny wont stay with him so someone’s gotta go (I hope it’s Will, Guy Wilson the actor is too wishy washy). Also, Clyde!!! Pulease! Get rid of that disgusting, abusive, man…Kate! wtf! And take Jordan (weak and stupid) and Ben (beadyl-eyed, stupid, bull-headed) with him! Someone needs to kick the crap out of Serena, now! And can Daniel or Brady be more beautiful or more STUPID?! (Waiting for when Brady finds out about Kristen and the baby and loses it! He’ll be in an institution!) Meanwhile, ditch the mush mouth Melanie, talking like a baby, stomping in a tantrum, can’t buy a present for her own Dad… stop it! Finally, where are the smart characters (Marlena, Stefano, Kate, Victor, Abe) and their stories! All the characters under 50 seem to have brain damage. I know it’s a Soap, but omg, can someone have a smart plot, cultural, making a difference in the world…then one off the dumb ones can come mess it up, but something other than dragging out these lame plots will drag this soap down.


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