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5 January 13th, 2015 Holy Batman … And Robin! OLTL’s Rob Gorrie To Play Dick Grayson’s Dad On FOX Series GOTHAM!


Rob Gorrie who was so front and center in Prospect Park’s reboot of One Life to Live as Matthew Buchanan, will be seen in an upcoming episode of FOX hit crime series, Gotham based on the DC comic book stories.

Gorrie tweeted a picture as he wrapped production on the sixteenth episode of the first season of Gotham, entitled “The Blind Fortune Teller.”   The young star also sent out this tweet last week saying, “Just wrapped! What an experience… Thank you #Gotham. Can’t wait for everyone to see this episode!”

According to, “In the comics, the Graysons, better known as the Flying Graysons, are a family of traveling acrobats who are murdered in a mob hit during a performance. Orphaned and without any surviving family, a young Dick Grayson is adopted by Bruce Wayne who eventually trains him to become Robin, the Boy Wonder and sidekick to the Caped Crusader.”

Gotham is an American crime television series developed by Bruno Heller, based on characters appearing in and published by DC Comic in their Batman Franchise, most notably the characters of James Gordon and Bruce Wayne. The series stars Ben McKenzie as the young Gordon.  The series returns with all-new episode next Monday January 19th at 8PMET.

What do you think of the casting of Rob Gorrie as the Boy Wonder’s dad? Comment below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    I do not miss gotham, a great series!!

    Rob is in 1 episode, no big deal.. but- good for him!

    (Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce’s parents, were shot and killed in an alley..
    so, Rob Gorrie is going to be the flashback of Thomas (not his ghost, I assume lol)


    C replied

    No, Rob Gorrie’s playing Dick Grayson’s (a.k.a Robin) future father.


  2. MBmomof3 says:

    Love this show. I’m sure Rob Gorrie will be very good in the role.


  3. JLH says:

    Gotham’s definitely gotten better as the series progresses–love the ruthless Fish character–and I really look forward to seeing Rob.


  4. C says:

    Good casting, and good for Rob Gorrie. I really liked him on the OLTL reboot.


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