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44 July 1st, 2015 “Honesty Hour” Is A Real Bust As DAYS Sonny Discovers More Of Will’s Lies!


What has happened to the character of Will Horton (Guy Wilson)? Apparently, he has become  very deceitful, desperate, and very troubled as he continues his machinations to try to save his marriage to Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith), but is it too late?

On Monday’s episode of NBC’s Days of our Lives, since Sonny and Will are already seeing marriage therapist, Dr. Myers, and have  entered into what has now been known as their “Honesty Hour” when the two take a time-out and talk about their feelings and marriage woes, this latest “hour” was a doozy!

In fact, Sonny lowers the boom that he knows that Will is doing a story for Sonix on Dr. Myers and thus Will is influencing their therapy sessions by writing a features on their egotistical marriage counselor.

Later when things get very heated between them, Will lashes back at Sonny that he can’t live up to the almighty, goody two-shoes husband of his, and that he is made to feel less than.  Sonny then asks Will, if that is why he slept with Paul (Christopher Sean)? Will utters a confirmation of that under his breath! And then more lies are exposed when Sonny figures out that Will must have also slept with someone else while in Los Angeles! Will says, it only happened once.  Sonny is furious and walks out on Will, leaving Will in tears.

What did you think should happen next? Should Sonny divorce Will?  Should Sonny just start a relationship with Paul?  Can “Honesty Hour” be cut to 15 minutes without a lie?  Is there any way that the character of Will can even be redeemed anymore, or do you like his shady ways?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Jamesj75 says:

    Honesty hour — indeed, honesty itself — is overrated!


  2. dmr says:

    I know that I am going to sound like a “hater” … but, I can no longer stomach Guy Wilson or Will Horton. The actor needs to go and the character needs to leave Salem and jet-set to California to go live with his immature, spoiled, narcissistic mother. I watch Days, and I shake my head the entire hour, or I fast forward. I’m sorry-I know I sound like a “Negative Nellie.”


    CeeCee replied

    No, you don’t, dmr. I feel the same way. And, as shallow as this sounds, TPTB could have hired a better looking actor portraying Will. But, after a while one overlooks physical appearance, as long as the acting, the personality, the charisma are prevalent. This guy has nothing. None of those attributes is to be had from Will.


    ChandlerFan replied

    There is no way to really know, but I get the feeling that if TPTB instead had hired the actor who is now playing Derrick to be recast as the new Will, he would have made Will’s antics very watchable, interesting, and perhaps even nuanced. Likewise, the actor now playing Chad could have taken over Will’s role in a compelling way on several different levels simultaneously, making us empathize with Will, rather than being repelled by him.

    blake replied

    It’s not just you, it seems most people can’t stand Guy Wilson as Will. If I’m not mistaken his contract is up next month so the show could recast him or he could leave. I know Freddie Smith is leaving as Sonny and they are setting up for that.


    Patrick replied

    Chandler Massey, aside : he was … “that” good

    Guy Wilson never brought it from the get go

    even if you had the best writers… I’m sorry to say… as much… wasn’t enticing, as the original pair

    if his contract is up next month… let go…
    since, Freddie Smith is leaving… of his own accord

    I feel strongly… what this duo did… for

    either recast with a pair with chemistry… or,

    give Paul… who’s stratosphere all on his own… a dynamic presence he can share, his own dance partner

    “this story” … being relevant… “I thank you”… audience… NBC / Sony / DOOL for bringing it

    I needed this…

    I want the awareness to celebrate

    having said that… and SCOTUS aligning…

    let’s remain keenly aware… and cast our lot understood


    CeeCee replied

    I definitely understand what you are saying and where you are coming from, Patrick. Regardless of the actor, an entire new, and revolutionary phase has entered the soap world. Thus, the storyline is very relevant in today’s society and way of thinking. I can hear the applause miles and miles away.
    Nonetheless, you are also right in saying that Guy never brought it home for many. Where did they find this guy? His acting is forced….and, he tries too hard; never mind what the writers turned Will into….that is beside the point. We, the fans, are intelligent enough to discern between good acting, mediocre acting, and bad acting. Even if we truly hold a certain antipathy for an actor, we can accept him/her because of his stage presence. Guy/Will has none.
    To me? It is bad acting, and I will not apologize for my opinion. I can’t even stand to look at this guy.

  3. Mo says:

    What should happen next? Will should be recast stat. And the character rehauled. I no longer like Will now that Guy is playing him. The actor is awful.


    Sally replied

    But this is the “perfect” actor to play the role of Will, and that’s why TPTB forced Chandler out early and gave him no going-away party!

    I agree 1000%!


  4. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    If Freddie is still leaving Sonny is obviously going to Splitsville U.S.A.,…im starting to grow tired of the Sonny/Will/Paul triangle…it started off good and was Days best storyline but it feels draggy now…will Sonny run off with Paul or does Paul remain in Salem and falls for Will……also tired of Nicole going back and forth with Daniel and Eric…any chance Nicole prego with Erics child…if Daniel is leaving show as rumored i see Nicole and Eric back together…itll probably be the reason Daniel leaves…maybe he goes back to Clhoe(spelling?)


    Patrick replied

    even with knowing… that Freddie Smith is leaving…

    hasn’t lessened my viewing of this trio

    but… the glaring… fact

    Guy Wilson will not bring it to the audience… with his own acting

    I don’t see Will and Paul… hooking up… for anything

    I don’t know… it’s angst time for me… that DOOL production would have to recast both Will and Sonny…

    in light of SCOTUS … LOL… smiling from ear to ear

    i can let go of … and not wrangle how much this pair meant to me

    that .. this story simply be recast with Paul and a new cast member to forward

    I hope that .. Will leaves to LA to reunite with Sami
    Sonny is shown… leaving Salem to explore the world

    and Paul.. is entering his own life.. with Tori, John, Marlena… and his own life… and wallah… a man of his own


    Patrick replied

    ps: I so hope.. the rumor is true… that Daniel is so bereft… and sees how dull he truly is

    and reunites with Chloe w/Parker… and LEAVES Salem


    the show.. with no focus… simply has got to marquee a solid acting force… a leading cast of characters who need never have had Daniel whatsoever


  5. ron says:

    I have a big problem with this plot point. No matter if you love Will or hate him he showed remorse when he cheated with Paul. When he came back from LA the only thing he hid was getting fired from the movie project. He told Kate he never cheated in LA and said to before Paul he’d only been with one guy. Why didn’t we see Will struggle with this secret before Paul? Sonny isn’t completely innocent either. He claims he wants his marriage to work but secretly meeting up with and daydreaming about the man who wants him back. And don’t get me started on Sonny letting Paul in the apartment holding Ari. What on earth was he thinking? And Paul was so cool with Derrick when he exposed his private life to the world and doesn’t say something about that? That made me suspicious. I know Paulson fans ain’t gonna like this but If Paul should be with anyone I’d want him with Will when Sonny leaves. Horita’s sex scene proved they have chemistry and passion neither of those things I’ve seen with Paulson #sorrynotsorry


    joy tadych replied

    iagree i think he would of been nmore remorse if h e cheated and i think he would not be a ble to handle it when he was praying to god wehn sonny was hurt u can toell he flet bad he slept with paul a nd yes i agree both sonny and paul are wrong too


    kay from Ohio replied

    I agree with this post.


  6. richard says:

    God, Will is a whore!!! Geez, bad representation of gay marriage. I understand the need for drama, but Guy Wilson is not selling this. Chandler prolly couldve in a way that u felt SOME empathy!! Sami needs to come slap some sense into him! At least Sami did these kinds of things they made more sense. Will has had no reason to cheat on Sonny aside from his animalistic lust!!!


    blake replied

    Great point here. Chandler Massey definitely would have done better at this.


  7. Kelly says:

    The character of Will is unrecognizable at this time.In the past Will would never hurt Sonny like he recently has.Will doesn’t even seem to recognize the impact his actions have had on his husband and their marriage. Will needs to do some major south searching and get some therapy to understand what has allowed him to tell himself that betraying Sonny and then lying about it was alright!


  8. Mike says:

    I am so torn over this. Not to beat a dead horse, but when Will was played by Chandler Massey, Will could pull off doing something ‘wrong’ and still maintain the sympathy of the audience – and let’s face it, outside of trying to blackmail EJ and lashing out at his mother and sleeping with Gaby (all somewhat understandable ‘wrong’ actions), he was a pretty good guy.

    And I was glad to see a strong, loving, healthy relationship between two men on daytime. That being said, I understood and actually hoped that in time, they would get to be a part of the regular drama filled stories that drive soaps and that usually means marital strife at one point or another.

    But I wasn’t bargaining on this. I wasn’t bargaining on actually having an extreme dislike for Will. The change started with the recast – Guy is just a different type of actor than Chandler and even in some of Will and Sonny’s regular disagreements and interactions, there was a level of petulance that he seemed to project. So when they started writing a more selfish Will, a manipulative Will, a whinier Will – it better fit Guy’s portrayal.

    Then heap on the cheating, and then the desperate attempt to blame Sonny and absolve himself, and the blaming of Paul for the cheating, and the lying to everyone about different aspects of the story – and now the ADDITIONAL CHEATING? This could have been a much more layered story, but the buildup and explanation (or non-explanation and non-buildup) behind him sleeping with Paul, coupled with this out of the blue new revelation leaves little to sympathize with regarding Will. He’s Sami now, without any of the clarity for why he’s doing what he’s doing, or any of the occasional sympathy that she could add to her scenes. Will is simply and painfully awful now.

    Much like Theresa however, Will is being written with little to no shades of sympathy. Yes, he’s desperate but endlessly desperate just comes off as irritating – especially when combined with lies and manipulations and some outright meanness.

    No, the writing and Guy’s portrayal have done in the character of Will for me. Until the writing improves and Guy can either find some shading to Will, or the show find a replacement, I would much rather see Sonny and Paul take the lead. But if they keep going the way they are going, then Will is just going to continue to be a one note awful caricature who I am going to relish getting his comeuppance from Sonny and fingers crossed, Paul and the returning Gaby.


    Sally replied

    Excellent post!
    I will say, though, that Jen Lilley is such an excellent actress that she somehow makes Theresa sympathetic…even WITH the writing she’s given. Yes, I hate her sometime,s and don’t like the things she does, but I still want her to get what she wants in the end.


    Patrick replied

    it’s wearisome… long in the tooth… but I still laud Jenn Lilly… as Jeannie Theresa Donovan

    she’s an exciting must see character

    why should the women … Eve and Theresa… plus
    be show kowtowing… to the men… of Salem: Eric, Daniel, Brady… they are NOT, “all” that

    not by a “LONG” shot


    give me a effing break…

    the women of Salem… need to step off their pedestal… and yeah, it’s a serial… a story.. to be told

    I love the layers… the actors will say as much… that they get to stretch their imagination… as best they can… with the writing the script offers

    with Theresa stammering.. and no real support system.. Yeah, i get that her scenes with Caroline and Anne… are front burner… but give this young woman shutzpah… a stronghold all her own… she owns her stuff

    she delivers a presence that with good writing.. LOL

    would mow over… even Victor…

    stand your ground Theresa… helps coming… new writing and production

    I hope for you

    CeeCee replied

    Thak you, Mike.
    I have been saying this litany since nuWill set foot on the DAYS stage. Guy is the most insipid actor on TV.
    Furthermore, to echo what Sally said about Theresa; I have been praising Jen’s acting as well. However, I am somewhat miffed that the rein holders are continuing to portray her as a baddie.


  9. damien says:

    will who?
    lovin ‘ Derrick s return in those swim trunks, so more of him. Send Will away with Sonny in the sunset . I m fine with paul and derrick!!
    btw, who is this new Kyle kid who wants to recruit JJ?, some more of him too please!!


    blake replied

    Derrick is back? He was in swim trunks and I missed it???


    Tom Jenkins replied

    Maybe you blinked because he was on for like 6 seconds. He met Paul in the fake leaf park and said that he was no longer working for the Hotel as a Bell boy because he “wasn’t good at it”. How difficult could it be to be a bell boy? Is it the equivalent of being a Brain surgeon? Also, what the heck kind of contract does the actor who plays Derrick have? He was gone for weeks or months and all of a sudden he shows up in the fake leaf park where no one’s hair is ever blown out of place….

    Blake replied

    Fake leaf park lmao! Yeah I guess since that stupid Nicole and Serena story ended and Paul’s hotel room being a revolving door they decided to not focus on the hotel. And yeah being a bell boy can’t be hard work, he’s just always going to be eye candy no matter where he works lol.

    Tom Jenkins replied

    They could at LEAST build a “lake set” couldn’t they? Salem can’t really be too thrilling a town to visit – you have a choice of hanging out at the Fake leaf Park, the hospital or Brady’s pub with the same mini curtains they’ve had since 1923. Of course, if you’re desperate you could always visit Eve in her crappy apartment – or “bump into” someone at the exciting Square. Actors are constantly “bumping into” each other and dropping folders, hidden papers, secret elephants, pregnancy test kits, etc. It’s SO corny and SOO overdone – but I guess they can’t help “bumping into” each other because there are only like 3 sets.

  10. Alex says:

    FS is leaving and it doesn’t look like they are recasting the role so I don’t see how PaulSon relationship is possible. The show decided to waste the last few months by having Sonny stand around letting Will keep lying and manipulate him instead of taking any kind of action. I guess Ken Corday did really mean it when he said they don’t write for characters/actors that are leaving. SMH

    It would be nice to see the show at least give us one PaulSon hot sexy action where all the build and tension is released before Sonny leaves though. I guess that won’t happen.

    There is no way the show can keep Sonny married to Will after everything without completely shitting on Sonny’s character and his fans. Days did nothing but use this legacy character as nothing more than a prop for Will. It is disgraceful. They totally wasted Freddie Smith. Sonny was never allowed to be his own entity and because of that, great relationship potentials like Sonny/Brian, Sonny/Paul, Sonny reacting to Will’s actions and betrayals in a meaningful ways didn’t happen and/or got wasted.

    The least Days can do now since we can’t turn back time is allow Sonny and his fans good payoff and free him from Will for good. Allow the character that one powerful scene where he has reckoning with Will tearing down all his unhinged arguments and divorces him. I don’t even believe we’ll get that for a second. They’ll mostly likely continue to embarrass and torture the character and his fans at the altar of the amazing great master Will Whorton of Salem. What man in Salem wouldn’t want a coward lying weak cheating insecure mess like Mr. Whorton.


    Patrick replied

    “…The show decided to waste the last few months by having Sonny stand around letting Will keep lying and manipulate him instead of taking any kind of action. ”


    they don’t know what to do with Guy Wilson… after the fact… that his acting is dour, uninteresting… and isn’t carrying with the rest of the cast

    why support such lack?

    so… the writers decide to give him… ??? a layer of a chip off the ole block… Sami?

    HUH? LOL who cares.. he’s not her…

    the camera does not love him… his delivery of script would make me agonize till his contract was up

    give up… recast this one… pair… that carried DAYS

    Paul with a new leading man… is paramount

    i’d celebrate this
    simply means.. new lifeblood of people in and around us from the start


    CeeCee replied

    You said it , Alex. Your every word is true. Well stated. I especially appreciate your declaration that Sonny was simply used as a prop for Will. Just like his mother, Sami. Everything revolved around her. TPTB did the same to Rafe. He was Sami’s prop. A great actor with so much potential…I’m not even quite sure what his purpose on the show is….what the blank are ‘they’ doing?


  11. Mary SF says:

    Well I don’t like the fact they have turned Will into the male version of Sami. The Will Horton I remember seeing on screen for years, hated his mother’s behavior, the lies and the cheating that he never wanted to be like her– and now the writers have made him just like her— except in a man, even a gay man, it doesn’t come across as devious like it did with Sami, it just seems rather pathetic. I know the actor isn’t my favorite but even if CM was still playing him, it would be totally out of character for the Will Horton I saw growing up to be this insecure and immature.


    Patrick replied

    I don’t know that i’d even call Guy Wilson acting… insecure or immature… he’s simply not bringing with thee cast, as a whole… production

    anything worth recall

    I wouldnit say it’s pathetic…

    should we cull… that Will had no experience… and fell in to Sonny.. and we’re to place blame… he should never have strayed?

    If this gives Will any character.. so be it.. at least this would be a let, out

    learn from your mistakes this early on.. and give the writers and audience a let.. and either recast the pair.. or give Paul a new leading man

    if either or… Will and Sonny both left the show… I would hope .. that .. in my heart of hearts.. that DAYS does, continue.. past : Sept, 2016

    and it’s Sonny that returns… his beloved presence deserves .. more

    without doubt… it’s Chandler Massey’ that i’d feel real heartache.. but Guy Wilson Acting… lacked

    I do want this story to continue as it’s relative to all : Days of OUR Lives


    CeeCee replied

    Ahhh, Chandler…what a hottie!! Right, a Patrick?
    I think Will should be recast. We do not want to jump the gun and completely eliminate the youngest male carrying on the Horton name. At least, I think he’s the youngest. Perhaps, when Sonny leaves, Will should go with him. In the interim, a replacement will return.

    But, out of context,….I was watching episodes of REMINGTON STEELE on ME-TV (Boston), when I saw a hint of someone very familiar. It was James Reed (Clyde). WOW !!!!! My gosh he was so good-looking. Can’t believe he changed so much. Usually, people do not change so drastically. I still can’t believe how hot he was…tall, great physique…I repeat, WOW!!!!

  12. Daisy says:

    Will, as he’s being portrayed now, isn’t ready for marriage. Time for Sonny to move on.


  13. LeeAnn says:

    Will no longer knows how to tell the truth. If Ari wasn’t in the picture I’d tell Sonny to run now, run fast and don’t ever look back. But she is so I think they need to separate and slowly Sonny will leave.


  14. Ronnie says:

    I’m sad to see how they have changed the character of Will :( I loved the ‘WilSon’ love story and understand there would be rough times, but all of these lies…I don’t think there is any coming back from that. Sorry to see Freddie Smith leave as Sonny..excited to see how they tie up this storyline…I’m ready to get past it already…


  15. CM says:

    Son Of Sami strikes again. Ugh. Any way we can convince Freddie to stay and send “Will” back to L.A.?


  16. kay from Ohio says:

    When Will said “it only happened once” when Sonny accused him of cheating in LA I thought he was referring to his ONS with Paul. But it does sound like he may have hooked up with someone else before Paul. Sad that the writers decided to destroy the WilSon relationship by resorting to the predictable “infidelity” storyline rather than creating a more original plot device such as a life threatening illness or a mysterious disappearance where one of the guys could have ended up missing and the other could have went on a search and rescue mission to save their spouse. But no they had to resort to a cheating story. With Freddie’s departure in August their is not much hope of saving Wilson’s marriage since Sonny will be leaving Salem without his family. Not sure if there is any possibility of a recast or any hope of Freddie ever coming back to reprise the role.


  17. Donna says:

    Sonny can’t trust Will anymore so he will leave Salem and start a new life. He is such a good guy.Sure will miss him but he deserves better than Will. Will needs to grow up and guilt being so decieving.Sonny tries to talk to him but he does not listen.I felt so sorry for Sonny when he found out Will cheated on him while he was in L.A.


    Patrick replied

    i’m not up to that show …

    I do not believe in infidelity

    I would be teared out.. angst out.. hurt… to the core

    yeah, it’s an all knowing fact… this happens

    be that as it may… giving me a stronghold.. ie: stotus is sharing the same meaning


    CeeCee replied

    Oh, I know, Patrick, I know, how you feel. My husband was my only boyfriend (I was sixteen) . I do not believe in infidelity either….So, if he ever cheated on me, I would be devastated.
    Poor Sonny! The writers are trying to patch this marriage up. Now, I’m all for trying to give it another try for this couple ( I, personally would never forgive him), but Will is too flighty and untrustworthy. It is not fair to Sonny. On the other hand, I love Paul.
    Sonny is leaving….what then?

  18. Blackwe says:

    Knowing Freddie is going to be gone soon, I can’t get into this story as much as before and the utter lack of chemistry between current Will and Sonny isn’t helping (the touching between the two is just mechanical and not natural). The debate is on whether Will admitted he cheated in LA or only with Paul ( I’m thinking the former not the latter). Turning Will into manipulative insecure weasel also isn’t a positive. All that is left is sitting back and seeing what causes Sonny to finally leave for good. With the current version of Will, not surprised honesty hour failed in no time.


  19. Patrick says:

    “honesty hour”


    how demeaning and lame.. of a headline marquee feature for this AWEsome PAIRing… (Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey… ala Guy Wilson, sigh)

    Freddie Smith… wasting his time.. till his exit… shown… wanting

    I’m sorry FS’ Sonny is shown wasting his bigger presence

    for the couple currently… it’s not at an even keel

    even with, showing.. their differences

    the acting together never meshed.. therefore… let it go

    impugn, call in to question.. to let Guy Wilson go , with Freddie Smith

    Guy Wilson… home to mother.. perhaps.. Sami’ return culls this… that Will needs to leave home.. like most do… and find strengths and LIVE

    Freddie Smith’ Sonny.. who had that two loves of his life… leave home to restore his being.. and live outside of relationships… and explore avenues that were dormant… dang it! isn’t that the way of our lives… to have this opportunity to explore life outside

    Paul : who has been their… learn of his immediate circle… Tori, John, Marlena.. plus
    relating to; respond with HIS inner circle and be

    it’s all a tumultuous circle that some have .. more than others.. and lack… with or without support…

    same stimuli with diversity yet same stronghold of equanimity.. forging belong

    SCOTUS has steered my lot… I’d meet you 1/2 way plus


  20. Tom Jenkins says:

    It sounded in one scene that Sonny was making excuses for Will “not really being ready for marriage” but it seemed to me that the subliminal message was that Sonny was looking for an “out” so that he could be with Paul. It just seemed to my ears that he was actually letting Will down easily.
    Hate to say it but it’s possible that maybe the days of Sonny and Will may be nearing an end, I mean I hope that’s not the case but we know the actor who currently portrays Sonny is leaving and Guy’s contract may or may not be renewed, I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind if they attempted to do a re-cast on both rather than lose the characters.


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