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13 February 24th, 2012 Honored scribe Claire Labine in WGA acceptance speech, “I’m appalled that more care was not taken with this form that I love a lot”!


One of soaps all-time greatest writers, Claire Labine who created and steered Ryan’s Hope to Daytime Emmy Gold with stops along the way at General Hospital, and other soaps was presented with the prestigious Ian McLellen Hunter Award this past weekend in WGA ceremonies held in New York City.   The award is presented to a WGA member for their career achievement and to honor of his/her body of work as a writer in motion pictures or television.  Former Ryan’s Hope star, Kate Mulgrew presented the award to Labine.

When Labine addressed the crowd midway through her acceptance speech, she let those in attendance know how she felt about the cancellation of the soaps, and their decline, and how the genre has been mistreated by the networks.

Claire said, “I am in mourning. Yes, some of the shows had gotten silly. Yes, some of the budgets had gotten bloated. But there are more creative solutions than cancellation across the board!  The Daytime audience is loyal beyond belief. These characters had been in their lives for years. They watched these people grown up and it was a form that had such value and provided an emotional construct for people that did not have one.  And it reinforced emotional values for people that did have one.  I’m appalled that more care was not taken with this form that I love a lot. ”

After the jump watch the video of Mulgrew’s presenatation to Labine, and then let us know what you think of Claire’s comments!

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  1. MBmomof3 says:

    Congratulations Ms. Lebine. I loved Ryan’s Hope and her work at GH.

    As a lifetime soap fan, I agree with her comments regarding the care of the genre and the fact that this art form should have and could have adjusted itself to the changing times. Scripted dramas are not dead, they just needed some tweaks to survive. I wish ABC/Disney and the other PTB valued them as much as their loyal fans do.


  2. Linda says:

    I entend my congratulations to Claire Lebine. Her name is very familiar to soap fans. She was right when she said the soap fans are very loyal. I am loyal enough to keep ABC/D off my televisions. If ABC can dismiss me so casually then I can dismiss them too.


  3. lew says:

    One of the greats of daytime. This is what the genre needs; someone with experience and TRULY cares about the characters and history. Soaps are not dead, because if they were, THAT network would not be producing the upcoming Nashville and currently airing Revenge. ABC used to have such a great programming dept. I guess that is not the case anymore.


  4. Joe says:

    Claire is a bona fide ROCK STAR with regard to this medium. RYAN’S HOPE (along with AMC) was the first soap I ever followed. She made GH a watchable entity again back in the early 90s when its action/adventure stories were becoming overkill. She even had a good turn on ONE LIFE. Her words speak volumes as to the idiocy of the networks. Her words have particular meaning as it was the asinine “suits” at the network that ultimately led to RH’s demise… they forced her out back in the early 80s and AGAIN in about ’84. If they’d left well-enough alone we may have been able to celebrate 30+ years of THAT soap. Thank you for your words, Claire!


    lew replied

    Joe, Good post!


    barbara t replied

    I loved ryans hope. was really upset when we lost that soap .I wrote my first protest letter to abc ,so angry it was canceled .they could care less .they didnt care then and they dont care now.and you right claire is a rock star,she was involved in all the soaps that I cared about.


  5. barbara t says:

    everything claire said is right on ,however I was happy with my soaps just the way they were ,my only problem was with general hospital and all those mob stories,I watched year after year of sonny jason ,all of them commit crime after crime after crime and never in all those years were any of them held accountable for there actions ,they were thrown in jail and ,well not behind bars, they were in that room ,where the lawyers go and before you knew it ,alexis or diane walks in and they are free ,poor max ,he never gets the bad guys ,well that will change when john mcbain comes to town.there I go again ,as 1loveabcsoaps say,got off the subject again.


    1loveabcsoaps replied

    Laughed out Loud, and said, ” You funny! ” And I needed that laugh, bc I’m home all day with headache, not feelings well.


  6. david says:

    Everything she said–so true and so sad.


  7. angela says:

    A true legend! Spoken in a way that proves she knows, respectsand values the loyalty of the daytime audience. Too bad the daytime heads son’t share her views.


  8. heidi says:

    We are all in mourning and yet… she is right it isn’t over till it’s over and not yet!


  9. Jared says:

    Claire is the writer who made me a fan of GH. She writes beautiful soap.


  10. 1loveabcsoaps says:

    Hey Michael : Are you at the academy awards? Are you going to attend any of the after parties? Hope you are well. Have fun.


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