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7 April 20th, 2011 Hoover exec Kirkendall elaborates on why he is pulling Ads off ABC!

Soap Opera Digest has a statement from Brian Kirkendall, Vice President of Marketing at Hoover, explaining why he pulled Hoover advertising from ABC once All My Children and One Life to Live were canceled.

Kirkendall stated on the Ad pull-out which starts on April 22nd, “I thought the stand we took was the right stand to respect what our consumers told us and to pull us out of the shows because that’s what they wanted. So that’s what I did. The response that we’ve gotten via email and calls and Facebook has been unbelievable. The soap fans are such a loyal group. I was just responding to what our consumers said and what the soap fans told us.” As of Tuesday evening, April 19, there have been 4,703 emails to the

In additional news, Hoover supports the national charity. Cleaning for a Reason that cleans the homes of women undergoing cancer treatment for free. It just so happens to be Cleaning For A Reason Week, so Hoover has been encouraging people to post the charity logo on their Twitter profile, and donating $2 to the charity, up to $25,000, for each download. “So far, more than 250 people have donated, so all this buzz around the soaps is actually helping our charity partner, too,” says a spokesperson for Hoover.

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  1. Dar says:

    Thank You Hoover!


  2. Lisa says:

    Wonderful article; Hoover is my hero


  3. Brian T says:

    This is awesome. I hope more companies will follow.


  4. shawn says:

    i just saw a hoover commercial today around 2,so im assuming the ads are gonna be pulled soon


  5. Doe says:

    This is a man who is true to his word. I admire the stand he has taken and hope his mother wil get to see her favorite soaps once again…….


  6. Carol B K says:

    I am deeply saddened by the cancellation of OLTL I’ve been a fan since the late sixties when it started. I visited the studio in the fall and was impressed by all that I saw and the people I met. To think we need more shows like the type you are planning is ludicrous! I hope you reconsider this mistake. You will be losing a ton of viewers, myself included. My tv now goes on at ABC that will certainly be changed.


  7. Jennifer McQuaid says:

    Hoover thank you for your support. It means alot to this loyal soap fan. My family has used your vacuums for the last 20 years. Were on our second one. The vacuum is so much lighter then others out there. Ive had three back surgeries so your vacuum helps me in my cleaning instead of hurting my back. Also I have three of your air cleaners. Love them for my allergies.


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