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2 January 10th, 2010 Hot item: Is former GH EP Wendy Riche headed to AMC?

All My ChildrenJust in:  is an explosive new rumor report out today, that former General Hospital executive producer, the very talented and capable Wendy Riche, may be set to take the second in command producer spot at All My Children now that they have moved to Los Angeles.  Jamey Giddens at Daytime Confidential is reporting this item this morning, and Giddens track record for scoops is pretty spot-on!  In the rumor report,  it details that Liza de Cozette’s position became open since she opted not to move to Los Angeles with the show.  And further adding more fuel to this,  is that one of Riche’s long-time colloborative partners Shelley Curtis, whom Riche worked very closely with at her GH days, has already signed on to direct All My Children!  Stay tuned.  AMC could see massive improvements with these two ladies back to ABC Daytime.

  1. Robbyrob says:

    Hooray! ABC is not totally nutso in regads to the direction of their soaps. I just wish ABC would bring Wendy Riche back to GH. GH has begun such a downward spiral since Riche was fired in late 2000. GH could use her heart, humor, and smarts. Current EP Jill Farren Phelps has been the WORST producer GH has seen since the 2nd go around of Gloria Monty. Actually I haven’t faithfully watched GH since Riche left. Judging by its current ratings, I’m not the only one frustated by what GH has become. AMC should count its blessings if this news is true.


  2. Laura Banner says:

    I am a former high school classmate of Wendy Riche’s and would love to get in touch with her regarding a reunion. Please forward my information to her! Thanks (and regards from Ellen Turoff)


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