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7 March 20th, 2011 Hot Rumor: Was Tyler Christopher let-go at GH?

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Looks like more heads are rolling over at General Hospital.  This time it is being reported by Soap Opera Digest’s twitter page that on Friday, GH’s Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine) was given his pink slip by the series.

The tweet stated, “An insider reports that GH’s Tyler Christopher was let go on Friday.” If this statement does prove to be true it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise, since Tyler is set to be one of the stars in the new Chuck Pratt ABC Family primetime series, The Lying Game.

So does this mean Tyler will remain on-air while the true parentage of baby Aiden comes to light, and all the twists and turns play out?

Stay tuned on Monday for more on this developing story!

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  1. Chris says:

    GH is my favorite show but I feel the writing lately “could” have such potential..good ideas but no follow through or remembering how smart the fans are. We watch these shows every day. They keep getting rid of or using less of the characters we love while bringing in characters we dont care about . Go back to the years where GH won emmy after emmy..those stories worked. The Jake storyline is a redo..but Joss was not sick for a while she “suddenly” is ill..where are the grandparents?The shows timeline made no sense. Tyler could be used for this story in so many ways but no get rid of him & keep the guy who plays Terrel..why???Ingo is seeing less air time why?? He could also use a great story but instead we have Sioban and her horrible accent. Soaps are slowly going away & I feel with writing like this fans will stop watching.


    sara replied

    Agree! Very funny comment i like it!


  2. Louise Zontek says:

    I agree absolutely. Why let Tyler Christopher go when Nikolas is a strong character, and keep Lisa, Terrell, and similar extraneous characters, when the vets are being seen maybe once a week at best. If the characters are mob, or mob-related we see them daily. If not, some of our most loved and favorites like Nikolas, Jax, get a few minutes here and there once or, if we’re lucky, twice a week. Wake Up ABC/Disney, give us some BALANCED writing and stop letting veteran GHers go.


  3. Debbie says:

    Why aren’t other actors on GH speaking on Tyler’s behalf like they did for Becky. It’s very disappointing


  4. Louise Zontek says:

    After being on GH for so long, I would hope the other actors would speak out for Tyler. I don’t understand ABC’ s reasoning for letting go essential charactersl like Nikolas and keeping less important ones.


  5. Louise Zontek says:

    I heard Kelly Monaco tweeted asking fans to write in and help save Tyler Christopher’s job.. Thanks Kelly, we are. GH needs Tyler Christopher/Nikolas Cassadine. He’s a talented actor and given the right story, or just a story for heaven’s sake, he works his magic. What the heck is ABC thinking? Budget cuts, do weeding elsewhere in the cast, keep our vets like Tyler.


  6. deborah rowe says:

    for me there is no general hospital without tyler there, wish him the best of luck in everything!


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