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55 October 22nd, 2014 How Does Adam Newman Come Back To The Y&R Canvas? Justin Hartley Fills Viewers In!

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Hands Newman will soon turn into Justin Hartley! That’s right! The very popular actor takes over the key role of Adam Newman on-air on the upcoming November 5th episode of The Young and the Restless!

In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan, Hartley gives a small glimpse of just how the new look Adam Newman gets back into the story …  having had complete plastic surgery of course!

As fans know, Adam has been in hiding and spying on his wife Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) who is getting deeper and deeper into a red hot relationship with Adam’s nemesis Billy Abbott (Burgess Jenkins).  And from the sounds of it and from what fans have heard rumblings of, Adam ain’t working alone, and according to this feature he is not moving around himself so well, to which Hartley said, “He (Adam) seems to have a little army, which means he’s still got his hands on some cash.  I’m assuming these people don’t work for free.”

Hartley also told TVG the set-up that gets Adam back in story high-gear:  “Chelsea finds the surveillance cam he put in their son’s nursery and she disables it. Now he can no longer be a creeper. He can’t spy on his family anymore so, even though he’s not fully recovered from his accident, he must get back to town quickly, especially after he hears Chelsea talking about Billy moving in. The control freak in him can’t stand it. So, basically, Adam had a five-step plan to get back his life that would have played out over the course of a couple of years, but now he’s jumping right to Step 5.”

As for how the writers are going to clean up the mess that Adam was responsible for the hit and run accident that killed little Delia last year, Justin responded: (Laughs) “I”m leaving that problem to the writers! There’s definitely damage control to be done. ”

So what do you think of what you know of the story of Adam being re-introduced to the Y&R canvas in the form of Justin Hartley?  How do you think the writers will sustain the character, and keep him out of jail from running down little Delia? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. k/kay says:

    Since we are doing the plastic surgery bit how about Adam destroying his dad and taking over Newman Enterprises. Poetic justice! Smart move the plastic surgery probably be a lot easier for people to accept him especially me since we have had three recasts in a year.


    Jimmy replied

    Actually 5: Kelly, Phyllis, Adam, and if you count them both, then Billy twice. And so far, I like Cady McClain better than Cynthia Watros as Kelly and Gina is doing a great job as Phyllis. As for Burgess, I’ve said this before, he is absolutely terrible as Billy.

    But I really do have hope for Justin as Adam. Michael Muhney was great, just like Michelle Stafford was, but seeing how well Gina is doing as Phyllis makes me think Justin can do great as Adam. Hopefully this is true!


    k/kay replied

    Your right I forgot about Kelly as far as Billy I am in the minority but I think they should have given David Tom more time. Burgess Jenkins just looks to old for the part of Billy but from what I hear he is there to stay.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I dont think Adam killed Delia…he thinks he did but it was someone else…maybe a drunken Maureen did it…she was actually in GC long before now and was in hiding until recently because of what she’s done…maybe not but this is one way to keep Adam out of jail!!!


    harry replied

    Kay, yes! David Tom was fleshing out the role of Billy when they 86 him. As I said before, no one play Billy Miller but Billy Miller. But they can play Billy Abbott. I feel sorry for Jenkinds–feel like he has been placed in an impossible situation.
    If they can get him away from Chloe with whom he enjoys zero chemistry, and maybe pair him up with Kelly, things might improve for the actor.
    He does seem to be loosening up especially in his scenes with Jack.
    But they have got to get him away from the brain deadening effect of the Chloe connection.

    k/kay replied

    @harry do you mean Chelsea? The word I am getting and I have my sources that a certain actress refuses to get off the nipple of Billy Miller he moved on she needs to be a grown up and do her job make it work! Trust me a conspiracy was going on to get Tom out the door the guy is a good actor and a team player he won an emmy for gosh sake also! In a word they screwed up go look at Tom’s twitter account a hot picture of him it could have worked! Patience is a virtue!

    CeeCee replied

    I agree that someone else killed little Delia. Whether this mystery person is aware of having killed a child, in perhaps a drunken stupor, remains to be seen. As you suggest, jimh, Maureen seems to be the candidate for such a tragic end to cute Delia….she certainly fits the part!
    NuAdam will return with falsified documents and will seek and land a position with the new established Baldwin/Clark Law Firm. Adam Newman is, afterall, an attorney….graduate of Harvard Law School. Since Michael has been diagnosed with cancer, he will need excessive amounts of time at his disposal for treatment….he will be weak from these treatments and unable to work.
    Enter Adam/Justin. He will find a way to lure Chelsea and distract her from Billy before things accelerate to the point of no return between Chelsea and Billy. Adam will pique and heighten Chelsea’s baser sexual wants and desires, as Billy never could. A new romance filled with incredible passion will bloom. Chelsea only found that kind of overwhelming love/lust with Adam. As much as I tolerate nuBilly, my only hope is that Chelsea kicks him to the curb and that he takes Burgess with him.

    wolfy replied

    jimh (leave it to beaver), do you happen to recall that there was a flash of a blonde woman driving a black SUV on the same back road Adam was driving down at about the same time? At first I thought it might be Nikki, then later I thought Kelly, but now I believe it to be Maureen. My money is on either Maureen (larger bets here) or Nikki, either of whom had been drinking, though.

    Considering there was no blood, no damage to his bumper or even undercarriage, and just a small piece of his turn signal light broken off and the scarf Adam found in the wheelwell (which could have been planted by someone AFTER Adam got home that night), there’s just not enough evidence against him (other than his own guilty imagination) to PROVE he actually hit Delia that night.

    I bet you anything that Maureen did it and drove back to wherever she was living at the time and had extensive repair work done on her vehicle. This is one thing I’m hoping nuAdam will redeem himself of upon his return. The other is taking over Newman Enterprises (with his new face and, hopefully, a new identity for a while) and then letting everyone know who he is after about a year. THAT would be a real shocker (if it happened, LOL).

    BankScout replied

    To Cee Cee: Adam Newman attended Harvard BUSINESS School, not Harvard Law. His degree is in Business and her graduated at the top of his class

    Izabel replied

    @CeeCee- YES!!! I totally agree!

    vikki S replied

    Yes. Retire TGVN & let Adam take over & run Newman Chancelllor & Genoa City.


    Suey replied

    (whacking head) Yes, I mean Chelsea–I get those CH names mixed up. Thank you for the correction.
    I know to whom you are alluding. I think this actress, this character, is incredibly dull and the only time she lit up was when coupled with Miller. He can light anything up that one.
    He made her and everyone around him look good but as you said, it’s time for her to put on her big girl’s pants and step up to the game.
    Otherwise, I’d like to see David Tom’s sister come back and reprise her role as Victoria Newman.
    Now Heather Tom WAS Victor Newman’s daughter. Amelia’s Victoria always struck me as being the daughter of folk singers….like the daughter of Peter or Paul and Mary.

    PS, I also love David Tom–thought it was working and they fired him way too fast. I think the audience would have grown to accept him.

  2. Mo says:

    I wish they wouldn’t do plastic surgery.

    Looking forward to him busting Billy and Chelsea up. Then maybe Billy can ride out of town, but I doubt it.


  3. Jimmy says:

    I feel like both Y&R and GH are doing the plastic surgery story for the same reason – if Steve Burton ever decides to go back to GH, they can say the current Jason is an imposter brought in by Helena, Victor, Jerry and whoever else is in cahoots with them, and the real Jason (SB) is being held captive somewhere.

    On Y&R, the initial reason for the plastic surgery might be for fans to accept Justin Hartley as Adam easier, but I think the idea is that if the show ever manages to work out a deal with Michael Muhney in the future (word is they were close to doing so recently, before they hired JH), they can also say this Adam that comes back to town isn’t the real one.

    Regardless, I’m really looking to see more of Jason on GH and Adam on Y&R, and how their stories unfold.


  4. Claudio says:

    I love Justin Hartley, He will be terrific as the new Adam Newman.


    su0000 replied

    I hope he will .. :)
    What is weird is; Justin is really tall..
    He is a foot taller than Billy/Burges, in all the pics he is a head above Burges and he is tall…
    Justin is a great actor.. that does mean he will be a great Adam..
    TBTB waited a year, to bring Adam back.. there is reason for that..
    They hope his millions of fans, like the ones who paid for the plane to fly a banner over CBS and so much more, that after a years time they would be accepting to a new Adam, hoping all would have forgotten MM and moved on..
    And that is why Justin is brave.. good for him..
    He is a good actor, but will he be a good Adam– accepted as Adam.. ??
    There are 4.5, 5 million Y&R fans out there, many love MM/Adam.. ;)
    I wish Justin the best, hope he does well and that all will be well ..

    The New Y&R;
    with horrible Billy, Bitchy Phyllis, Dixie Coony, and now new Adam, well the heart and soul of Y&R is gone :(

    God bless Y&R (it needs it..
    Long live Y&R !! (I still love yah! …….

    ((waiting for Pratt to take over :)


    Mark Y replied

    Thanks Su – the soap world’s Debbie Downer.

    k/kay replied

    Well since we are suppose to do our research JH is 6 ft 3 inches. MM was 6 ft. 1 in! Lol but hold on Chris Engen who I loved as the first Adam was 5 ft 10! So Adam Newman is still growing! :)

    su0000 replied

    You’re welcome, Mark.. :)
    just telling it as it is.. I’m not starry eyed..

    ((hurry Pratt!!

    Laurie replied

    Debbie Downer su0000 (lol),

    I think JH will do well as Adam on Y&R. I think this is a good recast for them and I feel they need it. He’s a good-looking guy w/a strong presence, which I think is needed if you are going to go toe-to-toe with Victor Newman. This sounds silly, but he has a good, strong voice as well. Of course, to each their own, but one of the reasons SBurton’s acting gets on my nerves is because I don’t like his whiny, wimpy voice. He sounds like a boy, not a man. I’m picky that way.

    I’m not thrilled w/the Billy recast. He’s very, very miscast IMO & instead of admitting they made another mistake, they will probably stay with him til the bitter end. I’m starting to feel for the guy. I don’t know why they were so quick to get rid of DT either. It seems they didn’t even try to adjust or make it work. It was plain strange how they went about it-shady! Imagine the stress most of the actors probably feel over there right now. It’s always hard when new EP’s come along.

    I agree with you about the heart of Y&R fading. I closed my eyes and listened to the dialogue. The plots are generic as is the dialogue. It doesn’t seem they wrote the scenes specifically with the characters in mind. It’s written like a soap opera writing course 101. That’s the EXACT thing this regime did in the 2000′s to GH! All of that detail, heart and soul that Wendy Riche built w/well-defined characters like Lucky, Sonny, Brenda, Monica, AJ, even Jason was ignored or not grasped by JFP . She wrote bizarre, bland stories & dialogue these characters would never say or do. I swear today when I closed my eyes I could have easily been listening to an old GH. Cut and paste. Still, it is #1 (according to those sketchy Nielson ratings) and they have some stellar actors there holding it together like PBergman and MTS. It’s a classy show so I wish they’d quit writing it like a Kmart blue light special. JMO

    su0000 replied

    Hi Laurie..

    Thing is-
    So many are praising Justin as being a great Adam, and he has yet to portray Adam..
    Johnny Depp is a great actor but he would be a terrible Richard Nixon ..

    Burgess was hailed as being a great Billy replacement ‘before’ he performed , and he is a terrible Billy..
    (even Victoria doesn’t like him ahhhaa!

    Adam will be just as hard to replace as Billy was/is ..

    The new Kelly/Dixie Coony is a fail, she is total Dixie, someone needs to make her poisoned pancakes lol ..

    I still feel the heart and soul of Y&R is gone.. it is empty of the greatness it once was,,
    I am looking forward to Pratt taking over ..

    I still luv Y&R and watch with FFing, but I am in the numbers..

    If nothing else it will be interesting (new Adam…
    I just do not jump in glee, before I see the results to know if I’m going to be gleeful .. lol :)
    ((g’ma would say; putting the cart before the horse )

    Lori Snyder replied

    Everyone mentions the height difference but no one wonders about Adam’s voice coming
    out of Gabriel’s mouth.

  5. robert says:

    looking forward to it. interested to see how they get him out of the hit and run mess


  6. lisa says:

    I think Justin will bring it as Adam.
    I don’t think he will return initially as Adam – with charges still pending (were he discovered alive).
    It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds tho.


  7. KK Davis says:

    Justin Hartley is just so handsome I can not say anything but I hope his character’s recovery needs lots of shirtless exams :)


    Darlene replied

    Being shirtless to drag in the fans is NOT acting! Michael Muhney acts! Period!! And MM is great! I for one am NOT returning to Y&R! Michael Muhney and his fans were treated HORRIBLY. Rumors were started and perpetuated or begun by cast mates. Only cast mat acting decently was Sharon Case! Michael and his wife were betrayed by cast and family they considered friends. I am NOT willing to take any part in rgwsw pathetic people thinking their behavior was okay. It is NOT and was NOT!! Anyone else can do what they want but I need to be true to who I am as a person.


  8. Ghlover says:

    He was wonderful on Passions….


  9. Elisa says:

    I love Justin Hartley as well and like Gina as Phyllis I’m sure he’ll do well as Adam too.


    Ricardo replied

    Yes Justin will be terrific as the new Adam, Gina Tagnoni is the bomb. She is doing a wonderful job as the new Phyllis. Gina is a beautiful woman, and the lady can act. I would watch her read the phone book. LOL. I NEED Phyllis in my living room every day. Also I love Meredith Baxter as Maureen, sign her to a contract. Maybe Nikki can have a fling with Maureen.


    su0000 replied

    My two cents that’s worth a nickel lol..
    Meredith Baxter/Maureen will soon be gone..
    As soon as she gets drunk, really drunk, she, the drunk Maureen will blurt out that she ran over a little girl..
    I believe (and I will be correct) it was Matueen who killed DD.. :)

  10. Timmm says:

    I figured plastic surgery would be involved and Sally Kellerman, as well. This is a great move. He comes into GC and no one knows who he is including Victor. Maybe since Sharon and Nick are rumored to be cooling off maybe Adam turns to Sharon for help? They gave Jason a new face at GH and it has worked out quite well. How could you go wrong with a face like Billy Miller!


  11. Iakovos says:

    I like Mr. Hartley. Seems like the recasts are part of a reboot, no? Same Newman characters but aged up/down with actions forgiven/forgotten to keep the game pieces with new rules.

    I miss the old Y&R but know these shows must evolve. I am tired though of unpunished actions and failed attempts at redemption. For once, I want something to stick.


  12. Darlene says:

    I read and listen to what Y&R fans say on FB pages and what I read is that Burgess Jenkins is NOT cutting it as Billy Abbott. I have seen some clips and I agree. Burgess Jenkins is blah, acts wooden and does NOT gave chemistry with Amelia Heinle (Victoria) or Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea).


    Denise replied

    Totally agree. B.J. does not work right as Billy. He looks old enough to be her father and acting is bland.
    Just like on Y&R new Ridge does not have appleal like Moss did or as good looking. The story lines with the women really make my skin crawl, him going after his way younger sister-in-law was jyst creepy the kissing her. Yeck


  13. Phillip Brooks says:

    Plastic surgery makes sense (somewhat)..Adam could’ve had burns form the explsion and jason “died” was frozen, brought back and hit by a car…


  14. Meg says:

    JH is a excellent actor ,and is better than others on the list to be ADAM ,EXCEPT Trevor St John.I will see how it goes ,but I will never forgive JFP Angelica n Sony ,some of the cast , MM IS DOING GREAT WORKING ON HIS 3RD MOVIE ,WLL DO A 4TH IN JAN ,BEST PAYBACK TO JFP AND THE VICIOUS LIAR , I love Sharon Camryn Amelia and Melissa ,they’re why I check it ,I hate Billy with Chelsea.hope Chels turns on him when she finds out he tried to kill Adam.Of course Adam didn’t hit Dee.Don’t think it was Maureen ,I still think it was Kelly.although I don’t think she remembers B/C her son died the same way ,and it was just a accident ,DEE was dressed in black in the dark ,so she didn’t see her .all the witness see was ADAM STOPPING FOR THE PUPPY.,I also think she killed her father but also doesn’t remember that b/c her father molested her,MAUREEN MAY HAVE CONVINCED BEN TO TAKE THE WRAP FOR KELLY.anyway I just want MM TO DO GREAT AS HE IS, AND I’LL GIVE JH A CHANCE ,MM WISHED HIM WELL ,SO I WIL TOO.AND I ‘M SO HAPPY ABOUT TREVOR NEW GIG,


    Nancy replied

    I think Maureen talked Ben into covering for her, because she killed her husband. Kelly has always been mad at her brother; she wouldn’t be if he covered for her! That’s why I don’t think she ran over Delia. Two killings would be too much to believe.


  15. Nikki says:

    love the new Billy Abbott ( Burgess Jenkins). I think his chemistry with Chelsea is perfect. I think some people find it hard to let go of the past. Yes Billy Miller was a great actor and he played his role well but he left on his own free will as did Phyllis (Michelle S.) I did not care much for the new Phyllis sitting up in bed screaming, but from the day she walked into the church I saw Phyllis again and now that is who she is. I thought Michael Tom was a terrible Billy although he was the first Billy. He made me think of a teenager having a school crush on Victoria. BTW I don’t like Billy (Burgess Jenkins) with Victoria. The chemistry is him & Chelsea.


  16. CeeCee says:

    @Suey…you crack me up! Your mode of expressing yourself is singularly funny and succinct , at the same time.
    You know what I also appreciate about you? Your grammar and correct use of possessive punctuation…..after my own heart.
    I also agree with you about the Tom siblings. It baffles me as to why DT was let go…perhaps he left by his own volition…regardless, this new guy is not working for me. Believe me, I am so tired of giving him the benefit of the doubt. He just does not fit into the Abbott clan…he is the elephant in the room…sticks out like an insipid, washed-out, colorless sore thumb.
    Victoria? I do concur…Heather Tom will always be the Newman girl . What about Abbi? OMG…where shall I start?…LOL.


    su0000 replied

    It may just be me, but-
    I can not see Billy and Victoria as a couple, it is done-gone..
    Looks to me- that victoria doesn’t want him to kiss her, no way no chem, it is creepy..
    she seems very offish to any physical moments with now Billy..
    I do feel that ‘Victoria’ does not want to have intimate scenes with ‘Billy’, not now..

    I can not imagine them in an intimate scene, I’d need to FF … lol

    anyways-that is just me, how I’m picking up on it ,, dunno..


    CeeCee replied

    It isn’t just you, Suey…and, I also feel no vibe between Victoria and Billy. On the other hand Stitch is so hot… any woman would willingly want to ‘connect’ with him…yeah ! LOL.

    CeeCee replied

    Sorry, I meant su0000….lol. Screaming kids!!
    I also wanted to add ; do you really think Maureen will be gone that soon? Yes, I do agree that she ran over Delia ( very disturbing ), and her departure does make sense. But, not befor this ‘thing’ with her son comes to light. I believe it was either jimh or Harry who believes that Maureen actually killed her husband and not Stitch. It is a sound supposition with which I agree.
    My point is, I think this cloud of suspicion over Stitch’s head needs to evaporate to dispel the stigma associated
    I guess it’s too much t

    su0000 replied

    yup.. Maureen is the DD killer..
    I think Ben took the wrap for Kelly.. She has a hidden disturbed side/Dingbat….
    I doubt he’d cover for his drunk mother..

    We might have to go through a ‘year <–lol of Kelly drama from killing her father..

    I wish Kelly/Dixie Coony would eat her pancakes!

  17. CeeCee says:

    Okay, Su…so my son decided to send for me…LOL…DINNER TIME.
    To finish…I guess it’s too much to ask TPTB to bring us some closure about this story that is now ancient history…later.


  18. hide says:

    think some one in hospital did make mistake or was it mistake? adam did make research to found out what happend witch Delia in hospital and what if found was erase document he go to bottom with it and found out an old enemy of adam that should be dead is alive and want revanse on adam. but what he dosen’t now now is that adam is alive now adam gonna make him pay OBS!!! THIS WOULD BE REAL NICE IF THIS COME TRUE!! OBS!! SRY FOR BAD ENG!!!


  19. AdamNewman says:

    I don’t think they’re going to do a plastic surgery storyline for Adam. I mean, if they were, he would probably be in town and we wouldn’t know about it until now


  20. Helen in Bend says:

    Hi folks! Just discovered this great website .. I have been a Y & R viewer since episode #1. I love so much about this show, have watched through all of its ups and downs .. and at the ripe old age of 73, I have no intentions of stopping ~ for any reason (excepting my demise of course.) Looking forward to the Adam story line though I miss MM horribly. New Kelly and new Billy ~ yuk. Now, if you will excuse me .. I have some catch-up reading to do here!


  21. Maria E. says:

    I am SOOOOOOO in love with the new Adam (Hartley). I think he is SOOOOO
    sexy. I love his hair, his voice, his attitude, and especially his BODY! I was a
    really big MM fan, but after seeing Justin, I am IN LOVE again!!!!! I just wish
    they would have someone else be Delia’s killer. Having him come back as
    Adam with a new face was perfect. Big ups to the writers for that!

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t replace Justin as Adam. Let’s give him a chance
    fans; I think he will do a wonderful job. He is a very good actor!!!!

    Changing the subject a little, I love Maureen (Meredith’s character), but I think her
    role is playing out, that’s why she should be the one who killed Delia. It would be
    a perfect role, since she is an alcoholic, and a murderer, let’s have her be the
    one who did it, not Adam. It would also be perfect if she and Nikki were having
    an affair and she got really drunk and told Nikki she was the one that killed Delia.
    Then, after finding all that out, Nikki gives her money to leave town.

    Again, back to the beginning, I just LOVE Justin Hartley’s look. Please Y & R,
    don’t get rid of him; let’s give him a chance.



    jesse replied

    What was the point of Adam getting plastic surgery if he wants to reclaim family.


    Lori Snyder replied

    I am so with you, Maria. I just love Justin & his gorgeous face, hot body & of course his excellent acting. What a great idea for Maureen to be the driver that hit Delia!
    I don’t know about her & Nikkei together (can u imagine Victor walking in on that) but drinking & telling that she did it would b awesome.

    Jesse, I missed some of it but I believe Adam was burned so badly that he would have needed surgery anyway. Since Gabriel died saving Adam, Sage had Adam’s face as they can’t arrest him & now he is reconstructed to look like Gabriel so his ailing grandma Constance would not know her grandson was still alive. It’s working out pretty good for Adam so far.


    Lori Snyder replied

    This came out incorrectly. Sage had Adam surgically altered to look like Constance’s
    grandson, Gabriel so she would not know he had died saving Adam.

  22. Lori Snyder says:

    I really liked Adam before & I love the new Adam. He’s a looker & very believable in the part.
    Adam is really not responsible for Delia’s death. Billy left her in an unlocked car in a strange place at night. Adam stopped & checked that he had hit nothing & then went on.Why would he even think
    for a second that some little kid would be in the grass out there? If anyone should be charged it should be Billy for his reckless behaviour & neglect.That aside, I think Justin is perfect & I hope Chelsea will be ok sleeping with the old husband with a new face. Any kids will still have the old Adam’s DNA anyway. Besides the height difference, wouldn’t’ someone have noticed that Gabriel’s


    Lori Snyder replied

    Yes, everyone would have noticed immediately that his voice was identical to the old Adam’s
    unless he had surgery to make him sound like Gabriel. Pretty sure that this is not possible.
    Oh well, that’s why I like the Y & R. I can forget about little details like this.


  23. Maria Ed. says:

    Well, I just had to write again. This time, it’s my take on what should happen.
    Here goes. Since Constance said Victor was responsible for Gabriel’s father
    committing suicide, is it possible that Gabe’s father found out that Victor was
    Gabe’s real father, and not him. That would really be an interesting story,
    then that way, Gabriel (Adam) would still be Victor’s son!!!! Or, if Constance
    knew that Victor was really Gabe’s real father and she was hiding it; could that
    be the reason she hated Victor so much. So, either way, Gabriel (Adam) is STILL Victor’s biological son. That would really be an interesting storyline.

    Also, what puzzles me is that Victor didn’t recognize Gabriel as being “Bingo”,
    Nick’s little brother from school, (or did he!!!) And, don’t be surprised if Victor hired Sage to pretend to be Gabe’s wife and has had private investigators following Adam
    (Gabriel). Is it possible also that Constance, or Sage, was the one that hit Delia, and that’s why she wants Adam to be alive so no one finds out that she is the one that really did it!!

    Let’s not forget Victor Newman is one of the most dangerous men in Genoa
    City, and with his money and clout, he can make things happen!

    Well, I’m closing for now, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, keep Justin Hartley as
    Adam (Gabriel) because he is an amazing actor that has brought new meaning
    to Adam Newman. He has made this character (Gabriel) his own, and we should
    not compare him to MM. Don’t get me wrong, I loved MM, but I think Justin Hartley
    deserves an award for his role as Adam/Gabriel!!!! He has made this character
    so interesting that I find myself not wanting to watch Y & R, if he is not playing on
    the show that day.


  24. rosie says:

    I love the new Adam but his eyes are looking tired. …honey this will be a long run…get some sleep.


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