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24 February 17th, 2015 How Far Will “Jake” Go To Discover Who He Really Is On General Hospital?


This week’s promo for ABC’s General Hospital centers around Billy Miller’s character of “Jake” AKA Jason!

After being under mind control from Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers), it looks like “Jake” is determined to seek answers as to who he really is through any medical and psychological means necessary!

And in the stunner at the end of the teaser, it is Nikolas  (Tyler Christopher) who knows that “Jake” is really Jason! But what will he do with the information, if anything? Will he keep it to himself?  Will he use it to his advantage?

What do you think will happen to “Jake” AKA Jason after he goes through the treatments viewed in the promo after the jump?  Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Maybe Nik is forced by ‘Fluke the Kook’ to keep Jake/Jason’s true identity a secret…or thats not really Nik and its really Stravos Cassidine wearing a mask…lol


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Between not knowing Flukes true identity and Jake not knowing his(probably not until May sweeps) i think im going to loose my mind which some believe i’ve done already…’Heather, im comin to join ya’…lol


    su0000 replied

    Jake will know he is Jason, soon..
    I’m looking forward to the chaos that will create! it is the good part lol
    I wonder which personality will be the reborn Jason?

    I hope he will retakes his place in the Quartermaine family and slaps Michael to the wall ;)

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    You’d think with Patrick knowing the Cassidine took Robin to revive other Cassidines and Jason, Jakes mind control by Helene, Jake taking the phoenix figure and having visions of being in bed with Sam and knowing Jake had previous brain work, Patrick would use his own brain and realize that Jake was Jason…just a thought!!!

    su0000 replied

    hi jihm..
    noooo Patrick is not the chosen one to out Jason, I think Jake will find his own identity, he is the chosen one of the revele :)

    Lin replied

    Good one jihm (leave it to beaver)!!!

    CeeCee replied

    I think Patrick should realize Jake is Jason. Right, Jimh? It makes no sense to me that he would not.
    Something else that does not sit well with me is the fact that suddenly, Fluke conveniently develops a split personality. I refuse to believe that this was already written in the stars. My intelligence, as yours, jimh, and, all our other fellow-posters’s intelligence will not be bruised. I feel as if My brain has been punched and knocked around here and there with the ridiculousness of it all.
    So, what else is new? All other characters we have seen were figments of Luke’s imagination? Including Fluke? Are we yet to believe Fluke/Luke needs be be explained away because the Luke/Anthony is staying? Lordy Lord, I’m not even making any sense to myself.
    Bottom lines or me, jimh? There is no way in the soap world that this trauma suffered by Luke as a child has been in the works. It is a last stab to end this fairytale with a bang. ……”ain’t” working for me. There is no bang to be had.

  2. Mindy Forbes says:

    I just hope Nik tells Sam as soon as he finds out – Please don’t drag out this story


  3. Rose says:

    OMG…out of curiosity I checked to see what was running in the Ex-Katie/Queen Latifta hour since they had been cancelled. Now they are silly reality shows…one had the “hosts” with their computers in front of them looking up YouTube type story’s on this and that…you know the kind of thing news programs sometimes sign off on. Maybe they are fill-ins until something “better” comes along. But they solve one problem for the network, they are beyond inexpensive. And this is what we have eventually lost AMC and OLTL to.


    harry replied

    That is depressing, Rose.
    And Dr. Oz is now on the same time as GH in my neck of the woods. He used to be on at four and now that horrid TMZ is on its time slot.
    Yes, how much money can it cost to basically hire people to read celebrity gossip stories? Oh and then there is my all time favorite~ Watch What Happens Live! This show consists of a bunch of people watching Youtubes and responding to them.


    Rose replied

    The programs I getting from 3-4 are back-to-back Right This Minute. Same premise as your Watch etc.

  4. Christy says:

    looks like he told carly and sam, unless that was just an edit to make us think that.


    Timmm replied

    Edit, he keeps the info to himself for now.


    Patrick replied

    whether Helena is “mind control” Nikolas… or …. he’s his own man… and has grown tired of being on the losing end of WOMEN… and turnabout is fair play… and he’s playing Helena for his own intent and purpose…..

    Nikolas get’s ??? endless story for Tyler Christopher… let him corporate… chess piece with the mobs… foolery with the PCPD

    it’s intriguing

    although… if he’s stated… “no harm comes to my family” and Sam finds out he knew? and Liz doesn’t like the new Nik ?

    still the best stuff TC Nik has had in a long long time

    i’m in

  5. madluv4u says:

    I like Jake with Liz. They have good chemistry. Ric needs to go away and stay away. Liz never has a good sl anymore. I don’t get why they don’t like her over there. Remember when they were about to fire her but the fans revolted???


    Lin replied

    Madluv4 you, I agree. It’s not the actress’s fault that Liz does not have good story lines and they have her get pregnant from every man she meets and doesn’t use birth control. She was a stronger character when she was younger. Wish they would give her back the spark and story line.


  6. Suzanne Taylor Stephan says:

    LOVE Billy Miller in this new role of Jason! Miller is such a better actor! I wish Sonny would have met him maybe Sonny would have figured it out! LOL OR Spinelli!!!!


    I love gh replied

    I really liked Steve B as Jason, so no complaints there. That said, Billy M has been strong in the role. He’s somehow captured Jason’s stoic nature and embued it with subtle emotions. He has chemistry with everyone on screen – he will be a powerhouse in this role!


    Lin replied

    I agree. Billy Miller has been great.

    harry replied

    Yes, he has been very good and seems to get better every day. As tired as I am of the dreary and endless Fluke, Tony Geary interacting with Billy Miller in jail yesterday was somewhat interesting.
    (I am trying here)

    Susan replied

    I’m with u suzanne ! Billy is so amazing he played his role of billy abbott on y&r to the best of his abiltiy ! I c another emmy in his possession for the role of jason morgan ! Luv u billy ur the bomb !


  7. Laurie says:

    No, Nik won’t tell because I’m sure Helena will blackmail him. He won’t remember what he remembered as he was going under. Patrick won’t recognize him. Spinelli will.

    The biggest complaints I see about Billy Miller’s Jake/Jason is that he’s boring. I love him but I actually understand what they’re saying-this man has been a victim w/no purpose for almost 6 months! 2 months would’ve been fine & I think that was their original plan, but as usual RC, who I do like most of the time, has dragggeeeddd it out again!

    My fav scenes were when he slammed Carlos, slammed Patrick, sneaked around in Sam’s (his) home like a ninja & jumped the real server on the docks meant to work the Haunted Star party-why? He had a purpose, if though I hated the purposes & don’t want him to be a hitman!

    Please stop making him an apologetic victim! Shot, frozen, brain-washed complete w/chip in head, hit by a car was bad enough. He just reacts to others problems (Carly), looks down, mumbles, apologizes for having to sleep on Liz’s couch, for Carly putting him up, for planting a bomb, for kidnapping Sam, basically, for breathing, shoveling snow. He’s Helena’s victim & toy soldier & even Dr. O’s (who shouldn’t even be in this s/l) victim-she kicked him out of hospital before he healed (so Liz said anyway). You have the reigning Lead Actor Emmy winner here & he’s not w/his son, wife, friends, working (anywhere!), has no home, no name, no memories, fresh outta jail w/chains on spewing out dialogue about his outstanding hospital bills from now his 3rd visit in 5 months to General Hospital! Stop making him a victim! I also feel Kiki especially also had no purpose & was just written reacting to other’s lives. RC has to give Maxie, Morgan, NuKiki, Jake, Sam even, Nina, Franco jobs like he did w Lucas.


    Patrick replied

    “…Please stop making him an apologetic victim!”

    I was thinking the same thing after watching Tuesday’ ep:

    as he was bemoaning “Luke” : you didn’t have to treat your own daughter so badly… ???? huh? he’s commiserating with Carly about her sons… ???
    his “puppy dog” eyes… as he’s telling Sam and Liz about Helena “mind control”


    i’m hoping

    the surgery will lease his memory back to the original Quartermania days… and this will move ON… back to the original days…

    up to this point… it’d be great to see him with Monica and Tracy… and Alice

    he’s got to end up with Liz… this is where the passion is most obvious


    LOL disgruntle time

    Carly to Michael…. “I know deep down in your heart you still love Sonny.” as she’s berating Michael for suing for custody of Avery ????? another huh? Carly ??? seemed like she was going against her own son…

    if GH is going to prop Chad Duell… which I”m so over … KEEP Sonny, Carly, and Michael apart…. they just do not mix well together… this is whats so tiring… the same things with these three … blech!

    food for thought ….

    I really would like Carlos with Carly…. what about Carly and Ric Lansing… ??? I think this would be her best get…. if she’s propped so much… at least try and get someone who she gells with… someone strong with whit and machismo to play with

    Sonny ??? he actually has it going with Ava…. even tho it pains me she’s not with Morgan…. but if, once again… GH needs to propped … this is his best bet

    I was pleasantly surprised… OK… give it back… but when Sabrina showed up at the Q… to talk to Michael…. and they sat down together at the table that was set for Ned and Alexis… I thought… they looked good together… what an opportune time.. for two of the dullest … to no holds barred … put something together.. spark, render, and clean slate together…. they are both by nature soft spoken… caring… and … ????

    this part of the GH equation… will always stump me.

    Morgan is the meat and potato of Sonny brood… id reel him … it’s too bad they didn’t hire Kelly Missal as the new Kiki… these two would have smoldered


    GH production… you lucked out in turning Michelle Stafford around… THANK GOD… she’s dynamic again… and so is Roger Howarth… whew!

    get on the sticks and move Billy Miller.


    Shay replied

    Oh dear Patrick…..Sappy and Michael???? No no no…a thousand times NO!!!!! Today was the second occurrence in as many weeks that she was sniffing around the Quartermaine heir’s lair and continuing with that lame, insipid apology tour of hers. And what’s with all this sudden unloading of Michael’s personal business upon this irksome miss? Enough already….the Sapster needs to be sent packing instead of wasting time and energy inventing something for her to do. (Besides, isn’t the shady Grossalie supposed to be the clueless Q’s new confidante???? Not that I miss her….)

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