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48 September 12th, 2011 How Much Would You Pay to Watch OLTL and AMC Online?


As Prospect Park moves forward with transitioning both One Life to Live and All My Children online in the early part of 2012,  and from all reports  is also still trying to line up a cable network to also broadcast the shows, TV by the Numbers brought up an interesting question to soap fans over the weekend.  How much would you be willing to pay to watch OLTL and AMC online?

Now, we all know that it has not yet been announced how Prospect Park intends to create revenue, recoup their costs, and what their financial model for the shows will be.  So, we still don’t know how the consumer will watch their favorite soaps  – whether it be by a subscription fee to fans, video on demand, or something else.  Or, could it end up truly being free?

TV by the Numbers gave their point of view on the situation, “There’s virtually no chance that producing a soap opera anything like what was on broadcast, even at reduced budget levels, can be sustained by online advertising. My guess is that’s a big point of discussion with any potential cable network. While I wouldn’t be surprised if the production doesn’t move ahead until a cable network signs on, let’s assume that Prospect Park intends to put the shows online whether or not they get a cable network. How much would you pay to watch those shows online?”

OK soapers, if you have to pay to watch Llanview and Pine Valley online, how much would you cough up? Let us know!

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  1. Shea says:

    I don’t know if I would pay anything to watch either soap online. For me to give an honest answer, I would have to know which stars were definitely going to the shows. We are already informed that 4 wonderful stars are going to be apart of OLTL 2.0, so for Erika Slezak alone, most likely I would pay for OLTL. AMC is a different story.

    If I were going to pay though, I would want a free trial period so I can get a feel of the new writers and what their intentions are. I know a three day free trial or a week free trial wouldn’t give me much to go on for the duration of the season, but at least I would get some inkling of an idea.

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of deal with Netflix…sure that won’t happen, but it would be nice.


    Gary replied

    How much??!! A big fat GOOSE EGG!!!


    Di replied

    I completely agree with you Shea! I’m grateful that OLTL has been given a second life, however I’m worried about the kind of show its going to become. If PP’s aim is to downsize the cast, then this is going to affect the storylines, and the show will unfortunately suffer. I truly hope this is not the case.

    We the fans worked so hard to save both these shows, and I ‘d hate this become an empty victory for us.

    BD Skyler replied

    I would pay an itunes type set up of $1 per show at my leisure, or a subscription of $7 a month ala Netflix/Hulu. I pay for HBO to watch Boardwalk Empire online. This might be stupid, but as a consumer, this is what I want and what I do to get BE.


  2. Joy says:

    Until I know more nothing


  3. Elizabeth says:

    I would pay nothing to watch anything online. To watch on TV I would pay extra.


    lipstickcat replied

    I knew if they put it online we would get charged! With all the channels on cable, why not find a home there? We already pay for it anyway!


  4. Thomas Hart says:

    Depends on who is writing/producing the show, how much it will cost, and the cast. That said, i’m still thankful that PP has picked up both shows!


  5. harlee says:

    I’m not going to pay no fee based subscription!! This now (by PP) is turning into a a big pile of crap….I don’t think now they even want AMC which I’m wondering if this might of been the end game. I personally find the article about Susan Lucci as if she will be solely responsible for AMC actually being cancelled, something is fishy and smells like Frons & Croonies at ABC not happy. I just don’t believe Frons & ABC and start to wonder about PP. After all these years Susan being so loyal to turn on her. Using her as escape goat and try to have fans turn on Lucci….its suspect. Maybe they just wanted to have OLTL & GH. My concern is Disney… if they are pulling the shots behind the scenes because didn’t they LEAST the soaps? Or did PP out right purchase the soaps? ABC & Disney could make millions as stated. Everybody wants money now days for EVERYTHING and in this economy some couldn’t afford the cost. No AMC, just as PP has changed their minds, well I can to and not support the efforts…I’m not one of those die hard fans of OLTL, and ready to call Ron & Frank the second coming because Ron’s writing is not superior as all the praise being bestowed, as for Frank is a damn good EP but he to has made his share of mistakes in some of the direction. I’m more a fan of AMC. All this confusion and PP not knowing what they are doing one minute to the next and keeping fans in the dark, sorry to say but will leave ABC and support DOOL and if MAB would finally get fired would go back to Y&R in a heartbeat. I have been a CBSer all my life but Y&R sucks. Les M. is CBS’s version of Frons.


  6. kymba says:

    to those asking about the writers, Lorraine B. and Agnes Nixon are writing these shows, as far as i know they are both going to PP to write as well.
    Personally I will do what ever I have to to be able to watch these shows! I think it is great that PP has leased and picked up these shows, if not for them they would be gone. there were more things to deal with with OLTL that is why we have 4 actors signed. The deal about Susan Lucci is crap! She was quoted at the Friars Club the day after that story broke as saying “Do not listen to the media” wouldn’t be the first time reporters took stuff out of context, making it sound the opposite of how it was really said. If this story had not been leaked to the press, PP would have had their ducks in a row before saying anything. They have our support!!


  7. Todd says:

    If it is a viable online network I would pay a subscription fee equivalent of hulu plus or netflix.


    Reddi replied

    Yes, Hulu plus or Netflix monthly streaming prices sound reasonable if we’re getting a whole package of shows.

    though PP never has said anything about charging it’s all speculation here.


  8. Tony Curtis says:

    I would pay easily the same as a premium movie channel or more. My hope is that PP eventually secures the rights to shows such as Dark Shadows, Another World, As The World Turns, Edge of Night, Guiding Light etc and night drama as Dynasty, Dallas, Knots Landing, Flamingo Road, Peyton Place etc. As well as classic GH, AMC & OLTL.

    THe channel has the potential to be a huge money maker with the correct people in charge-SOAPNET was destroyed after it stopped being a SOAP Channel.

    I havent seen if PP expects the compete with networks such as FOX, ABC or what. I am just thrilled to have a glimmer of hope for the survivial of all daytime.


  9. tina says:

    Not much! Maybe $1 a show if I canceled some of my cable to compensate! I’m afraid the shows won’t succeed online if fans have to pay!


  10. Brian T says:

    I would pay a minimal fee like $5 or $10 a month. I know that some of the mini online soaps charge a fee. These are not even full length episodes either. Maybe Prospect Park will pick up some of these soaps too.


  11. Appleridge says:

    Guys there were no facts in that tv by the numbers article.
    PP has never said anything about a fee

    I wouldnt worry


    Valerie replied

    The TVBYTHENUMBERS site is very legit and the people there deal with fact not emotion. The moderators there have a lot of insight into the economics of TV production and all they did was post the same question posted here. What wasn’t factual they asked if people were willing to pay or not. As for online revenue they were 100 percent correct these shows cannot sustain themselves on online ad revenue. THe money is not there. SO in the end they will have to charge some sort of fee or work out a deal to air the shows on some cable outlet.

    As for Prospect Park, they have not said anything to my knowledge about anything so everything is currently unknown.


    Appleridge replied

    No they dont need to charge a fee thats just a rumor. I dont care How LEGIT they are. The article was pure OPINION and No FACT. Until we Have FACTS maybe we shouldnt worry. the article just fueled the fire and got the folks riledd up over NOTHING. Thats not responsible Journalism for A LEGIT Company

    Valerie replied

    You have no idea if they do or dont need to charge unless you work for Prospect Park. No one has said anything about charging or not charging have they? All the site did was pose a question and state FACTS about what was sustainable though online ad revenue. You seem like the only one worked up over this I dont see anyone here having a meltdown.

  12. Barbara says:

    I’ve never watched OLTL, and my only reason for starting to watch AMC was because Lindsay Hartley was brought on after she was let go by DOOL. I love Lindsay, but even if she does sign with Prospect Park for the online AMC, I’m very sad to say that I don’t think I’ll be watching if I have to pay for it.


  13. Nancy says:

    I only watch oltl and was so disappointed that it was being cancelled and thrilled beyond words that our campaign to save our soaps did work. I would pay a fee to watch my show on line if it’s required, maybe $10 a month, I don’t watch enough tv to bother with cable but I would pay a small amount to watch something not offered on network tv online.


  14. Reddi says:

    It would depend. I might pay a few dollars a month. I pay eight dollars a month now for Neflix and can see more there than a want to see on broadcast tv (I dumped cable– too expensive for what you get, and I get so many better shows online).

    Maybe like Itunes- pay 99 cents an episode, for a basic ep. Maybe 2 dollars an ep for high definition. Or get a monthly package- low monthly cost but you sign for say a four month period. PP can do this different ways– how about have a free low def viewing, and a payment plan for watching high def, or a super package where you get the high def and interviews and backstories. You pay for as much as you want… free to low cost for just the daily AMC (no rewatch), a little more for the ability to rewatch and a few extras, to a higher number for all the extras and unlimited viewing or ability to save a show.
    I think PP must start with the free offer, to hook viewers in, and use just ads to pay. But adding on extras and charging… sure, if I liked the extra, I’d buy.


  15. L says:

    Watching a soap online by myself in front of the computer would be too depressing. I don’t like to watch shows/movies on the computer. I like the freedom of my living room and couch. And having friends over to watch with me if they want too. I would only tune in maybe if my favorite couple was for sure going to get a good storyline. And actually spend time together as opposed to being strung along with no payoffs. That I might pay a small fee to see.


  16. Kate Lesley says:

    After 40 plus years of watching OLTL, you bedda believe I will be watching! After all the angst of thinking I was losing my favorite soap, yes, I will pay. I used to watch the full compliment of ABC Soaps, but now, I watch OLTL regularly, GH occasionally and I have dropped AMC completely. Ten dollars a month sounds pretty fair to me, possibly a bit high, but if it has my favorite actors on it, I am willing to pay them for their fine work. I do not mind modest sets, less trendy and expensive clothing for the players, and they can absolutely knock off the high tech special effects, I would be very happy with good actors, good scripts and good productions. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just good content. I am in! Sign me up. I support OLTL, whatever the form. I watch all my movies and TV shows online. Nothing new to me, and you can send it to your tv from your computer. I love watching on my computer! Works for me!


  17. brian says:

    i would be whatever the fee is to watch “one life to live”


  18. cri cri says:

    I would probably pay to watch OLTL if I felt the production quality, good writing and key characters were all in place – Erika, Kassie and Michael are indeed an excellent start – but we really need Robin, Trevor, Kristen, Hillary, Bob, Florencia and Jerry too. If Roger Howarth signed on there would be no question that I would pay whatever I had to – partly since I can trust he wouldn’t stay on for a bunch of BS, and partly am just a sad little junkie for some RH. ;)


  19. Derrer says:

    If it would help keep the story lines I would pay a fee..nothing is free anymore and to all it is important to..would be willing to pay a fair amount to see their soaps!


  20. Di says:

    I’m willing to pay to watch OLTL, however, I’m still waiting to see who else Prospect Park plans on bringing on board. So far only 4-6 of the current cast members have signed, and not all of my favorites have yet been included. If PP plans a complete overhaul of the cast, I may think twice about watching it.


  21. mammy says:

    Hold onto your wallets, everyone. I would not pay anyhing, my cable Internet bill is over $100 a month already. Everything sounds very iffy, this PP stuff may be a sham.


  22. Nancy Wolf says:

    I really want to watch All My Children and One Life to Live. I have been watching them for free on line for years now. I didn’t realize I would have to pay to watch my favorite shows that I have watched since I was a child. I used to watch these same shows with my mother growing up and they have been a part of my life for 40+ years. Please don’t take them away from me because I can’t pay.


  23. Rita says:

    same for me.


  24. Antoine Tramble says:

    I’d be willing to pay @ $30.00 a month.


  25. Laurel says:

    I would not pay. I could not justify paying at all. The time I lose to mindless drivel for free is bad enough.


  26. Robb says:

    If the quality of video is good, and the show retains the core family members played by the current actors, I would pay as you pay for Hulu. If it did get a cable channel, I’d be willing to pay a monthly fee but not equivalent to something like HBO which gives you several channels included in one monthly price. Cable shows are quite successful now, so if they can pay for a regular cast, then I’m sure a downsized but essential cast for OLTL is doable. I’ll be honest, when I first heard the word that OLTL would go online, I felt as though I, myself, had been given another chance. I’ve watched OLTL since the day it premiered.


  27. Marj says:

    In Febuary I am getting rid of cable completly. It is going to take some money up front but I am going to internet tv. The equiptment will be paid off less than a year. All the shows that you want to see on tv you can see online anyway. I have only basic cable and have been looking for a way to get rid of the monopoly that the cable company has in my area. So if it would take a few dollars to watch my beloved All My Childre and One Life To Live. SIGN ME UP!!!!!!! I have been watching these soaps since I was born. In fact I watched the episode when Tom kicked Erica out after he found out that she was taking birth control. I was 8 and I remembered that episode. I am not willing to give them up yet. Maybe in 40 more years.


  28. Rita says:

    if fans have pay the show want succead. and i love my roger howarth.


  29. mphsglo says:

    I wouldn’t pay a monthly subscription to watch either show. I already have a cable bill that costs me an arm and a leg. I am not trying to make a new bill. I really think they should consider getting the show on a cable network. I think that would be an ideal solution. We’ll see in January just how this plays out.


  30. AA says:

    I would not pay to watch OLTL, or any soap online. I think it’s crazy that ABC cancelled it in the first place when it gets better ratings than GH. I’ll miss it, but they can certainly throw ads on the site to fund it.


  31. julia says:

    I will be willing to pay a fee but would rather watch it on TV.


  32. Laurie Kruh says:

    I’d pay a monthly fee for both soaps of $10.00, but no more since I already pay $153.00 monthly for triple play comcast.


  33. Patrick Trubia says:

    I would pay a monthly fee between 10-15.00 to watch OLTL, but Ii should be of the quality of Hulu. I still would much rather see it on tv and dvr it so I can watch it when I want. With its high ratings they were so stupid to cancel it in the first place!


  34. janet jones bann says:

    I don’t watch OLTL, but I need my AMC! I’d pay $30 a month if I had to, but I hope they won’t charge because so many other people would be unable to watch.


  35. De says:

    I would not pay a dime for AMC as for OLTL I might pay a small amount perhaps 10.00 every other month if it where a little more edgy.


  36. Kelley says:

    My DH and I discussed this very thing and decided we’d be willing to pay a 10.00 monthly subscription to keep land view alive. But we believe boycotting the time slot once the show goes off air will have such a profound effect on abc with such huge rating drops, the financial loss would “encourage” them to put OLTL back on the air. They will definitely feel it, especially since OLTL ratings have soared to renewed heights ever since they announced the cancellation. Money talks and abc WILL listen. Just dimly do NOT watch anything they air during OLTL time slot. We made the show by watching to begin with, collectively we are much stronger and have much more influence then we realize.


  37. Lynne Speed says:

    I have been watching these two shows since the early seventies. I have grown old with these characters. If there will be a fee to watch then I will (sadly) have to say goodbye, and thanks for the memories. We are retired and there is not enough money for non essentials. Geez, I never thought that one day would be saying that about my two favorite shows.. I can’t even afford health insurance, and with three years to go before my medicare kicks in, well …. just can’t pay. Now if it goes to on demand and Time Warner picks it up I will be happy.
    Whichever way it goes or doesn’t for myself I wish your company all the best with these two wonderful programs. You will have many followers.
    All my best.
    Linda ( Lynne ) Speed


  38. Heather says:

    I would not pay a penny to watch either soaps. Why should I pay to watch my soaps when fans of Y&R, B&B, DAYS and GH get to watch their soap for free.

    If a cable doesn’t want to pick up the soaps, then that means that’s it’s time to let these soaps rest in peace. But I’m not paying for something that should be free.


    barbara t replied

    I would ,you pay for sattlelite .like showtime or sports channels .soapnet for me is in a group of channels ,so they could do it that way, the channels you dont want you get rid of ,like Iv gotten rid of all the disney channels cause when I say IM leaving abc I mean it.Yeah I would pay to see my soaps ,Id rather watch them then go to any movie its my entertainment .I called direct tv and asked them about soapnet because once disney turns that into another kid show its gone to.I like sports but Ill never watch it on espn, thats abc,anyway ,same with the net Id do it ,anything to keep one life to live alive,but I think its to late,I hope Im wrong.


  39. sandy churchill says:

    love the show have watched since the start but can not afford to pay


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