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22 July 16th, 2013 Hunter King and Peter Bergman Deliver Heart-Wrenching Performances On Yesterday’s Y&R!


After what we thought was the ultimate finite result, that Jack Abbott is the biological father of Summer Newman (after Nick hid the truth for years and pretended to be Summer’s bio-dad because he could not get over the loss of Cassie) the newly realized father/daughter catch up with each other after the all the lies and secrets have come to light that has has been a shock to their system.

Only what they don’t know, but the audience knows, is that at the end of Monday’s episode Sharon Newman (played by Sharon Case) revealed to the vision of her late daughter, Cassie (Camyrn Grimes), that she switched the latest paternity test, and Summer really is Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) setting the stage for months of drama ahead and more secrets!

But while Summer and Jack now believe, as does the rest of Genoa City, that they are father and daughter, the two characters finally had a heart to heart about … the revelation that they believe to be true, how it will affect them and their relationships with their family, how Summer will feel about Nick, and how she will learn to get to know Jack.  The scenes played brilliantly by Hunter King (Summer)  and Peter Bergman (Jack) were emotional, subdued and tender, and filled with great sadness, that these two had been cheated by a man they both loved, cared, and  respected, Nick Newman.

Hunter King over the last week now has enough material to choose from for next year’s Daytime Emmys, and she most likely will receive a nomination for her work in the Outstanding Younger Actress category, and as for daytime favorite Peter Bergman, this was the kind of performance we love to see from him; filled with emotional depth and complexity.

You can watch yesterday’s episode by heading over to And for more on the shocking paternity twist, make sure to check out our brand new interview with Sharon Case, who previews and explains the motivations behind this new wrinkle in the storyline!

In the meantime, what did you think of Hunter King and Peter Bergman’s performances on Monday’s key episode of Y&R? Share you thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. JEFF says:

    Bravo to both of them; great performances!!


    Avelina comes from Santorini Greece replied

    Agreed!!!! They have done so well and acted brilliantly. I am loving the writing of Josh Griffith and he is really good at what he does. This will also give Sharon Case some really good material to work on as well. Bravo to all involved, cast and crew. Hope to see both actors win an emmy.


  2. Sandy says:

    Outstanding and so emotional between Hunter and Peter. This past week shows so much growth in Hunter as a young actress and this storyline is heartbreaking. I must mention Joshua Morrow’s performance throughout the week was undeniable heart-wrenching. I have never seen Nick so defeated and sad. Superb writing and acting with these characters. Sharon, when the story focuses on your deception, I can’t wait for your performances.


  3. des10261991 says:

    I love this show!! Hunter is Awesome at what she does!! Jack has always been the best…as for Philis and Jack both seen Differences in this Jack as Nick was saying left and right handed and Phillis with Sharon with oh we will be a family


  4. Liza says:

    Great performances, but the writers “twist” ruined the impact of the story. We can’t invest in the emotion of Summer and her new/real father Jack because we know it’s just a crazy Sharon prank. What’s left to look forward to? Everyone finding out and hating on Sharon? I have no interest in watching that scenario play out again, we did that over and over again with MAB, and it wasn’t satisfyingly, Ashley was one of our resident crazies who fell out of reality from time to time, but she was written in a sympathetic way, she didn’t do things on purpose.

    Are our long time core characters going to be used as a crazed villains now? Why can’t some of these no-name newbies be a villains? And where are our Y&R vixens? Sharon is not a vixen, Chelsea has the actions of one but is written like a heroine for seem reason so she is NO fun what-so -ever. Jill is a fantastic vixen but no one seems to have any interest in writing for her.


    Judy B replied

    Totally agree. They ruined the whole storyline for me with the reveal that Sharon altered the test results. I waited so long for them to get back to this story and the impact it would have and they already let the other shoe drop before the first one even hit the floor. Very disappointing.


    SZima replied

    Well said Liza! Showing us that Sharon switched the DNA test is like showing us that Robin is alive on GH. It’s hard to get invested in a storyline when you know what the outcome is going to be.


    gloria replied

    My thoughts exactly. I had tears in my eyes & chills watching yesterday until the horrible Sharon reveal. I was so touched by Summer & Jack’s performances & excited by imagining all of the Abbotts getting the news & the story possibilities. Now, I cannot get invested in this fake, temporary story. I am sick to death of Sharon. Her days in the sun are history. Send her on her way out of town for crying out loud. This crazy character has run her course. NO punishment for burning down Victor’s ranch? I had a feeling something was up but I was not expecting this. So we’ll go along with this story-Kyle is your brother, not Noah-later oops, Kyle is NOT your brother, Noah is. Jeez. Too disappointing for words.


  5. Derrick says:

    Yes they have……………..


  6. Mary SF says:

    Performances were great- but meaningless- holds no emotional appeal for me knowing they are not really daughter and father- like characters mourning another character we know is alive- meaningless- no reason to get emotionally invested — yeah they might get Emmys, but this farce will have them lose viewers–can’t blame the actors they didn’t write it- good for them for making it believable when everyone knows it is not true- but even if they change it again and it is true- at this point I no longer care.


    Patrick replied

    this crossed my mind the other day…

    what with AMC & OLTL… now on daytime… cable… TV.

    this will definately make these actors eligible for Emmys….

    were off to the races….. more to choose from.


    Leah replied

    So in agreement with you. I have no desire to watch this show anymore. Tired of being insulted . Maybe this was the only plot point available to write out the Phyllis character.


  7. Sandy says:

    So disappointed that in the end it isn’t true! What wonderful performances by Peter and Hunter! So sad that
    Michelle Stafford is leaving! :(


    gloria replied

    Wonderful, moving performances by Jack & Summer. What a waste of storyline they have done. Show won’t be the same without “Red”


  8. Joshua says:

    They make Steve Burton’s Dullan seem all more bland and dull.


  9. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    It feels like it was only written to give them some good material to be emmy nominated but what about us viewers who want to be rewarded too…i almost return to watch the show again because of this but knowing the outcome is a waste of time for me, so no point following it…unless she really is Jacks and Sharon is just plain nuts.


  10. H. Parson says:

    I’m very disheartened.

    After waiting years for the truth to come out about Jack being Summer’s father .. the writers have pulled the rug from under us by having Sharon change the DNA report.

    I’ve taken Y&R off of my DVR.

    The only episode(s) I’ll watch now are Katherine’s funeral episodes.


  11. Doe says:

    Well, the acceptable thing to say is that Hunter and Jack gave powerful performances. I like Hunter so much more now in giving her a mature story that she handled beautifuly. And Jack was great with his sensitivity and sweetness with Hunter. It’s a shame that Sharon once again will ruin everything. ICK!…..


    gloria replied

    AGREE 100% Go away Sharon.


  12. heidi says:

    Yes… they both delivered very strong performances! They were very well done and very emotionally charged and very real for the unusual situation. Well done Hunter and Peter!!!


  13. PatF says:

    I’m actually okay with the double twist in the story.

    We don’t know why Sharon did what she did. I’m sure there is more to come.

    And it doesn’t take anything away from both of their performances.

    Great episodes!

    I still want Phelps gone though.


  14. harlee says:

    Great performances but the story sucks air. Josh completely botched this story, Sharon has to be off her meds…acting all crazylike. I just know Sony, CBS will completely screw up Katherine’s death story and the ripple affect will be on their faves and fans won’t see the their faves.

    I’m so not enjoying YR the last couple weeks….


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