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11 June 2nd, 2015 Hunter Tylo Faces Emergency Situation In Shocking Episode Of QUEENS OF DRAMA!


Tomorrow night (Wed, June 3rd at 8PMEST) in the quintessential episode of Pop’s docu-drama Queens of Drama, as the ladies get ready to put together their sizzle reel and put their characters on camera to sell their series concept to the networks.  However it is fraught with many issues, and hits a few snags, but most of them are surrounding long time The Bold and the Beautiful favorite and QOD cast member Hunter Tylo!

At first, Hunter is charged with bringing in the wardrobe for the ladies project and their characters, and with her clothing choices.  But the fur flies between Tylo and Lindsay Hartley, Chrystee Pharris, Crystal Hunt, and even a bit with Donna Mills.   Throughout Hunter’s time on the series, she aligned herself as a staunch supporter of Mills take-charge attitude to get this project sold and up and running.

Later, as each of the woman get their characters on their feet, and in front of each other and on tape, somewhat tragic circumstances surrounding Hunter brings their tape day to a screeching halt!

Watch a preview for tomorrow night’s Queens of Drama after the jump, and let us know what you think happened to Hunter! Since she has been MIA during a lot of the series later publicity … could this episode hold the answer as to why?


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  1. michael says:

    sorry about Hunter’s situation – I wasn’t a huge fan, but like her a lot on the few episodes i saw – but this show is just laughable. most unprepared, spoiled, bunch of women i’ve ever seen.


  2. Dena says:

    Who are they trying to fool? This show is as scripted as any soap opera. Only the writing is 10x worse and that is saying a lot.


    davlestev1 replied

    It is one heck of a train wreck but it’s only 30 minutes and FF cuts that down on the DVR so I’ve stuck with it..but it is silly…Vanessa Marcil was an absolute hoot though..


    Molly Ryan replied

    Vanessa Marcil was the only reason I even watched the show! Hunter Tylo seems like nothing more then a know it all drawn queen! I don’t even know the rest of the girls besides Donna Mills! I won’t be watching anymore if Vanessa doesn’t come back! She made the show worth watching!!

  3. mk says:

    I know this is supposed to sort of be real time but a lot of the scenes from the initial episodes we’re show n on Facebook once Queens was announced as coming in 2 0 15. Hunter was tweeting a lot back in the late fall and early winter but she suddenly has become absolutely quiet about anything Queens so when did this happen. An injury would explain why she wasn’t at the Daytime Emmys to do publicity and present which I thought strange since she lives in LA. They tend to have the younger women and Donna doing publicity. Hope she’s okay.


  4. elm51 says:

    i don’t watch it but from this clip it seems to me that this show is just like the real house housewives shows……………..smh


  5. MJ100 says:

    I only watched the first episode and that was enough. This is the phoniest show I ever watched. It is all so fake. I’m shocked Donna Mills would put her name to this show. Did I mention how fake it is?


  6. Charday says:

    Yes, scripted series and totally phoney, but that’s part of why I’m enjoying it so much. Also, these women (as written) could never pull-off producing a tv series.


  7. Gmbenet says:

    I couldn’t sit through the first episode. I wanted to try again with an open mind just to see what it is all about. They are supposed to be putting together a drama show. My interest is learning how that process is accomplished. I like behind the scenes television stuff-especially if it involves soaps.

    Might try watching online.


    Gmbenet replied

    By the way, we have to keep in mind that these women are professional soap actresses. Fish swim. Birds fly. Lions roar. Professional daytime (and nighttime) drama actresses…


    davlestev1 replied

    Swim fly and roar with all due CAMP.. AND I DON’T MEAN IN THE WOODS..LOL. you know they know better.. Hilarious VM took off with the quickness.. I DON’T THINK SO.. LMFAO

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