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6 December 13th, 2016 Ian Buchanan Guests On Michelle Stafford’s Single Mom A Go Go!


Michelle Stafford (Nina, GH) has released her latest installment of her vodcast, Single Mom A Go Go!  This week her guest is none other than General Hospital favorite Ian Buchanan (Ex-Duke Lavery).

During the episode, Ian and Michelle discuss their enduring 20 year friendship. In addition topics range from: Ian’s motion picture, stage, and TV career, the life and times of Duke Lavery and working with Finola Hughes (Anna, GH), playing a ghost, Uber, love scenes, and more are bantered about.

Many GH fans miss Ian and wish he were back on the canvas. Can Anna ever have another love and bond as strong as she had with Duke?  Let us know your thoughts on that, but now watch the latest Single Mom A Go Go after the jump.

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  1. Mysty says:

    I gotta say yes, Not a Robert/Anna shipper but didn’t Anna have a deep bond and love with Robert when Duke was alive and definitely after he died..Why act like Robert/Anna never happened or that we never seen Anna moved on from Duke..Yes, she can find love again if they just move her on and stopped acting like Duke was the only guy she ever loved.


    Rose replied

    Mysty…I agree It’s possible for Anna to have another “great love,” but he’s going to have to be one heck of a character and actor to follow Robert and Duke. No milk toast for her or Finola. Here’s hoping.


  2. Dan says:

    Ian is so classy and wonderful. Can we get him back on GH please? Right the terrible wrong that Ron Carlivati, the cartoon writer, committed in killing off a beloved legacy character like Duke Lavery. Even if Ian asked off the show at that time, there was no reason to kill off the character. They could have had Duke leave town. It was a stupid storyline and Julian still hasn’t paid for ordering the hit on Duke.

    There are a countless number of characters running around Port Charles that no one cares about or has any connection to these days, how about bringing back a character that has connections and that people actually like? They brought back the actor that played Carlos and gave him another character, they’ve brought Michael Easton back how many times, no reason we can’t have Ian back.

    It would be very easy to write. Duke didn’t die when we thought he did, he faked his death and went into hiding to protect Anna and avoid a mob war. Simple as that, took 5 seconds to write. Come on Frank and the powers that be, let’s get this done!


    Rose replied

    Dan…As many have said, it’s a soap and anything is possible, and more long term…not the drop in for five seconds when Vincent came back to play Carlos brother, Joe. Beside seeing Duke/Ian back for Anna it would be interesting to see him meet his son, Griffin.


  3. JMER says:

    Of course Anna will never have a bond with a romantic interest as strong as the one with Duke Lavery. They were a SuperCouple!! The fact of the matter is that Ian would have loved to stay, and they killed Duke off “to give Anna story.” And that didn’t turn into any kind of great story, because they’re too cowardly to make Julian pay any consequences AND the story viewers want to see is with Duke and Anna. So until they are willing to write a proper Duke & Anna Reunion, which RC never did, give them decent airtime with a story and make the Jeromes face consequences instead of treating them like they are some kind of Classic GH family (instead of the great nemesis of a Classic GH family), there is no point in bringing Ian back on the show. His being a ghost serves no one except to spike ratings for the short term. Why disappoint viewers again and cause even further erosion of viewer morale? Morale that has eroded incredibly during the Guza years and during the RC years. They brought him back as an apparition last May and a few viewers that weren’t 100% chased away by the previous actions tuned in and won’t fall for that again. It’s outrageous. None of the other soaps have refused to keep on any and all of the lead male characters from their highest rated era. With Tony Geary gone, there are no 80s male leads on the show to draw viewers in and no SuperCouples. I’m sure the producers of Days, Y&R and B&B, all must think FV is mediocre at his job.


  4. Connor AvidSoapFan says:

    This was my first time seeing and watching an episode of Michelle Stafford’s show, “Single Mom A Go-Go”, and my gosh… it was amazing. Love the friendship bond that Ian Buchanan and Michelle Stafford, herself, seem to have… it shows on this show too.

    A couple of parts of this really stuck out to me;

    First part: I agree with Michelle wholeheartedly when she brought up the fact that she doesn’t like that Duke Lavery was killed off of “General Hospital”. For one, because Ian is a really great actor and I as many others as well miss seeing him on daytime TV screens every weekday. But also, Michelle Stafford had breached into the part of the subject where… killing off legacy characters of an important television show, and those-said characters have been on the show for years on end, it is truly a dis-service to not just us fans and the actors and actresses themselves… but also it is a TRUE and UTTER dis-service to the HEART of a show that so many have invested their time in… It may prove that the “higher-ups” might not have as much of an investment as previous regimes have had that made the shows great and wonderful. I mean, really, they are always great and wonderful because really when it comes down to it all… no matter what happens on the soaps… that won’t push me to stop watching. Because it is called staying faithful to something that I know that I love, through better and / or for worse. I know that a lot of negative drama can be portrayed onto soap operas and TV Shows in general… but that’s what the heart of soap opera’s are. There is a good side and a bad side to all things in both REALITY LAND and REEL-ALITY LAND, and I have learned so much watching my favourite shows of all time.

    I say bring Duke back in some way, shape, form. It IS doable. As we know, pretty much anything is possible in soap opera land. And keep him on for a good while (whatever contract negotiations would have to be planned and worked out and whatnot)… And just because if Duke were “to come back from the dead”, that does not necessarily mean that the character’s destiny is Anna’s character. Duke and Anna love each other, yes. But, I truly think that Anna’s one true and one great love… is Robert Scorpio. Home is where the heart is… and Anna’s heart, I feel, belongs to Robert. Anna would always carry a piece of Duke’s heart in her heart, for sure. But destiny for Anna is Robert. Duke could try and maybe get together with Bobbie maybe? That might be a good pairing… I’m almost positive neither character is biologically related. lol.


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