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7 April 8th, 2011 Ingo Rademacher comments on status with General Hospital!


So is the talented Aussie, Ingo Rademacher (Jax) still with GH on contract, recurring, or what else could be going on?  Soaps In Depth spoke with Ingo to get the low down since Jax has seen much less airtime.

Rademacher offered up these statements, “I’m not on recurring. I’m a contract player. If I was recurring, I would certainly say so if that was the case. There’s nothing to hide there. I cannot talk intelligently about where they’re going with my character because, if I’m there to stay or not, I really don’t know. I’m not holding my breath about this next storyline that I, apparently, have coming up in a little bit. I haven’t worked a frontburner storyline since last August, I think it was. To be honest, I’m just doing my thing up there right now. If I don’t work more, then the writing is on the wall.”

Fans were a little perplexed, as was Ingo, with his lack of scenes and airtime during the recent crisis with his on-screen daughter, Josslyn, whose life was spared via a kidney transplant from a brain-dead little Jake!  Only time will what the future holds for Jasper Jax!

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  1. Jen says:

    The entire Jake storyline has left me with a bitter taste. It was rushed, they didn’t show a memorial, Jason didn’t even go to the memorial, and the aftermath has focused on the wrong people. Jax should have been a major part of all of it, and to read this about Rademacher is upsetting. The show needs to focus on veteran characters like Jax, not put them on the sidelines. He’s a great character and should have been given a major POV in the story involving his daughter and Jake. He and Elizabeth are friends. I don’t get this show. Soaps are built on their history and their veteran characters.


    Dan replied

    I agree 100%. I couldn’t believe they didn’t show the memorial for Jake. I thought I missed an episode or something. They were all talking about it the one day, and then the next day, everyone was talking about it like it was over, and I was like “Wait, did I miss something?”

    They spent weeks and months with the silly Balkan storyline, and the Jake storyline was over in a couple of days. Granted, Jonathan Jackson, Rebecca Herbst, Steve Burton, Tony Geary, and everyone involved in it did fantastic work. But they could have gotten so much more out of it.

    I’ve been a GH viewer for over 20 years, and I’ve never been as frustrated with the show as I am now.


    Amber replied

    I agree, they should definetely keep Jax/Ingo and I can’t believe we didn’t see much of him during the whole Jake/Josellyn storyline made no sense. Anyhow, I use to love his character when he first came to town and still really enjoy watching him though the writers have really changed his character over the past years. Nevertheless, I really like Ingo and wish the writers would give him a good storyline. Though I’m not holding my breath about the Brenda and Jax storyline that we’ve been told about but I’m really hoping that it does happen because these two have amazing chemistry together!


    Skyla replied

    I think the reason why there was no memorial was the stuff with RH being fired and then rehired. I think they really did a rush cut and paste job with the storyline. I truly believe it wasn’t the original story on how Elizabeth was exiting and so they had to rework some things and so that’s why it was fast because they would have had to get the whole cast together for a memorial where if they did it the way they did, it only involved getting a couple actors at a time so they could slip in scenes as well. Maybe Elizabeth was supposed to die originally or perhaps Jake wasn’t supposed to die at all and when they decided to kill him fairly last minute they threw in the Joss twist, which is why her sickness s/l was pretty quick as well and maybe why Jax wasn’t seen as much as you would expect. Personally I can’t stand the character of Jax but it was even odd to me he wasn’t there that much but then again, neither was Joss. They kept cutting into that same frame of the baby, lol.

    I do doubt there will be any Brenda/Jax s/l since VM is coming closer to her exit date as she’s said in interviews. the way she made it sound it didn’t even seem like she was taping anymore but who knows. Personally I’d like to see Jax and Alexis give it another go. I think they would be great together and maybe Jax wouldn’t annoy me so much then.


  2. Cathy says:

    Jax is one of GH’s great veteran characters just like Nikolas and Elizabeth …it appears that GH (Fron/Guza/Jill Farren Phelps) do not respect these talented and long loved characters. They do not treat the actors with the respect they deserve. Look at how they treated Rebecca Herbst …thanx for 13 yrs of great performances and two super couples …fired! Then the fans wouldn’t have it and they had to take her back. Apparently this decision was from Frons, Guza denies wanting RH fired …fans had to take a stand. Take a stand for Ingo fans …fans have loved Ingo for years and he is too talented and important to given the shaft. Why wasn’t Jax front and center on my screen during Joss’s illness, the organ transplant, the recovery …why do I see non-stop newbies ..and not Joss’s dad. Ingo’s Jax represents the VERY small population of good dads on this show. We are sick of all the bad dads ..Jax has yearned for a child for years. He should have been more involved with Liz as they lost the child she was giving to Courtney and Jax. They have a deep bond and Jax is given a quick head nod and two minutes in Liz’s house. Jax was the only person who seemed genuine with Liz ..everybody else was all about Lucky & Jason. Jax and Mac don’t get the airtime because being a good parent is not important on GH. If Jax started killing people, conning people out of money or screaming at everyone – he’d probably get more time on our screen. How sad is it that because Jax is a decent, loving husband and father …he isn’t considered to be great TV. Wow….postivie male role models are DESPERATELY needed on GH. Too bad it’s all sleaze and mob now ..Jax/Ingo ..start kidnapping babies/plotting to ruin peoples’ lives and have lot of kids and totally ignore them, leave them to be raised by nannies …or shoot them ..that’ll help. So wrong GH!


    Avelina replied

    I agree. They need to get rid of the newbies and keep the VETS. I am sooooooo happy for Becky Herbst because she is one awesome lady. They are getting rid of the vets to accomodate the newbies and its not fair. I love Ingo and I would love for him to have more airtime. I love the chemistry with Jax and Sonny (Maurice Bernard).


  3. CINDY says:

    I don’t care too much for Jax character right now, so I hope he gets a change of a woman soon. My alltime favorites are JASON AND SONNY– so they better never leave- they make that entire soap, and my fan husband agees 100% !!!


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