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4 August 9th, 2011 Irene Manning alive and well and in Llanview? Does she hold the key to the Two Todds mystery?

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One Life to Live fans were in for a shocker at the end of today’s episode when it was revealed that Irene Manning — the biological mother of Todd and Tina — is not only alive, but is the mysterious person who has been skulking around Llanview!

According to ABC  Soaps In Depth, “Broadway veteran Barbara Rhoades will be playing the presumed-dead character for the short-term arc, as Irene sheds some light on the true connection between the Two Todds! The actress recently appeared onstage opposite OLTL’s Kim Zimmer (Echo) in the Off-Broadway production of Love, Loss And What I Wore.

So what could Irene reveal that could hold the secret to the mystery?  How will Viki feel about Irene being back?  We hope this is juicy!

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  1. lipstickcat says:

    Another person coming back from the dead! This is crazy! So I guess she had twins & gave them to 2 different families!


  2. Torrey says:

    Still doesn’t explain the two of them having the same memories. There’s definitely something bigger and stranger going on here.


  3. lisa says:

    BAD MOMMY !!!! BAD !!!!


  4. danna says:

    She is one wicked, twisted mother. No wonder Todd turned out the way he did–it was his lousy adoptive father and the genes inherited from his mother.


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