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5 May 13th, 2011 Is 90210′s Freddy Smith heading to DAYS to play love-interest in gay storyline?

Rumors are running rampant, that the current love-interest of Teddy Donovan’s on 90210, Freddy Smith (who plays Marco on the nighttime soap),  is headed over to Days of our Lives to be in the gay storyline as a love-interest for Chandler Massey’s, Will!  It is being highly speculated that Smith’s new DAYS character could actually be the son of Adrienne and Justin Kiriakis played by Judi Evans and  Wally Kurth.

Many were hoping for Casey Deidrick (Chad) to be given the nod in the gay love story in Salem, as fans have been wildly hoping for a Chill pairing, but with this bit of news, it looks like that may not be the way the powers-that-be are going.  Fans of DAYS and the LGBT audience are now on the edge of their seats hoping for a good story, and who will ultimately be carrying the rainbow flag for the first time in DAYS history! Stay tuned.

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  1. Iakovos says:

    While glad for strong gay characters, I am still surprised when a daytime drama announces its first such storyline. Maybe because I am an out man, I had hoped we’d be farther along by May 2011. Daytime drama may have done itself a disservice by not incorporating diversity of all kinds into its communities earlier in the game. But let’s cheer the DAYS team for this development, and those on GL, ATWT (Who remembers Iva’s friend Hank from like 1989!?), AMC, and OLTL who so publicly have made strides here with good heartfelt and honest stories that grow and touch us and resonate beyond the element of sexual orientation.


  2. uri says:

    They can’t even make interracial relationships work now they are going to try this. Good luck, I guess your next to be cancelled.


  3. Brian T says:

    I think this is a good move as long as Dena doesn’t mess it up.


  4. shad says:

    Sorry, but this storyline is not of interest to me, because I hate that Will’s character will change and he gabby will not be together anymore…dont add this storyline please!!


  5. Connie says:

    NOOO! leave will with Gabby and find another character to engage with.


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