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38 March 3rd, 2012 Is A Deal In The Works To Bring Kristina Wagner Back To General Hospital?


A few weeks back fans rumors began flying that since Jack Wagner was no longer with The Bold and the Beautiful that he was headed back this spring for General Hospital.   Following that, there was a Facebook posting on a faux- Kristina Wagner page indicated that the popular duo of Frisco and Felicia Jones were heading back to PC.    Next, we were hearing rumblings that many big name returns were in the works including possibly Lynn Herring and Jon Lindstrom as Lucy and Kevin.  And then, Jack Wagner was announced as a contestant on the 14th season of ABC’s ballroom dance competition, Dancing with the Stars!

However, now Soap Opera Digest columnist in the know, Carolyn Hinsey tweeted a bit of insider news yesterday, when she revealed that GH may be cleaning some part of their canvas to make way for a return for Kristina Wagner as Felicia Jones Scorpio!

Hinsey tweeted, “Hey GH fans! They’re clearing the decks for Kristina Wagner. Sssshhh… you heard it here first.”   So that also begs the question, if Kristina returns is Jack sure to follow?  Or, could she return to help a grieving Mac?

So soapers, would you be psyched to see Kristina back on GH? Let us know!

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  1. Michael S says:

    Wonderful news!!! Now let’s work on bringing back…Frisco, Lucy, Kevin, Sean, Tiffany, Ric, Dillon, Ned, Jimmy Lee, Celia


    jp replied

    Yes, I agree. However dont forget about Bobbi. Jaclyn Zeman is sorely missed.


  2. KetchupFreak says:

    I would love to see Kristina come back to GH! I miss Felicia. Maxie needs her mother. Hopefully they can work through their issues and form a true mother/daughter bond again.


  3. Chantal says:

    There have been so many rumors in the last few weeks; I will hold out celebrating until it is confirmed. This would be my wish come true.


  4. Debbie Harris says:

    Yes, I would totally love the Felicia character played by Kristina Wagner to come back to GH!! It would be great to see her again on GH And Maxie is gonna need her mom now that Robin is gone and her purse is what turned the gas on in the lab, causing the explosion! Mac could use Felicia’s help now too.
    It would be great if Jack Wagner returns as Frisco too!


  5. todd says:

    Yay! I am loving seeing Robert, Anna, Holly, Luke, Tracy and all the legacy characters. Bring Frisco and Felicia! Can we get Bobby too? Carly is so much more compelling with Bobby in the picture.


  6. heidi says:

    Yes… bring her on and more of the others too!


  7. Teresa says:

    Now, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! I love the older characters but I hope it’s not at the expense of some wonderful young characters we have now.


  8. Sand says:

    OMG! If Kristina and Jack came back, I would be in GH heaven. I started watching as Frisco and Felicia were the IT couple.


  9. SS says:

    Love her, bring Scotty back too, oh and I think Bobby would really fit into canvas. Delores, Ewen, Shawn, Ronnie, Nukate, are disposable. Would love it if Robin Richards returned since KS is out and I FF through Jen Lilley.


    Chantal replied

    Nancy Lee Grahn just confirmed tonight Kin Shriner is coming back…


    Debi replied

    I recently read at WUBS that Scotty IS in negotiations to come back.:) He has always been one of my favorites! When he got on the plane with Laura, I was smiling so hard, you could see every tooth in my mouth. Scott was the underdog. Once Laura dropped him, he was never the same.

    Why wouldn’t Felecia come back? Its a job people!!! She is still pretty and young looking, if she could get a gig, she would be an idiot not to go back. How weird if Frisco came back?? Either way, her and Frisco are DONE. Off and On screen. Lets give Alexis a run for her money and lets see Frisco & Mac reunite!!!!:)

    Ned, Rick Herbst for me would cap it all off.


    barbara t replied

    Id like to see rick come back to.

  10. ricardo says:

    i hope the rumours are true. i always loved kristina wagner. her acting is phenomenal. please general hospital producers i begging you bring back bobbie spencer. jackie zeman needs to come back right now. i miss her so so much. get rid of sonny. enough of the stupid mob story. also bring back sean and tiffany.


  11. aria says:

    it would be great, i’m hoping she will return and help maxie, and her friend anna, an her ex mac.


  12. Jack says:

    I think the rumors will prove to be true. I remembered Hunter Tylo writting on her fb about JW returning to GH in May. RavenBeauty has reported on her site that JW and KW would be returning. Since JW has joined DWTS, there might be a slight possibility that this rumor is true. DWTS is known for signing ABC stars on to their show. I’ve also noticed, through Jack’s twitter, that he is having more contact with his former GH pals, mainly John Stamos, Kin Shriner, Finola Hughes etc. He seems to be missing them. Could this be an indicator that he will be returning as well? LET’S HOPE SO!


  13. karen says:

    I would love to see her come back.I hope she does not get back with Mac.I like Mac with Alexis


    barbara t replied

    I dont want to see her with luke either ,and I agree with you about who matt belongs with ,but didnt he do it with diane?dont want best friends sharing the guy,that never turns out good.


  14. barbara t says:

    I dont think that maxi will be very happy with felica showing up,(with all the problems she has had over the years and mom never showed up or bothered to call her) Im glad she is on her way back to port charles,always liked her ,except ,I wasnt crazy about her and luke together,boring,it will be good to see the princess again,it will be interesting if frisco shows up to,I want to see laura ,where is she,lulu needs her mother,they have to bring her back ,not for a visit,SHE HAS TO STAY.


  15. Debi says:

    I feel the pace on this show is still slow. However, the scenes were probably cut and we are seeing what we need to see to move forward.
    EX:Carly & Johnny went on too long. Even though it was only one night…BARF.

    I for one was very disapointed with the death of Robin and how it played out. That is the past, we must move forward, and how bad can a show be who brings back Robert, Starr & Blair all in one week? With rumors of Scotty & Felicia not far behind?
    I hope this week, we start a new day on the show. We have been in the same time period for 2 weeks now. Too slow for me.
    I understand storylines need to be cleaned up to move on.

    BEST MOMENTS for me:
    *Piffy & Patrick get the scene of the week. Lucille had that role originally!

    *Robert. EVERYTHING. A man truly in pain, not afraid to show his guilt and well acted by Tristan. He will be missed when he leaves.
    (hopefully to return in a few weeks with Robin)

    *Edward talking to Lila & Robin, when in fact weeks later he would lose his real life wife to the Angels. Very sad moment for me.

    **Carly go home to your kid. The one you wanted so bad that you almost had Jax killed over her.
    **Carly you should have STOMPED on douche’bag when she started in on you. Though I don’t disagree with her thinking, she is a douche’ bag.
    I welcome more ‘CAT’ fights Carly. I have missed that in you.

    Scenes of the week I wish didn’t happen.

    *Liz & Emma. When there was a knock on Pattys door, you knew who stood on the oppostite side. I don’t fault that. They are good friends. Patty told Anna to leave so he could talk to Emma alone, and I felt Liz should have excused herself before Patrick even got started with Emma.

    *Holly, Luke, Helena & Ethan. However, anything to get rid of LIW.

    *Hope. No reason why they are putting a young mother thru the death of her child.
    And Michael with his depression? Oyy! What a couple!

    I am kinda liking Kate/Connie. This is leading up to something big. Also I happen to love this actress.


    barbara t replied

    Im liking the kate /connie story to,her showing up at johnnies door ,makes her even more interesting,what is going on in that girls head?I will will be watching to find out.


    1loveabcsoaps replied

    Hey Barb. You haven’t been posting. I had to go all the way back to this page to look for YOU. Where U been, why U haven’t posted..? I been talking to people all over the place, lol. I only want to talk about GH with folk, NOT One Life to Life. IT IS OVER…….. I will continue to FIGHT for One Life, petition for it, send soap and all the rest, BUT there is no need to compare One Life to GH, and wish the entire cast of One Life over to GH. OLTL had it’s movement in time, and General Hospital STILL had there’s, and we must ACCEPT that and move on…!

  16. Deshawn says:

    I would love to see Kristina can’t nobody play Felicia like her bring back John Reilly Sean donely and give kassie depavia and roger howarth Todd and Blair a contract role I love all four actors lets make gh number one like kick some serious butt Ron and frank do and writer Jill phelps and Brian frons killed gh but frank and Ron bought it back way to go kassie needs a contract role I love her keep her gh


  17. Moviegal says:

    The only thing, Michael, is that Carolyn Hinsey didn’t break the scoop – our beloved Ravenbeauty did – back in early February…..


  18. Michael says:

    I would LOVE to see Kristina Wagner back, along with Lynn Herring and Jon Lindstrom. But please bring back Jacklyn Zeman. Her portrayal of Bobby is sorely missed. There are so many dramatic opportunities waiting for “Bobby and Carly” to interact with. Zeman is a soap legend, and it would wonderful to see her in a main storyline with Laura Wright.


  19. Rob says:

    I literally wept with joy if this news is true. The arrival of Felicia Jones on GH started my love affair with GH until JFP got her claws into it. I hope this is a contract return too. Imagine Felicia aharing scenes with Anna again!!! If Jack Wagner can’t (or won’t) return Frisco, how about recasting Frisco with ex-Baywatch star David Chokachi? He’d be PERFECT! Thank you Ron & Frank. Your love and respect for GH shows and is much appreciated.


  20. Renee Steinberg says:

    YES I REALLY WANT KRISTINA TO RETURN AS CLASSIC HEROINE FELICIA JONES! I am a fan from ’81 on and really loved Frisco & Felicia! The show needs to get back to classic characters, romance and adventure! Kristina is amazing and beautiful and should have been asked back a long time ago! I hope Frisco follows! Seeing their interaction with daughter Maxie will be great! Bring back Felicia please!


  21. Christy says:

    I hope Kristina will be coming back to GH. Felicia should be coming back to PC during this time – that is a no brainer.

    I was just watching my old tapes this weekend – catching the (last?) 2001 nurses ball… I would really love if they did that again this year, especially for 2 points – that Robin has died and she was a big part of the nurses balls in the past, and if this is truly the last year of GH (hope not) that nurses ball would be great to have, one more time.

    I really miss the dynamics they used to have with girls really not liking each other, in a funny way – like Lucy & Katherine Bell. You remember when Katherine got Lucy in the wrong dress and she of course ended up upside down, dress over her head, swinging from a leg rope? Those kind of girl relationships. Lucy was just a crack up anyways, but she had a lot of heart too. The girls that don’t like each other on GH now are not funny, like Carly & Sam or Carly & Kate. They’re not funny at all.

    but i miss the nurses ball!


  22. mike says:

    It’s great to see the veterans return, but I think the only way to save GH is to make a drastic move, Sonny, and the mob story have to go.


  23. 1loveabcsoaps says:

    No Sir ree…! I donot want to see Felicia come back. Her or Frisco. I haven’t missed her voice at all. GH went on over the year’s to do WELL without either of them. There was never this “absense” for the character’s since they have been gone. For example, when Scorpio left, there was always a huge absense for the character of Scorpio and fighting crime in Port Charles. The void was always felt, just as it was with Venesa Marcil over the many year’s she has been gone. Just as there has always been a void missing with Laura/Genie Francis, the mother of Lucky and Lucky. As a viewer, Ur always wondering “what if” if Laura was around and same with Sonny with Venesa Marcil as Brenda. There is no such, “what if’s” if Frisco and Felicia. They just didn’t have that much significance on the Port Charles canvas. And now, having just got RID of that voice that Venesa Marcil came back with, we now have to put on with it with Kristina/Felicia. No Thank You!


  24. 1loveabcsoaps says:

    Yes for Scotty…….!! Kin Shriner


  25. Judy says:

    I was so excited to ready the news. Looking forward to seeing Kristina Wagner again on GH. I hope this is a long term stay for Kristina. Thanks for the great news.


  26. deshawn says:

    im glad kristina is coming back i love her she is so talented and i wish for john reilly sean blair and todd need a contract role and bring robin straaser over as tracey friend that would be fun i would love for gh to be number one they need to get the right people on to bring it up


  27. Rich says:

    Finally, at the 11th hour before GH’s cancellation, they discovered firing all the cast for the Mob crew, that those will be the people needed to save the show! When I turn on GH, I don’t know who these charcters are – nor do I care! Bring back GH (the real GH peeeps), then see what rating explosion you’ll see!


  28. tash says:

    I am so excited Kristina Wagner is coming back. Please, tell, that Jack Wagner is coming back toi General hospital too. My two favs also coming back with the, rest dream come true. Wish, kimberley mccullough comes back.,I love jason thompson and kimberly mccullough. Also, happy Finola hughes, tristion rogers and emma samms are back.


    Jack replied

    Sorry but JW is not coming back to GH anytime soon due to DWTS. It is however unclear if he will return to GH after his stint on DWTS is over. It remains to see!


  29. Rena says:

    I am so happy that Kristina Wagner will be returning to the show as Felicia Jones. Felicia is my all-time favorite character and I miss her. I hope she stays longterm. I also would love to see Bobbie/Jackie Zeman back as well.


  30. 1loveabcsoaps says:

    Hey, either let’s bring over EVERYONE from OLTL, to GH, or……. bring back ALL the OLD cast member’s from General Hospital of the 80′s. Hell with the cast and crew GH has right now (some of them that are doing a FINE job, but can’t help the direction that writing went in) they can just go find other work elsewhere while we RE-MAKE General Hospital into a BLAST from the PAST, or….. a OLTL makeover.


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