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8 November 17th, 2011 Is another Spencer about to fly the GH coop? Nathan Parsons uncertain of future!


Hot on the heels of Jonathan Jackson’s announcement that he is exiting GH as Lucky Spencer comes word today out of ABC Soaps In Depth that Nathan Parsons ( Ethan Lovett) another Spencer offspring may not stay with the series when his contract is up in 2012! This seems particularily disappointing as it seems that Nathan is finally being given his own storyline!

Nathan also informed TV Guide in their latest issue that he is not sure what his plans are! “The timing’s not the best, I guess we’ll have to sit down and talk,” said the talented young actor.

Will Ethan’s mysterious, new romance with Wyndemere’s woman in white be enough to convince him to stay?  Well, according to SID, “While a rep for the show had no comment, co-stars whisper that the actor hasn’t had a story since day one, and this could be a case of too little, too late.”

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  1. Emily says:

    No Tyler, No JJ, and now maybe no Nathan? 2012 is certainly not looking good for the future of GH surviving :(


    lisa replied

    This is decidedly depressing news.
    I love Nathan as Ethan.
    I hate the fact that they bailed on a Nathan/Kristina pairing.
    And now he may leave ??
    This young man is a very good actor and deserving of a great storyline.


    Emily replied

    My last hope is that Lexi returns briefly as Kristina and finally gets paired up with Nathan’s Ethan in New Haven.

  2. Sun45 says:

    Again Nathan is a fine actor but I never cared for his character Ethan and that hasn’t changed. Whether Nathan leaves or not is his decision honestly I don’t care if he stays or goes. The show is being canceled next year some people still just don’t want to accept that but the writing is on the wall for GH and it has been for a long time .


  3. aria says:

    sun 45 just shut up already w/ the cancellation thing, who are you any way? CNN? as for nathan leaving, i hope he stays, l really dig the actor and character. GH needs to get its act together really soon, this show has so much going for it, great actors, great history, all it needs is a real leader, like the legendary Gloria Monty. honestly i don’t think Jill farren Phelps has what it takes, and so far new headwriter Garin Wolf is not doing any better(maybe slightly) than Bob Guza. thats the sad part, because this show pretty much has everything going for it if it was in the right hands.


  4. Linda Dowell says:

    I’m still so irate about Kristina that I could spit – I thought maybe with Guza gone they’d be smarter……now they’re losing JJ, possibly Nathan now, the whole venue seems to be unraveling……very bad and sad……….and caused by the execs in charge and the network.


  5. Avril says:

    I have loved every minute of Nathan’s time on GH and would absolutely hate to see him leave. He is the light and life of the Spencer’s right now and they desperately need it – so does GH quite frankly.


  6. jason says:



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