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14 March 5th, 2013 Is Former OLTL Bad Girl Amanda Setton Dating Rock Star Adam Levine?


Who can forget Amanda Setton’s portrayal of evil Stacy’s (Crystal Hunt) bff Kim?  The talented Setton, who made bad girl Kim someone we actually cared about, has been busy since departing One Life to Live with other television and movie projects.

Most recently, Setton has been appearing on CW’s Gossip Girl!  Now comes news of Amanda’s life behind the scenes where Radar Online is reporting that it appears she is dating Maroon 5 lead singer and one of the stars of NBC’s, The Voice, Adam Levine!

According to Radar Online:  Levine met Setton on the set of the TV series, The Mindy Project through mutual friends and they instantly clicked.   But, the relationship is still in its infancy, and friends are hoping that Amanda, 27, doesn’t become too smitten with the famed ladies’ man.

“Adam and Amanda have just started dating each other, and it’s still early days,” a source tells Radar. “They met around a month ago through mutual friends and instantly hit it off, and they have gone on several dates since.”   However, despite Amanda’s obvious happiness, friends are urging her to take it slowly with Adam and not dive straight into a serious relationship with him.

What do you think of Setton and Levine?  Hot couple?  Weigh-in!

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  1. brian says:

    I think OLTL should try to win her back and offer her a story !!! Love, love love Amanda !


    Barbara t loves One life to live replied

    I think so to, but not with Clint he belongs with Vicki not her, I never liked those to almost getting together.


    jim replied

    Kim would work better with Cutter i think. But i doubt theyll bring her back at least 4 now.

    susan M. replied

    Never really cared for Cutter,Stacy,Kim on OLTL…

    TRW replied

    Kim and cutter are brother and sister….

  2. jim says:

    Hot couple or not what i think doesnt really matter. Ive heared all this many times b4. This couple are in the entertaiment business so most of these relationships are predictible. Everythings wonderfull and the couple claim how much they are in love then the next minute theyll go their seperate ways saying we had nothing in common, our seperate careers came btween us, or they found someone else. Ive long ago given up on stories like this knowing only few couples rarely survive when they are both in the entertaiment industry. It would be nice if the succeed, but im not going to bet on it when the odds are against me.


  3. Christine says:

    I am always amused by these so-called friends that snitch to reporters. I especially like the ones that say that so-and-so is ready to propose and how what’s-her-name is really the girl for him and he wants to settle down and have a family. Then you hear about a break up two weeks later.

    In the words of Daffy Duck: “It is to laugh.”


    jim replied

    Its a waste of time when they report this stuff about Hollywood couples because we usually already know their predictable endings. p.s. loved daffy duck who remains one of my top favorite childhood cartoon characters


    Barbara t loves One life to live replied

    I love Daffy Duck to……..

  4. susan M. says:

    I was never fond of GiGI’s sister Stacy or her girlfriend Kim…..


  5. Jan says:

    Oh dear….sounds like a career move to me.


  6. Christine says:

    The silliness of this story is just sad. Worse yet, I had to read on Daytime Confidential that Bonnie Franklin passed away last week from pancreatic cancer. Why wasn’t the story on this site?


  7. bc says:

    She can do much better than adam levine. congratulations to setton for the renewal of her tv show “mindy project”. It’s the only tv show where the only leading char is an Indian american w/c reflects the utter lack of racial diversity that is still prevalent from hollywood. I have watched a number of episodes. There are some funny jokes for romcom standards. Most hollywood romcoms are told w/ only white chars. It’s great that kaling’s char mindy lahiri brings a new perspective to hollywood’s typical romcoms. But there are a lot of problems on the “mindy project” w/ setton being one of them. Her “tough accent” is very forced and awkward. The dancing from 1 of the doctor chars causes second hand embarrassment. It’s a ny based show w/c still lacks a lotta racial diversity. And it is strange that mindy is only paired w/ white chars. mindy thinks she’s a romcom char and this could provide more opportunities to racial minority actors.


  8. Nikki says:

    I love this little piece of gossip! I’m sure it won’t be a long-term thing, but I think they’d make one sexy couple! Also, it’s kind of fun knowing which soap stars are dating who. lol.


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