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74 July 12th, 2016 Is GH’s Maura West and Nick Stabile’s On-Screen Chemistry Off The Charts?


“Look what I pulled out of your pants, I do believe these are the family jewels.”   That was the best line from Monday’s episode of General Hospital said via the character of Ava Jerome (Maura West) to Nikolas Cassadine (Nick Stabile).

It occurs after she pulls out from his pants, in the middle of a liplock, the pouch containing the diamonds he stole out from out from under Hayden (Rebecca Budig).  How did it get to that point?  Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Billy Miller) locked Ava and Nikolas in a room on Cassadine Island.  While there, Ava finds an entry in a journal from Helena, which indicates that she knew her staff was slowly poisoning her to death upon orders of her grandson.  A shocked Ava tells Nikolas:  she didn’t know he had it in him to kill.

As the sexual tension heats up in the room between them with some rapid repartee,’  Ava says she understands trying to conceal one’s identity, disappear, hoping to get away with it, and the damage it can do to loved ones left behind.  As viewers know, Ava failed when she tried (remember Denise DeMuccio?), but that part of the conversation brings Nikolas and Ava seemingly even closer.  Next, Ava and Nikolas share a passionate kiss, and as things get hot and heavy that’s when Ava finds the pouch of diamonds on the dark prince, and Nikolas realizes that she may have been playing him all along.

While we all await the return of GH fan favorite and Daytime Emmy winner, Tyler Christopher to return as Nikolas, actor Nick Stabile has been holding down the fort in the middle of a red hot storyline.  In the process, many viewers have commented on the on-screen chemistry between Stabile and West.

So, what do you think?  Are Maura West and Nick Stabile red hot as Ava and Nikolas?  Share your thoughts on the duo in the comment section below!

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  1. Iakovos says:

    Love the actors (Mr Stabile has been underused since SUNSET BEACH), but not the storyline. Can we just be done with all this silliness? I am not asking for sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, but in our world today, I find it difficult to engage with characters who have killed and get away with it (despite the reasons writers create) and plots of preposterous resurrections and couplings. I now. It is escapist. But the genre carries with it a legacy of humanity and reality, too.


    Allen saint james replied

    Ive always felt like General Hospital was pretty much built on Perposterous plots. In its heyday…. the most over the top.


  2. Rod says:

    They actually do have chemistry & he’s a great actor, but he’s not believable as Nicholas. They really should have had Stephan Martines come back even though I know he isn’t the studios favorite, it was wayyyy more believable and someone we already had as a replacement Prince


    Soaphound replied

    I agree, Rod. In another role maybe, but I’m just not catching on to him as Nikolas.


    kevin replied

    I also agree.

    Elizabeth replied

    I concur completely. The fill-in has nothing in his approach that is remotely Nikolas Cassadine.

    The only thing that will save this TempNik thing with Ava is if she gets killed in the thick of things. It makes no sense for her character to be in this story and it is obviously the writers have NO idea how to use her. That is the one and only thing about this entire plot aspect that is good – that it isn’t TC in the role at this point.


    Elizabeth replied

    Actually, now that I think about it, I would have loved to have seen Stephen Martines (the first replacement for TC about 2000 – 2003) in the role again. But I would guess he wouldn’t have accepted the part. He was rather put out when they didn’t renew his contract and went back to TC at that point.

    But, he was a great Nikolas then, and would have been now.

    Mrs. Brown replied

    You can see the writers love Maura but do something that makes sense with her.

    Jackie Meixner replied

    Whenever they are on I fast forwarc,sorry


  3. Lois says:

    Nick Stabile has been intriguing since he first aired! He has been filling in admirably! If for some reason Tyler doesn’t come back, Nick would be a fine permanent Nikolas! Yes, he and Maura do have incredible chemistry! I have loved their vibe and scenes together!


    Mafia Wife replied

    I’m rather comfortable with our new (temp ??) Prince Nik… He seems to play the stoic demeanor well, in my own humble opinion. Nick gives me the vibes that he has studied TC’s character & actually rehearses his lines !!
    Rather opposite I find Maxie’s temp uncomfortable to watch. She is an ADORABLE young actress, yet just watching her attempt to perform what is obviously “Maxie’s” script looks painful. Maybe if she her hair was at least dirty blonde I could accept her more.
    One thing is for sure, I do LOVE GH !!


  4. fginaspy says:

    I agree about characters getting away with murder. The only reason MW is still on the show is because she is good at what she does and TPTB do not want to lose her. Frankly, her character Ava should be in prison not out in the real world. To that end the writers should be mindful how they write for their favorite actors.

    NS is doing a fine job filling in for TC. The storyline is not the best. It is actually a big yawn for me. The storm doesn’t move story along…snooze.


    Melissa replied

    This same argument could be used for Sonny. He’s been getting away with murder for 20 years and is now held up as the town hero and saint. Why should Ava have to pay when no one else does?


    randy replied

    i so agree,,,cant stand the character of sonny only because of the way they make him so rightous ,,cant stand him,,love to have ava bring him down

    Ginger replied

    Thank you – I’m so sick of this bottom feeder being held up as the good murderer. Notice the level they have to bring Julian (better actor by far) down to elevate Sonny? Notice how every other character has to pay lip service (I weep for FH and her inane dialog with him) to him? Even Michael whose bio-dad was murdered by him has to kiss his dimples. I’ve had 20+ years of watching this character abuse women and I’m fed up. Putting Sonny front and center almost brought this show down in 2011 and it’s right back there now. I bet ABC wants them to run it into the ground – we need more cooking infomercials. Filming in the parking lot is expensive.

    jaybird369 replied

    Melissa…you have a very, very valid point. Also, over the years, Sonny has committed (and has also gotten away with) crime after crime. To me, that is N-O-T the definition (or whatever) of a hero and/or saint. No. As far as I’m concerned, Sonny is nothing but a LOWLIFE THUG!!!!! BEYOND DISGUSTING!!!!!

    Have a good one, Melissa.

  5. robbie says:

    Tyler who? Keep Nick!


    jaybird369 replied

    Yeah, Robbie…MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!!!!


    Mafia Wife replied

    I really enjoy watching Nick as Prince Nik !! I’m kinda disappointed that Tyler appears to have took his Emmy and split….

  6. Rose says:

    I broke into laughter with Ava’s line, “Look what I pulled out of your pants, etc.” I do like the chemistry between Nik and Ava. And am liking Nick Stabile, but will be okay with either him or Tyler even though I think Nick has added to the character. Tyler just seemed a little “tired” lately and the energy wasn’t showing anymore.


  7. Celia says:

    Yes!!!!! Off the charts, baby!!!!!
    Give us what we want. Ava has been dormant long enough. This blossoming love affair “ain’t gonna” work with Tyler on stage.
    Even if a pairing between Maura and Tyler were to happen, the chemistry would not be there….at least, not the goose-bumpy kind of Ggrrrrrr we are seeing between Maura and Nick.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I wish they would do a storyline that Ava was kidnapped and brainwashed into killing Connie and that AJ wasnt killed by Sonny at all but a sinister plot concocted by Valentin Cassidine who is plotting against Sonny and the Jeromes to take over their domain…AJ is alive and returns played by Nick Stable…Ava is no longer a killer and becomes involved with AJ…


    Celia replied

    I knew that was you in my inbox without even checking first, Jimmy.
    I love those scenarios. Voila’ Ava redeemed.
    Sonny? Hmmmm. Lol…I need to mull over that.
    AJ alive would be the topping/cinnamon on my cappuccino (with Baileys)
    And, yes…let’s blame it all on Valentin.

  8. su0000 says:

    Ava has chem with every man. the two are good together.
    As for Sam and Jason YUCK!
    What in hell is there thing- they are acting like Gestapo, frisking and detaining, grilling, coming off like two goose steppers. ( I find it quite sicking and hope Valintin puts one in Sam’s noggin.)
    Sam & Jason are ridiculously lame ahaaaa!

    Waiting for Valentin (the grandson who was poisoning Helena ) to get into action as the devil incarnate, as he has been billed to be.. (wonder if J&S can bring it)

    Ava and Nikolas will eventually be the heros that rescue Sam and Jason, most likely.
    000oh the ”family jewels” sheesh that on is older than Moses ahaaa! cute.


  9. Carol Bryan says:

    I would love to see Ava and Nicholas become a ruthless couple.


    su0000 replied

    hi Carol Bryan,
    I would be happy if anyone would become ruthless.
    (and that includes Valentin)


    Celia replied

    You are getting your wish, my friend.
    Theo is Valentin. I bet my Granny’s Harley-Davidson on it. If not, I’ll eat my Grandfather’s fedora.

    su0000 replied

    hey CC, yah I know..
    I just believe J&S can not write Valentine as the devil incarnate .
    I see them writing him weak, like a hippie with love beads ahaaa!

    Time will tell, hopefully they are up to the job ..

    Celia replied

    You said it, Suzie Q. “Time will tell”.
    I can tell you, though, that James is not ‘soft’. While I was around two or three when he joined the cast of AMC, I have watched many of his episodes, since then. He played Dixie Cooney’s brother, I believe. He can be a baddie, and then some.
    I have no doubt that James, as Theo or Valentin, will send chills down my spine.

    Harry replied

    Yes, to a Boy Named Sue and to Celia.
    This actor is totally chills-down-the-spine worthy.

  10. Melissa says:

    Still not entirely sold on this pairing but willing to give it a chance. It’s intereseting to watch at least!


  11. Sissy says:

    Nick Stabile is doing a good job and is very handsome.

    That being said, I can’t help but feel cheated that it isn’t Tyler in these scenes. He oozes sex appeal, as does Maura. Together, their chemistry would be explosive!


    Celia replied

    Hi, Sissy,
    How different we women may feel about a man and his sex appeal or lack thereof.
    You are among the many who find Tyler sexually heart-stopping….Alack, I am not one of them.
    Nick Stabile does it so much more for me….love that lean, masculine face.


    Sissy replied

    Celia, I do have to admit Nick is growing on me ;-)

    Celia replied

    LOL, Sissy. It’s so easy to fall for Nick S. Then again, I am partial to Italian men.


  12. Margaret says:

    Love them,even if I don’t like either one of them….
    they have amazing chemistry…. another match made in hell, Liz and Freako being the other one….


  13. Donna Dykema says:

    You betcha! Keep him!


  14. Angela says:

    I think that academic and Nick should not be a couple. I also think in some way bring back emily from the dead and can blame it on Nickolas grandmother.


  15. James R. Poissant says:

    This actor playing Nicholas is doing just fine but I do miss Tyler in the part. Maybe they can create a character for the actor when Tyler comes back. That was done when they guy who played Kevin O’Connor played Frisco for a short bit when Jack Wagner had to take a leave of absence so no reason why they couldn’t do it again.


    Celia replied

    Yeah, ‘they’ also did the same at DOOL. Josh Taylor used to play Chris K? ( I think that was his name), but then he assumed the role of Roman Brady, according to my Gran.
    I suppose, Stabile could be another character; as long as he is paired with Maura.


  16. Maria says:

    I think Maura would have chemistry with a stump. She’s just that talented. I also think Nick is doing a great
    Job. He has hard shoes to fill and at times he seems more prince-like than Tyler. But, I’m a creature of habit and really miss Tyler.


  17. Timmm says:

    Stable Stabile, he is a keeper!


  18. toscanti says:

    I’m loving this pairing, the actor NS can stay. Was never a huge TC fan. MW is Amazing as always.


  19. Tae says:

    I love Maura West she’s the best in daytime! Right now her and Heather Tom are the 2 best just wish Maura would get Emmy material as Heather does… As she done before in crypt sex or her dying of cancer.. She can do anything she’s funny in the material right now but is killing it!


  20. Ghlover says:

    I miss Tyler. He is Nicholas period. Ava would have hot chemistry with a plant!


    Patrick replied

    LOL post… Ava is a hottie

    thanks for the directness…. Tyler is needed back on the set


  21. ldeichmill says:

    Maura West has chemistry with just about anyone she works with, and imo, it shows with Nick Stabile.
    But once Tyler Christopher is back on screen,,, the chemistry between Nikolas and Ava should be off the charts.


  22. Marie says:

    I think Tyler, Nick and Maura are all great. I like them all. As far as romantic chemistry goes, I don’t see it. But it’s not a shot against them or their talents. I see good actors doing their thing but I am not wowed by any chemistry between them. I would also say the same thing if it was Tyler and Maura playing those scenes. I’m sure I’m old fashioned but I prefer to see the character of Ava with an older man. Maybe it’s because Maura is such a huge talent. She can hold her own against the best of them even if they have 15+ more years experience in the genre than her. Maybe I’m wrong but it seems like Maura had a blast whenever she had scenes with the Paul Hornsby character and Scottie Baldwin.


    rebecca1 replied

    Hi Marie, I’m not sure if you mean an “older man” as in someone much older than her, or if you just meant someone her age, as opposed to her days with Morgan. I say this because someone else said Stabile is too young for her, but he’s actually two years older than her. I think Maura is 43 and Nick is 45.


    Celia replied

    Didn’t Maura West as Diane (Y&R) have her run with an old man already?….Victor Newman. I did not enjoy watching that one bit. LOL.
    Ava is too young to be wasted with another “Victor”.
    I think Maura and Nick are perfect together. I love Stabile’s soft spoken, quiet self. Yummy!! Adore the brooding type.


    Patrick replied

    GH has Maura West… STUCK in ditzville and la la land seriously? w/ Sonny and Carly

    NOT a good thing

    it’s like everyone outside of the Corinthos clan is muddled and languishing

    the talent just takes off… when it has nothing to do with:

    Sonny and Carly – Jason and Sam

    Alexis and Julian are very much a part of the thressome GH holds over the audience

    with the exception… William DeVry is bringing his – A _ game… and giving us riveting stuff…. very much reminding us all why he was chilling driven and going for broke… in Pine Valley

    beware Port Charles


  23. Daisy says:

    I liked Maura with Tyler, that was chemistry off the charts. Now, with Nick Stabile it’s just “off”. I like Ava and Nic together, wish I could say the same for MW and NS.


  24. Jane says:

    I like this new guy but he’s jut not Nic. Ava needs not be with him.


  25. Mary SF says:

    What I liked it was one of those really rare slow and sensual kisses that daytime used to be about. Lately most kisses are like two people who are trying to devour one another as if the only way to portray “passion” is have couples act like animals in heat, So for the kiss alone this couple has gotten my thumbs up, but it is a shame it will eventually be ruin because they will go back to old tearing each other clothes because it’s every soap’s default setting for all couples for years.


    Celia replied

    Yeah, Mary. I can also do without the smacking kissing noises. A few delicious little nibbles here, and there, would leave so much to the imagination.
    There is no slooow ‘hand’ in the lovemaking to create sexual tension. Showing a bare leg and a muscled-he-man chest is not always the thing.
    I understand exactly what you mean, Mary.


  26. Dan says:

    Maura West would have chemistry with a broom. All due respect to Nick Stabile, he doesn’t do anything for me. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but I don’t care for him. He doesn’t fit as Nikolas and is not believable in the role. He’s trying, and I do give him credit for that. He had big shoes to fill. But Tyler is the best and only Nikolas in my book, and the sooner he comes back, the better. Hope whatever is going on behind the scenes gets resolved ASAP.


  27. Allen saint james says:

    Nick is doing a good job overall and his chemistry with Maura is really working. She plays sex kitten very well and he plays a certain kind of romantic male angst with a slight flair. Wondering what the Tyler effect will have upon his return.


  28. Jason Loves GH says:

    I love these two together. More please!


  29. Jimmy says:

    Ava has chemistry with everyone on the show because Maura West is one of the best actresses in daytime. She and Michelle Stafford are two of GH’s best hires in recent years. It’s just too bad that Ava and Nina are not characters you can easily root for, and were painted into corners during their first year on the show.

    Case in point: when Ava mentioned her attempt at starting a new life, I cringed. The thought of Denise DeMuccio is terrifying. Definitely Ron Carlivati’s worst plot on the show during his tenure, even worse than Fluke in my opinion. I agree with a previous post that the writers need to be mindful how they write for their favourite actors, because characters like Ava, Nina, Julian, Franco and even Sonny shouldn’t be walking around free, but all the actors are way too valuable to the show.

    As for Nick Stabile, I think he’s a great actor, but not right for the role of Nikolas. I wish they had brought him on in a different role (Tom Hardy, Steve Webber, even another long lost Quartermaine or Cassadine) because I miss Tyler Christopher in the role. I’m sure he and MW would have steaming chemistry as well.


  30. j9 says:

    Loving them together, even though the storyline is not stellar. I like this new guy and would love him to stick around somehow. Sam and Jason completely deaden any scene they appear in, especially those with such a great coupling in the making.


  31. Rodd says:

    I like the chemistry between NS and MW, as Nic and Ava. I am a little intrepid about how it will work when TC returns to the role. The whole pairing was a surprise out of the blue to me but I’m willing to go along for the ride.


    Patrick replied

    Tyler Christopher… will forever be one of my all time faves… so… yes… I’m wondering just how long TC “time off” is going …. does it have any thing to do with contractual ?

    I was instantly smitten with how exciting it was to watch : Maura / Tyler / Trent

    if Maura is the barometer… she was lit like a Christmas tree

    NO MORE Corinthos !!!!

    I think that the comfort level and chemistry was all over the place… on that plane to London….

    BAM ! this was NICE stuff… had me going on their flight

    I’m readying myself for Mr. Tyler Christopher to return

    Nick Stabile is doing a bang up job… a little wordy… as Nickolas is not a man of word… ummmhh he has – so – SO – MAN’y other attributes to dizzying affect


    i’m waiting with baited breath… that GH…. – THAT GH – not waste and capitalize on the new pairing of Maura and Tyler in to the Cassadine arena… here comes Valentin Cassadine


    this is the big time… and GH has got to get her character out of any thing Corinthos


    Patrick replied

    which ( GH writing ) truly stinks on so many

    Ava and Nicholas have barely made it to “Greece”

    expletive expletive … just like Windemear…

    no security no staff no cameras… IN WALKS boring all over their faces

    Jason and Sam…. oh god… ????

    nip it in the bud and ruin another story

    the hardy boy and nancy drew … dullard

    Patrick replied

    I just had to laugh out loud… when… there they go again… supersluething… in Greece no less

    they walk in and “catch” Ava and Nicholas THAT fast

    argh! what a wasted moment and “time” to ooh la la for Nicholas w / Ava

    the 4 of them had to “spend” the night together…..

    what a let down… can you imagine spending time with dullard twins Jason and Sam

    Jason gets a let for being so beefy

  32. Suzanne Stephan says:

    NO chemistry for me just good writing Tyler would have rocked those scenes with his acting and just his sexy persona!


  33. Suzanne Stephan says:



  34. Soaphound says:

    I have a question for all of you long-time GH watchers: I don’t know why I assumed Tyler Christopher was one of the fans’ most liked actors and characters when I started watching. But the more I read, I see there are a lot of fans who don’t really care for him, and that he may have something of a “hard to get along with” reputation. Other actors, like Steve Burton, Billy Miller, Maurice Benard, are known to be the nicest guys on and off stage, but TC doesn’t seem to share the same rep. Am I off base, or just not looking closely enough?


    Patrick replied

    hi soaphound

    like you… I am taken aback …. somewhat

    case in point… a lot of “posts” do not “like” the darkside of Mr. Sexy

    his all that has been bandied about since the start of 2015… WHICH “won” him an Emmy

    I do not know… what goes on behind the scenes… I would “assume” because of his 20 year history , with the show… that he’s a relied on lauded vet who is not to be taken for granted

    argh! his Mr. Nice guy… “Laura” one child she could depend on… who , tho by birthright… deserves to be at the top… was never featured as more than the upstanding nice guy who had relationship “problems”

    I can’t surmise as well as most posts… but I love the guy…. plus his character

    double on the YUM

    I am thoroughly enjoying Tyler Christopher acting

    I don’t know that J & S are doing him justice…. like Ron Carliavati

    I loved Britt

    I was all hotted out with Hayden…. this relationship has skidded OUT … no more

    NOW we are on the verge of HOT again… with Maura West… and the NU much talked about Valentin Cassadine…. with his mother … Laura REELING

    I’d say Tyler Christopher is a gem

    IF…. and I mean IF

    GH continues to feature TC character less than Jason …. ONE more time

    oh well….

    notice how lame the show gets when Jason and Sam REEL

    I’m going to assume … again… that TC is their to do his job… and is not so much in to PRESSING for his employment

    the camera loves him
    I love him
    you love him


    Patrick replied

    PS: William DeVry is SHOW’ing AMC Talent

    he’s ON

    Patrick replied

    it’s Heather Webber to the rescue

    she saved Josslyn

    lighten her load and back mixing

    I have to prop Andrea Evans! I loved her on Y&R… as Patty Wiliams


    Dan replied

    Soaphound, I’ve been surprised at some of the negative comments I’ve read about Tyler as well, especially from posters that were singing his praises just a few months ago when he won his well deserved Emmy. I can say that most people I know that watch the show and on other soap forums I frequent seem to like him. The people that don’t seem to be a small, but vocal minority.

    I’ve liked him since the first time he showed up on my screen as Nikolas 20 years ago. I’ve also never heard of any behind the scenes issues with him, or him not being well liked among his fellow castmates.


  35. mike says:

    Tyler has been phoning it in for a while, won’t miss him if he does not return.


  36. Skp53 says:

    I am loving Nick Stabile as Nikolas!


  37. Deb J says:

    Since Tyler left Gh why not bring in Nick Stable he did a great job…. I love him


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