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20 September 29th, 2011 Is James Scott leaving DAYS? Not So Fast! Talks are still on-going!

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The soap world was all abuzz this morning, when Soap Opera Digest released an item stating that Days of our Lives, Emmy nominated actor, James Scott (EJ Dimera) would be leaving Salem when his contract expires, and that the show and James were unable to come to terms.  However, not so fast!

On-Air On-Soaps got this official statement on the Scott contract talks, “A DAYS spokesperson said that contract talks between James and the show are still on-going!”

Whew! That is good news for the legions and legions of James Scott fans and a relief to the series who has just rebooted the show with a big promotional blitz.  We will keep you updated on the situation as news warrants.

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  1. Te says:

    Let him go actually Ej “Junior” has ruined the show I grew up watching. All my friends stopped watching because key characters were let go in favor of the Ej show.
    Now we are back to Hortons and Brady’s and its GREAT~~
    Buh bye Janes please go to another show !!!


    Kathi replied

    Did the show win an Emmy with that combination of actors lately?? Heck no!! James Scott is my favorite and he makes the show in my opinion!!


  2. Lovelylady says:

    Oh boy, will they be in trouble if they let James Scott go!! The re-boot is as sodden and leaden as anything I’ve seen on TV in a while, except for the energy emanating from James and Lauren Koslow.
    What in the world are TPTB thinking? If James goes, I go. It will mean another found hour in my day.


  3. Carol says:

    You have got to be kidding me! James is the reason I watch. No James No Days and that I can promise you!


  4. Kiren says:

    If James was to leave, Y&R would snatch him up so fast!


    Avelina replied

    I love James and he is the ONLy reason I watch DAYS but I love Y & R and have always wished that they would hire him. Him and Michelle Stafford have great chemistry


  5. LUMI says:

    Days was doing just fine with out him,and when he come on the show alot of vets were let go and the ratings whet down down down ,
    and I hope he will go maybe 007 needs a new man for there movies LOL


  6. LUMILY says:

    ya we went tho this just last year,he stayed and he will stay this time too,but I hope not,we got our HERO back John Black and thats a fact :)


  7. Dorothyg says:

    If James Scott leave Days…I go too. He makes watching the show a joy. The best actor on the show. He is the reason I watch the show and his fan base is so large, Days will lose a lot of fans and it doesn’t matter who they bring back…


  8. sara says:

    I’m in shock!!! No James No Days for me either!!


  9. Iakovos says:

    The DAYS reboot surely will finds its way. I am giving DAYS a shot because of all the promises to focus on solid storytelling and truth to characters and histories. I will need some time to get acquainted. I like James Scott and hope he remains on the canvas.


  10. Mary says:

    James is the reason I watch Days again. I can’t believe they’d let someone this popular go. Days hasn’t even gotten their reboot up and running yet. Why would they ditch this guy? Are they crazy, or don’t they know how to do business?


  11. Mary says:

    James Scott as EJ Dimera is what has kept me watching Days for as long as I have. If he leaves I will no longer watch. And I have been talking to lots of people who feel the same way. Days please dont let him leave!


  12. R.J. says:

    James Scott is the best thing about Days of Our Lives, His acting reaches a depth not associated with this type of show. If he were to leave, many would stop watching the show.


  13. LUMILY says:

    If Y&R wanted James they would already have him


  14. Blake says:

    Hope he stays. I’m sorry but he’s the only Days actor getting Emmy nominations these days. I like EJ, he shouldn’t be all bad nor all good. Should be a villian we love to hate. Running for mayor should be interesting.


  15. Chelsea says:

    I hope he gets the contract worked out, I love James Scott as EJ. With JKJ (Philip) gone I doubt I would continue watching Days if James left too.


  16. Michael Jenkins says:

    I am glad that he staying.


  17. cadence* says:

    I don’t see any good news until James has signed a new contract with Days. He is a huge asset to the show and beloved by many viewers. I hope Days sees the error of their ways and re-signs this very talented actor immediately.


  18. violet says:

    James Scott is the best and for me makes the show. I think they should show more of him rather than consider not renewing his contract. I wont watch DOOL any more if the take him off the show!!!


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