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4 July 5th, 2010 Is John Driscoll on his way out at Y&R?

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On-Air On-Soaps can concur with today’s TV Guide Canada’s, Soapgeist column, that we also heard rumblings and speculation,  and over Daytime Emmy weekend, that John Driscoll (Chance) might be on his way out, or dropped to recurring,  as Phillip “Chance” Chancellor IV, and that this may happen before the start of fall.  Given recent developments of rumors that Phillip Chancellor III, Thom Bierdz, may be heading back to Genoa City for a bit, and that Jeff Branson is playing a different breed of detective as Ronan Malloy, by deducing the info , could this be indeed true?  So where does that leave Chloe and Heather in all this?  Hmmm.

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  1. AMANDA says:

    I hope John Driscoll’s departure is just a rumor. I loved him on Guiding Light and starting watching Young and Restless, when he joined the show.

    I really do understand why nice characters on soaps are considered boring. I think it is good to have decent people with good character on soaps.

    I love the Chance character portrayed so well by John Driscoll. His character is a kind, loyal gentleman. I find nothing boring about that. I also love the Chance and Chloe love story.

    I suppose Jeff Branson (Ronan) will replace him as the city’s detective. Another evil character, which this show does not need in my opinion.


    Angela replied

    John Driscoll is a fabulous actor and by what I’ve read thus far, noone understands why???? If they do bring Chance back and it’s not played by John Driscoll the story isn’t going to be the same…The Y&R writers/executive, etc. need to re-thing their decision. If in fact that it was a contract negot. they should of agreed to his terms…I’ve really lost interest in watching it now and only get bits & pieces…


    AMANDA replied

    Angela, I read your reply to my prior post and agree with you 100%. I am also very dissapointed about John’s departure from Y&R.

    I do not believe that he will be back. A very good friend of his posted this comment on line on September 27th. She said “John was terminated from Y&R in July. Chance might return but John will not be returning. He is onto other things”.

    I know for a fact that this person is a very good friend of John’s. I have seen them together at soap opera events. She will never post anything about John that is not 100% accurate.

    I do not think John wanted to leave Y&R for any reason. He relocated from New York to LA just to be on this show. He was so excited when he was hired for the role. He expressed how happy he was working with Elizabeth (Chloe) and loved working on Y&R. He shared this information with his fans at a soap opera event that I also attended in May of this year.

    I really do not understand why the producers felt it necessary to let him go. Maria Bell, executive producer, said in an interview on line, “I love John and thought he played the Chance character so well. We will really miss him”.

    I have also lost interest in the show since John (Chance’s ) departure. I loved the character and the most handsome, John.

    They keep weirdo Danielle (always looks so dirty and weird) and goofy, little Greg (Kevin who looks and acts like he is 13 years old) and terminates John (Chance) who is tall, very handsome and charming.

    With all of this being said, I hope John will be hired on another soap who will appreciate his good looks and talent.

  2. AMANDA says:

    Angela, I agree with you 100% and read your reply to my prior post. Unfortunately, more information was discovered since that time.

    A very good friend of John’s posted this comment on line on September 22nd. She said, “Chance may return to Y&R, but John will not return. He was told of his termination in July. He is now onto other things”.

    I know for a fact that this person is a good friend of John’s. I have seen them together at soap opera events. She would never post anything that was not 100% accurate.

    Personally, I do not think he wanted to leave but was terminated. I think it is a real shame that the producers made this decision. He was a real asset to Y&R. He portrayed the character so well and is so handsome.

    Off the air, he is such a kind, personable, friendly person with his fans,etc. Even Maria Bell, executive producer, said in soap opera digest “I love John and loved the way he portrayed Chance. We will truly miss him”.

    Perhaps, he was termianted because of budget cuts. If that is the case, I could think of other characters that should have been let go: Heather, Daniel, Sofia and Maulcom should have been first on that list in my opinion.

    I have also lost interest in the show since John (Chance)’s departure.


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