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5 May 20th, 2011 Is Josh Duhamel set to reprise his role as Leo on All My Children? – Watch the Video!


In case you may not have caught or known about Josh Duhamel’s appearance on yesterday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the talented motion picture star and former All My Children star, discussed with Ellen his thoughts on the sad cancellation of AMC.  Then when Ellen pressed Josh if he may be returning before the show’s finale, his answer left many Pine Valley fans hopeful and excited!  Could Leo be alive after all? Remember he went over a cliff years ago and the body was never found! Would Greenlee then run into the arms of Leo and dump, Ryan? Something to think about.

Watch the video clip segment of Josh and Ellen after the jump, where she shows him a clip of his work on All My Children, which turned out to be his first day on the set, and then the discussion of a possible return!

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  1. AlwaysOnlyYou122 says:

    I would love to see Josh return!! I’ve always thought that Leo, not Ryan, was Greenlee’s soulmate. It would be so wonderful to see Greenleo together again.


  2. Katherine says:

    I’m all for a Leo and Greens reunion!! First Thorsten Kaye (on cloud 9 that he is coming back!!) and now the possibility of Josh returning, to bad these great returns are because the show is ending. Hate hate ABC so much for cancelling my shows!!


  3. Jillian says:

    If Josh comes back, it just has to be for the sole purpose of giving Leo & Greenlee the happy ending that they never got! If she chose Ryan over Leo, (And I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around that one!) then what would even be the purpose of bringing him back in the first place?! God no, please Agnes Nixon, don’t let that happen!!! Let Leo come back for Greenlee, sweep her off her feet and ride off happily into the sunset with her! That’s the only way to conclude these “flawed but fabulous” characters. Besides, who doesn’t want to see that indescribable magic that happens whenever Josh Duhamel and Rebecca Budig are on screen together? Their chemistry is off the charts! (They should work together on the big screen IMO!) ;)


  4. Debbie says:

    I would love Leo back – ok I do like Ryan with Greenlee … but he does not always put it 1st … if Leo came back … he would be better for her ..


  5. Kristi says:

    I waited forever for this to load and the damn thing stops after 13 second. :(


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