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59 June 27th, 2013 Is Kelly Sullivan OUT at General Hospital?

Photo Credit: Michael Tammaro

One of the best actresses we have seen in daytime soaps in a long time and who should have also been nominated for a Daytime Emmy this year, Kelly Sullivan is said to be out at General Hospital! 

According to Soap Opera Digest, they are hearing this from multiple sources that Kate’s integrated persona, Connie will be exiting the canvas.

Sullivan took over the role originally played by Megan Ward and made it her own with a stunning portrayal of DID, caused by the character’s rape at a young age rom Joe Scully Jr.!

So GH fans, what do you think of the news of Kelly Sullivan departing General Hospital? Share your thoughts!

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  1. KateK says:

    Hope this is false. I love Kate. She has brought so much to the role.


    Jules replied

    Her good friend Jen Lilley confirmed it on twitter.

    I have no thoughts on this news myself. Haven’t been a fan of GH in years.


  2. Chaz says:

    Even though she is Olivia’s cousin she has no other ties since they stupidly killed off her son. I wasn’t thrilled with that actor but they could have recast and continued story with them.


    Dani replied

    You’re so right. She has no “real” ties to PC and killing her son and also Joe Skully Sr. was a HUGE mistake. GREAT actress but this crappy DID storyline was too much (Boring on OLTL with Jessica and just a disaster with Connie). She’ll go on to bigger and better things like Y&R : )


    jimh(leave it to beaver fan) replied

    Trey and Joe were boring…and she’ll go on to other things, your right about that…hopefully theyll balance the show out…too many characters at the moment…

  3. Tali says:

    I always like Megan Ward better and I have quit watching GH because they were OLTL stories with different actors/actresses. I just watch OLTL now! Good Luck to Kelly Sullivan.


  4. Theresa says:

    is it her choice or theirs…. at first I didn’t like her because I was a Megan Ward fan, but then I warmed up to her…. & liked her…


  5. Pamela says:

    No comment, let me just say this is one of the biggest mistake I’ve witness in my 30 years of watching #GH and I can not fathom the show without Kelly Sullivan’s talent….


  6. Nicole says:



  7. des10261991 says:

    It is very upsetting to say the lease.. We have people on the show now. Where these writer’s took from one show to another ,and made it there show..I think the writing stinks and after 30 years the show stinks..ABC will not have anymore soaps on…Very Sad :(


  8. Sandi says:

    I am pretty sad, actually. Originally, I wasn’t happy with the recast, I thought “too young, too unlike Megan” but I really think she did a spectacular job with the role. I am loving Olivia and Sonny though, but not at the cost of KS. :(


    Becky Z replied

    I completely agree. Didn’t like her at first and too young. But once she morphed into alter Connie I thought she did such a phenomenal job, how could you not like her – what a hoot! It’s a shame and yet I’m not sure what they would do with her from here. Hope she moves onto something worthy of her acting skills.


  9. Pinky says:

    Best actress? Ummm no. She has no ties to GH canvas. Good bye. Won’t miss her at all.


  10. anna says:

    Okay actress, but the character is very expendable. They should have brought back Megan Ward in the first place.


  11. danny says:

    They’re recasting with Kassie DePaiva.


    danny replied

    My bad. Misinformation. They’re actually bringing her on as Lisa Niles so that Lisa can be their new romantic leading lady.


  12. mama3 says:

    My guess is it will be a recast with Michelle Stafford in the role.


    Iakovos replied

    Wow! This is a juicy thought, mama3. Wouldn’t that be something? That said, I did like Kelly Sullivan and the promise of her storyline and her past with lover and son. Still, the DID plot did feel like a retread to me as it was so prominent and integral on ONE LIFE TO LIVE. I appreciate soap conceits as much as the next fan but too may doppegangers, evil twins, baby switches, and resurrections will bore me after a while. I love GENERAL HOSPITAL but I would like to see the show move away from the obvious. The show certainly has talent to spare though. Love Maura West!


    mama3 replied

    I love Maura West too. Her character is the first one I have really liked and has potential. Kelly Sullivan really grew on me too, but she has been written into a corner in my opinion. The storyline with her son had potential, but they had to make way for everyone else. I have watched GH for ages and feel like there are too many characters and not enough time spent on the story development. It’s days before we see certain characters and then who cares about the story. I miss Spinelli and Maxie and fear they are the next to go. I was most excited for the Vets around the anniversary show, but feel like it was just a ratings boost. I really hope it gets better.

    Mary SF replied

    And wouldn’t it be great if KS dyes her hair red and becomes the new Phyllis on Y&R


    k/kay replied

    You know what when I first read this I thought the same thing MS recast big mistake sorry! Kelly Sullivan made the role her own plus I thought she had good chemistry with Maurice. If they bring Michele Stafford over as a recast I will think the EP’s of Y&R & GH are acting like school children. Enough!

  13. Beth CP says:

    I’ve come to admire and ultimately very much enjoy what KSul brought to the now dual role of Connie/Kate. I wish the comining triangle with Olivia and Sonny had come earlier in her tenure but here’s hoping that her exit will be handled believably. The regrettable thing about her character is that the DID hamster wheel she’s been on has run it’s course and without her son to help keep her on the canvas, the ties to Olivia and Sonny aren’t so strong that she’s “necessary”. Still, she’s done some excellent work . As distasteful as the plot point rape re-visit was she was exceptional in those scenes and I’ll always wonder why she wasn’t nominated for her performance in that lead capacity. I will be happy to follow what she does in the future. Godspeed, Miss Sullivan!


  14. Jessie says:

    Can’t say I’m going to miss her. She hit a few good notes in the DID story, but overall did nothing for me as a GH viewer


  15. louisa says:

    I suppose acting is subjective, but come on…best actress? She might be a nice person to you, but as far as what we’ve seen on screen? No. I would put her in the category of one of the worst, over-the-top actresses on soaps. Embarrassing. This is good news for the show because she alienated many viewers.


  16. nancy dillingham says:

    She is a wonderful actress–and, you’re right, she should have been nominated and should have won an Emmy. After all, she carried the show for months–and then the writers just dropped her storyline and she disappeared. However, the writers took her character (s) too far, as is their wont on GH, and she became a parody of herself. Too bad, indeed.
    She deserves success, and I hope she will find it.
    GH has a disconcertingly bad habit of beginning storylines and then interrupting them–as they did when Luke and Laura went hunting Cassadines. Then we didn’t see Laura for weeks–momentum was all gone by then. And now the finally had a scene together–but Luke just looked uncomfortable and hardly looked at Laura–what’s that all about.
    Surely he is going to warn Laura that she and Lulu might also have been poisoned????
    But, no, he didn’t say a word to Laura when she asked if he were ok.
    So it’s the same old GH, chopping up storylines, losing momentum, violating characters (like marrying off Laura to Scotty–huh????). Will TPTB never learn?
    These wonderful actresses deserve better. They play second fiddle to the OLTL characters that FV and RC insist on using every day or so at the expense of other characters with a rich history that the fans relate to.
    I am guessing the ratings are now in the pits after such deception.


  17. Michael S says:

    They are probably clearing the way for Michelle Stafford and Peter Reckell to come on-board. As far as I am concerned Lisa LoCicero can follow. Nothing against her or Kelly just that I really don’t see the need for either character on the show.


  18. carla says:

    Great actress. Im sure she will continue working elsewhere. Thats the way it works in the land of soaps.


  19. GHLover says:

    I also believe Michell Stafford will take over the role….


  20. Rod says:

    Absolute WORST NEWS EVER!!! Kelly is so amazing!!!! I’m in tears!!


  21. Rod says:

    GH RUINS CHARACTERS!!! You should have NEVER KILLED TREY!!! Keeping so much story open for Kate/Connie JUST DISGUSTED. GH IS ON MY LAST NERVE close to saying bye bye. Guess DOOL is my favorite soap now


  22. toscanti says:

    Love Kelly in the role, however if Michelle Stafford is an option; I am all about that. Would love to see MS up against Maura West again and the other amazing actors at GH! Best of luck to Kelly Sullivan.


    Elizabeth replied

    Have to say I haven’t been all that impressed with Maura West, to me she overacts. Her character seems to have major affectations that I just don’t get into. Kate/Connie is an easy choice for he chopping board if RC is looking to pare the cast, but that is a reflection of the writing instead of the actress. I thought she was quite accomplished in her role.


  23. Ces says:

    Any chance Oliva and Lisa LoCicero can go with her? I find both actresses to be absolutely annoying to watch. Bring back Vanessa Marcil for Sonny.


    ricardo replied

    please no vanessa marcil. i used to like brenda barrett. her character become so boring when she came back a couple of months ago. vanessa marcil can do other projects. i love olivia. lisa is a wonderful actress. vanessa marcil will not come back to general hospital.


    Ces replied

    Olivia is always so damn frantic like she drinks 10 cups of coffee a day and always hanging all over Dante; seriously annoying character. If not Brenda, then someone new for Sonny altogether or maybe Maura West.

  24. Karen says:

    I will miss her! She & Maurice seemed to have a great working relationship. I just hope they let the character go & not recast. Liked her better than MWard.


  25. Margy says:

    This stinks. Kelly Sullivan is a brilliant actress. Come to OLTL Kelly!!


  26. ricardo says:

    I loved kelly as kate howard. mark my words i smell a recast. michelle stafford the nu kate howard.


  27. Patrick says:

    Kelly Sullivan…. – God… Even her name is HOT.

    She embodies what a soap Heroine is ALL About.

    GH is Stupid.

    She has that innate ability – sexuality, sensual, emotes all our senses…

    she captivates on screen.

    Hell – let’s be real…. she was too much for Sonny. She had the potential to be top dog as it were. She bested Carly.


  28. Tali ( not Smith) says:

    Stopped watching GH in May, but prior to that Kelly Sullivan’s Connie/ Kate was one of the best and most interesting performers I looked fwd to on the show. If I hadn’t left already I’d be very sorry to see her go.


  29. Sue says:

    I am hoping they are just teasing us and it’s Connie that is leaving and not Kate. Kelly Sullivan is one of the best actresses on daytime and the show is crazy to let her go.

    Stop bringing on so many outside people and use the talented people you already have. That’s who we watch GH for!


  30. Linda Dowell says:

    Kelly Sullivan is an Emmy/Oscar/Tony deserving actress – I was always shocked at how amazing she was……and they’re keeping Olivia?

    Are they nuts?

    Oh yeah, I forgot! There hasn’t been nuts for awhile! It’s back!


  31. B.J. says:

    I’m really sad to see one of the most talented people on the show, be sacrificed for the OLTL recast takeover… or the Maura West addition.

    I think my GH watching days are numbered… :(

    Good luck, Kelly, I will be watching for you wherever you go. :)


  32. Linda says:

    Kelly does an awesome job as Connie/Kate. Is Kelly leaving on her own and her role recast? Need more info.


  33. jimh(leave it to beaver fan) says:

    im ok with it…she was good but there is nothing to keep her in pc now…i see a Sonny and Olivia pairing?


  34. Grace says:

    She is a FANTASTIC ACTRESS and it would be a shame for GH to loose her. There are very talented peopel working at GH, buckle down and come up with a good storyline for “Kate/Connie”.

    But if she does go, dear G*D don’t have her go work at Y&R. JFP doesn’t deserve such a talented actress!


  35. su0000 says:

    Kelly should have also been nominated for a Daytime Emmy this year, that is a fact..
    She had many powerful scenes, absolutely great..

    The awards are phony fluff.. I wish the awards would end, they are nonsense ..


  36. Elhu says:

    As many of you, I saw the writing on the wall for this one, once the triangle storyline came up. Once she is out of Sonny’s life, there is nothing else keeping her there, other than her business, which is not enough of a storyline. She is a talented actress, and I am sorry to see her go, if this is true. I do prefer Sonny with Olivia though.


  37. Nikki says:

    If this were to be true, I can’t say I’m shocked. Kelly is a FABULOUS actress, but making her more Kate than Connie after the D.I.D. storyline was a mistake on GH’s part. Kate’s personality is so bland and, especially to be a love interest for Sonny, she needs to be more vibrant and dynamic. I wouldn’t miss her character and Ms. Sullivan is so amazing that I can see her getting another job in a minute so I wouldn’t be too saddened by this news.


  38. JustSaying says:

    Why not have her recurring like they did with Megan Ward? What happened with her relationship with Coleman? Who’s going to run Crimson magazine? Who is going to own half of MetroCourt? Who is going to be maid of honor at Olivia’s wedding? Will she be shot again at the wedding? Who’s going to keep in contact with Johnny while he’s in prison? Who is going to inform Sonny about Morgan being targeted again from prison?

    Chances are the actress chose to leave the show. That’s understandable since they keep killing off characters or sending them away like Kristina was.


  39. Christy says:

    that’s odd… unless it is the actress leaving and not the character. It seems like Connie is feeling a bit jealous that Olivia and Sonny are close and she feels like maybe she needs Sonny in her life afterall.

    and as far as Olivia and Sonny being close , they share a son and they’re both going to grandparents soon, so they’re tied together as long as Dante and Lulu and child (is it the one Britt is carrying?) are in Port Chuck. I didn’t think they’d be boyfriend/girlfriend again.


  40. Christy says:

    on a side note, if Britt is carrying Lulu’s baby… I’d love for Sonny to figure it out and intimidate her… and when are Anna & others gong to figure out who her mother is and put 2 and 2 together and get Robin and Lulu’s baby?


  41. Cindy says:

    She’s a spectacular actress and will be greatly missed. Huge mistake for the show, but, hopefully, a great opportunity for Kelly.


  42. jp says:

    She’s a great actress and will be missed. However, with no real big ties since killing off her son and having an overloaded cast of characters on GH, it will give more air time to other characters.


  43. Pumpkinoodles says:

    Very sad, but she hasn’t been featured much. I didn’t like her rendition of Kate initially, but she was amazing as Connie. She gave the role heart, soul, made me hate Connie and then feel sorry for her. Anyone who can do that is a great actress.


  44. Rodd says:

    I think Kelly is awesome! IMHO, she knocked the DID story out of the park and should have been nominated for an Emmy. One day she was on screen and the next few weeks she seemed to be off with her character getting integrated. I didn’t understand why they didn’t show her struggle with that. However, now that she’s been back I haven’t seen in in any major story; just holding Olivia’s hand and trying to stay away from Sonny.

    I’ll miss her, but hope we see her somewhere else very soon. Best wishes to her!

    On another note…Someone mentioned that they thought this was part of a cast trimming; there were too many characters on the canvas. I’ll agree with that. If seeing such a wonderful actress go means more air time for the rest on them on the show, I’ll accept that. Just please, no more new or returning characters for a while.


  45. Patrick says:

    One of the best actress’ on the show, in fact all of daytime. She followed in the great Erika Slezak shoes attempting to tell a DID story. She more than held her own. What a loss for th how , but I saw in coming. Valentini knows about core famil being th heart of any show. Connie/Kate do not have those family ties.


  46. chrisg says:

    what is wrong with them she is an awesome actress they are crazy. best of wishes kelly you will do great without gh. lol


  47. Meg says:

    I’m sick about this Kelly being forced out. She will be richly missed.


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