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8 December 9th, 2015 Is Meg Steedle Poised To Be Jonathan Jackson’s New Love Interest On NASHVILLE?

Photo Credit: Trever Hoehne

Looks like another young woman wil enter the life of Avery Barclay (Jonathan Jackson) on ABC’s Nashville!  In a casting news out on Wednesday from TV Line, Boardwalk Empire’s Meg Steedle has joined the cast of the Music City drama, which has its midseason finale tonight at 10PMEST.

Steedle will make her debut in the second half of the season when the series returns in March of 2016.  Apparentely, Meg will guest-star in an episode as a single mom that Avery takes a liking to after they have a first encounter.  Steedle took to Twitter to post a photo outside a famous Nashville series landmark relating: “Can you tell which set I’m on?? The filter is a hint.”

Meanwhile, Juliette played by Hayden Panettiere is still the mother of Avery’s child, Cadence.  Currently, he is raising the baby by his lonesome, since Juliette has been battling with her inner demons, and Panettiere was off the series recovering from postpartum depression.  The second half of the fourth season of Nashville kicks off on March 16th.

So, would you like to see Jonathan Jackson have a new on-screen squeeze … or, do you hope when Juliette returns, she and Avery can work things out and  somehow become a happy family? Comment below!

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  1. Justin says:

    She should run fast away from the show. I used to watch it, now I skip through it in 10 minutes. I don’t care much about any character anymore and it never used real country music anyway. HEE HAW was more entertaining. At least we imagined Roy Clark might roll in the hay with those Busty Blondes. On this show at this point…I don’t even care anymore. The ratings show I am not the only one. I imagine ABC will cancel it only to be picked up by CMT with 2 original cast members if they are that lucky. Speaking of Lucky, bring him back to GH ABC when you cancel Nashville.


    JUDY K replied



    nancy dillingham replied

    I agee with you. I tried to get interested in Jonathan Jackson’s role–it started with such promise–but he is really under utilized now and the “romance” with Hayden’s character just never seemed to really get started.
    Loved him as Lucky–but he really doesn’t “fit” this meandering series that seems to lack any focus or passion. Too bad. He was able to showcase his talent much more on GH, ironically–though the later writing really almost destroyed him as Lucky.
    PS Since he is “otherwise engaged on Nashville, could we please have Greg Vaughn as Lucky–he played well with Genie–and Laura needs her son!


  2. Michele says:

    Jonathan Jackson is a captivating actor. He and Hayden are terrific together. I’m just happy for him to have a front burner story.


  3. Susie says:

    Used to love the show. This season is lackluster at best. At this rate, I’d prefer Jonathan Jackson back on GH. He is Lucky and the character is desperately needed.


  4. Kelly says:

    I love Nashville and Jonathan Jackson is an excellent actor. So glad he is getting more airtime. Actually, I pretty much love everyone on this show. Great music and lots of talent. Love for it to stay on the air for s long time:)


  5. Sarah says:

    Want him and Juliette back together. They were the best thing about this show before the writing for them turned so bad at the end of season 3. Hayden and Jonathan are great together.


  6. stacy says:

    Love jonathon and this show. I do hope he and Juliette work things out


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