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6 December 21st, 2009 Is Roscoe Born out at One Life to Live?

Roscoe Born

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Two reports have surfaced this morning on the status of One Life’s evil Mitch Laurence, Roscoe Born.  First in today’s Soapgeist column from TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco.  Soapgeist reports that insiders say that Born was fired, and Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Born only returned only for a limited run and there is plenty more story for Mitch in the new year.  An ABC spokesperson told On-Air On-Soaps that  “Born is a heavy part of February sweeps and is involved in major story that will affect the lives of  many of the citizens of Llanview coming up in the New Year.”

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  1. Soapfan says:

    I would like to see Roscoe Born return to Days Of Our Lives as Trent Robbins. Melanie would be shocked to see her evil father was still alive.


  2. Paul says:

    Ok, so Roscoe Born just returned to “One Life to Live” in November of 2009! I read the soap magazine and internet board spoilers for the latest scoop on the show! It said nothing of the sort of him leaving “One Life to Live” anytime soon! They said that if anything, he would be around for the February Sweeps Period so the storyline could help boost up the ratings, and I truly hope that the end is not near! Roscoe is a terrific actor, and yet no one wants to sign him to a long term contract! No one else could possibly portray the role of “Mitch Laurence” like he does. Roscoe has plenty of on screen chemistry with just about every actor, or character on the show right now. Plus “One Life to Live” needs a super evil villain on the show right now, just like the other soaps have! I hope the powers that be have not let him go as of yet! I have the ABC Soaps In Depth Magazine dated January 25, 2010 and I have read it thoroughly already. I believe what I read about was that Roscoe had signed a short term contract in October of 2009, maybe for about 3 months! As January 2010 approached us, and the story of the return of “Mitch Laurence” was just getting started, I read in the magazines, and on the message boards that the powers that be had extended his stay through February Sweeps, and possibly beyond that point!


  3. Kathy says:

    I would love to see Roscoe back on Days too. I was very upset when they let him go after only having him there for a couple or three months.

    With Carly now being revealed as Melanie’s mother, it would be a perfect time to resurrect Trent and have them face off with each other plus it would certainly open up an interesting S/L for Mel as she thinks she’s beginning a new life with Philip

    I hate the way Days AND OLTL use Roscoe. They use him to boost their sagging ratings and then dump him after he brings in so many of us fans just to watch him. Days has done the same thing for YEARS with Joe Mascolo as Stefano too.

    I hope they both demand a lot of money to boost the ratings and they should get it! These shows are totally boring with Stefano and/or Mitch or whatever character Roscoe Born plays on any show! He is the most awesome bad boy/villian ever on daytime and I can’t believe he hasn’t won an Emmy in all these years

    I’ll stop watching OLTL again as soon as he/Mitch are gone this time b/c it’s boring and holds zero interest for me whenever Roscoe and Mitch are not around. Same with Days when they let Roscoe go and if they have any sense they will hire him back ASAP as Trent


  4. rohale says:

    I would like to see Roscoe Born carry on with One Life To Live as he brings a breath of fresh of air into the show. He plays the character very richly and brings in great humor and wit and seems to have great chemistry with whomever he is paired with. This doesn’t happen very often with most actors. I hope the producers of One Life To Live realise what a valuable asset Roscoe Born is to the show and signs him for beyond summer. If not, I’ll love to see him in prime time tv and try his luck and hopefully he’ll find success in form or another.


  5. m sullivan says:

    i love roscoe born!!! he is amazing and so hot! i’ve been watching him since he played joe novak on RH! omg! A FOX THEN AND NOW!!!


  6. m sullivan says:

    i will watch whatever soap or tv show he is on!!!!! he is so GREAT!!!! he should be on tv or in movies every day!!!!!! i would pay anything to watch him do anything!!!! he would never ever be fired or out of a job if i had anything to say about it…he is wonderful!!


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