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2 May 3rd, 2010 Is there a confirmed ATWT tribute slated for The Daytime Emmys?

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ATI president James Romanovich, who has worked tirelessly to make sure daytime soaps get a fair shake, and has been doing his utmost to get a ATWT Tribute on this year’s Daytime Emmy telecast on June 27th, told Soapgeist’s Nelson Branco, that with the sad passing of  soap legend Helen Wagner  over the weekend, it only makes a tribute to the 54 year old soap even more poignant.  According to Jim, TeleNext is working on an ATWT clip package tribute to provide the shows producers.  That’s great news, we hope.

Romanovich stated, “We are working with TeleNext on a tribute to As the World Turns as we speak. We didn’t think it would be possible early on, but since TeleNext is working diligently on providing a clip package for us, we will find a place to put it in this year’s Emmys. Since they are wrapping that week it is doubtful that everyone will come to the Emmys. But we’re hoping for a representative base at least. And it is with great sadness we lost a true legend in daytime this weekend. Helen Wagner spoke the first words on the show and it’s a shame she will not be here to speak the last. Hopefully, TeleNext will represent her in the clip package well. I would have no reason to believe otherwise as they have been extremely cooperative in doing this for us.”

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  1. Craig says:

    I”m truly glad that they are working very hard for a tribute for ATWT and Helen Wagner. I just wished they could have found another network to carry it. I called Telenext and ATWT Hotline, but I haven’t called since Helen passing, said they are still trying to find a home for ATWT, but I know that it not looking good now. Just going to be really hard to see it go now.


  2. cheryl says:

    this was my last connection to my mother who died nov of 56
    i would sit with her for guiding light and atwt she only got hooked for a short time but loved the show and i continued to watch it and love it not only because of the connection but because of the very fine actors and storylines and because the special way that the producers kept the life long veterans such AS DON HASTINGS, elizabeth hubbard,eileen fulton helen wagner just to name a few i grew up with bob hughes
    thank you for the tender and beautiful goodbyes. i understand that there is a magazine call atwt tribute on sale but i can not find a copy could you please help me to find a copy
    as i so badly miss my mother i will miss as the world turns but as in life all things must end and to quote a famous show all will continue as the world turns

    god bless all the cast and every person that made this wonderful story happen
    cheryl weatherford


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