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28 February 17th, 2011 Is Y&R’s Cane Dead or What? – takes a look!

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Y&R Fans are broken-hearted, confused, and have started enormous petition signings all over the recent February death of their beloved Cane Ashby played by the sexy and talented, Daniel Goddard.   The scenes in question happened on the February 2nd airshow when poor Cane was shot to death and into a very bloody pulp, excessively bloody in our opinion!  Now remember prior to the shooting, Cane was on his way to stop the wedding of his father, Colin to Jill and had left a note for his wife, Lily and a videotaped message to their twins, saying he had to leave for awhile. ( But what does awhile mean? forever?)

This week the funeral scenes aired and a grieving Lily sees Cane in her bed and has a chit-chat with him over the service and how his friends and pseudo-family honored him.  So the question next becomes: “Is Lily going bonkers? Is Cane now in ghost mode?  Is this all a ruse and in typical Y&R fashion the dead aren’t the dead, and Cane set the whole thing up, faked his death, to protect everyone? Did the writers love Tristan Rogers portrayal of Colin so much that they decided to go with his story and lying to Jill and everyone else over Cane’ story? Or, could Colin have been in on it too?” Who knows!! got some inside information about the status of Goddard by relating, “A source close to the sudser said that Goddard remains a paid employee of Y&R until further notice (or until they’re officially ready to boot him). He’s not only set to reprise his role as Cane in the Feb. 18 and 23 episodes, but he’ll make additional appearances in March and April. What’s more, no one on the show will even acknowledge whether his character is actually six feet under. CBS ain’t saying, but this has to be good news for those fans (with nothing better to do) who decided to start a petition to save the Sydney-born Goddard, who’s been on the sudser since 2007. Hold onto your John Hancock, kids; He might not be heading to the unemployment office just yet.”

So what do you think soapers?   Is  Goddard really coming back? Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. MAB'sWelfare4Writers Program says:

    What could have been the BEST SL MAB has done since she took over (and Josh left) has, with the Murder of Cane, become one of the WORST ever written, and Y&R Fans are suffering for it. This SL had such potential for so many characters and would have had far reaching effects if JILL had been the one murdered–Katherine, Lily/Cane, Colin, Billy, Tucker, Lauren–hell even Sofia and FauxMalcolm could have been part and parcel of the SL fallout but NO!! MAB did what she has wanted to do since Josh’s firing–DESTROY LANE, completely disregarding what the Fans wanted; prefering to continue to get a handout and free lunch from CBS/Sony. Why WORK for a living and write when you can keep your head up your arse, whine about not wanting to do your JOB and still get paid? Of course it may make you the most hated Woman in America, and provide LANE Fans with the fantasy of borrowing Mr Goddard’s crutch to beat you over the head with it, but Hey….she gets to do what SHE wanted, right? But don’t forget to continue to watch The Yuck and The Ridiculous. Yeah, Right Monkey!


    Ruby replied

    I couldn’t agree more!!!!!! MAB Has royally screwed up the whole Y&R.Canes is the only storyline on there that is fresh, new and interesting. I think the whole bunch should be fired and start over from scratch. Bill Bell is probably turning over in his grave because of what they have done to this show. I’ve watched since the first day it aired but if Daniel isn’t brought back and given a GOOD front burner story I will never watch it again. None of the other s/l’s are interesting enough to watch. I watched them before while i was waiting to see Cane. Loved Cane and Lily’s love story but they have even messed up Lily now. Where has the romance gone, the teasing, the laughter, the banter. They became parents and became dull until Canes story started heating up. Then they cut him off at the knees before he could really get started down that road. It was just getting good and wham, they kicked us all in the teeth by “killing him off” Well I for one and not going to stop until he’s back as a living breathing Cane Ashby. No substitute acceptable!!!!


    MAB'sWelfare4Writers Program replied

    Ruby, make no mistake! Lily and Cane Ashby, through all the lousy, lazy writing and photocopying of script done by MAB since her Regime took over still are HANDS DOWN the Couple to watch on The Yuck and The Ridiculous, thanks to the OUTSTANDING Acting abilities of Christel and Daniel and, of course, the Pretty and the Sexy only they can bring to Romance on Daytime! MAB needs to stop treating Y&R like its her own little fiefdom for HER enjoyment and remember it is THE FANS that control this Business. Hell we all have Home Vids to watch but I doubt if the Nation want to see mine on a daily basis and vice versa, and let me tell you, mine are far more interesting that the crap I’ve seen turned out by MAB and her cranked-up crackhead Writers and Producers. A bunch of petulant two-year olds: “I dont wanna, I don’t wanna write!” Quit, stay home, stuff yourself with fish and chips–whatever. As Nancy Grace so eloquently states “I don’t care!” Just get out of the way and let REAL WRITERS write for the Characters we love and that includes, at the FOREFRONT, CK and DG’s Lily and Cane Ashby! for three years, This Couple, a Fan Favorite, has had nothing but cruel, vindictive SLs which have rarely seen the light of day (last year they were only on approximately 40-45 Epis out of 220 or so!) Obvious much, Maria!

    You know, one has to wonder–WHY bring TR onboard to an already over-laden OAP show if you were going to kill off his son? I am told he was a hit on a soap on MAB’s Favorite network, ABC, 25 years ago but so bloody what? This obsession with killing off the young on Y&R whilst leaving Victor and other OAPs to linger on and PRETEND to be young would be comical if it wasn’t so pathetic!

  2. SoapTalk:Let's Dish says:

    ICAM WF4W!! I think that we’ve dedicated ourselves to this show long enough, while being blatently disrespected in the process. This show has become a joke, and the only reason it has remained at the “top” of the soap world is because of the people that have dedicated so much of their lives to watching, it has pretty much become routine and no matter what happens they will watch. It’s insulting to think as a fan that the people that actually make their living off of your veiwing actually make it painfully obvious they care NOTHING about what you think. Daniel Goddard and Christel Khalil brought LOVE back to what had become a dark and sinister soap, between the baby snatching and switching, Adam’s sleeping with Rafe and Heather and now married to Sharon, Victor setting up his son and now daughter-in-law, the killing of legacy characters, the chipmunk debacle…it has become depressing and the writing is atrocious!! The OBVIOUS preferential treatment has also not gone unnoticed! If you are not a Newman or one of their “Faves” you are not shown nearly as much. I am so confident that this is the case, I will not even mention who the “Faves” are because as soon as I said it several of you started naming them off yourselves!! Sad isn’t it, that they have talent such as Kristoff St. John a 20 year veteran and Emmy Award winning actor, Bryton James a tremendous talent and Emmy Award winning actor, Julie Pinson not that great of an actress, but she is coming into her own, Darius McCrary taking the role of Malcom and making it his own..all that talent and they cumulatively are shown less than any 1 of MAB’s golden children. Were it not for Daniel Goddard/Christel Khalil I fear we’d never see KSJ or Bryton and the others as they for some reason are not worthy of a storyline of their own, so they are enlisted to play bit parts in the Lane storylines. Funny thing is, even with being shown 5-10 minutes in a week, they still grab my attention more than some of the garbage shown on my screen. Daniel Goddard doesn’t deserve what’s happening to him. He is a stand up guy, an AMAZING talent and a fans favorite kind of actor. He’s caring, compassionate, and most of all he is active with his fans and extremely humble. I firmly believe that losing Daniel is losing a GREAT ASSET to the show and needs to be undone as QUICKLY as possible!!


    donnam replied

    You said it all and said it so well.Daniels fans won’t stop until the right people hear us.Tthe writers insult our intelligence with the garbage they feed us.The only story line they had going that made you want to tune in was Cane/Lily , so what did they do they end ed it in a horrible way that has left their fans heart broken.Won’t rest until Daniel is back or we follow him wherever he goes.Thank you for picking up on this story.


  3. Christina says:

    So glad to see you have picked up on this story. Us fans are so hoping Daniel Goddard will still be playing Cane Ashby when all this suspense is said and done. Y&R will be losing a lot of long time viewers, if he in fact is gone.


  4. Lisamarie says:

    Thank you, for picking this story up!! We really appreciate it! We want Daniel Goddard back on the show as Cane Ashby alive and well. I also feel like his fans deserve a great story line to back it up but I will take anything except for a ghost/twin/figment of Lily’s imagination. This plot had so much potential with the addition of Tristan Rogers and those Y&R people BLEW it! Anyway, thanks again!


  5. Julie C. says:

    thank you for picking up on this story.


  6. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for picking up on this story! I agree with what everyone has said. Cane’s story line was the best on the show and was getting better and interesting every day. It made no sense to kill off Cane as he was pivotal to the story. Ever since MAB took over, she has been trying to destroy Cane and Lily (Lane)! MAB finally got her opportunity even though Lane is a fan favorite and has been #1 in the various polls in the soap magazines. MAB and the writers don’t care what the fans want. They just write what they want and for their favorites. It has been written that the writers don’t want to write for Lane because the Lane fans don’t want them to break up. If the writers can’t write for a character or a couple, then they need to be fired and new writers brought in. All fans don’t want to see couples breaking up all the time. There are fans that want to see a happy and faithful couple with a family and some drama thrown in. I tune in to the show to see “romance in the afternoon” and that was what I saw with the romantic couple of Lane! Fans don’t always want to see all the cheating, bed hopping, baby kidnapping, chipmunk story line etc. There needs to be more balance and air time on the show for all the characters. MAB’s favorites are shoved down the viewers’ throats every week. MAB and writers need to fix their mistake and bring Daniel Goddard back as Cane in the flesh! I don’t want to see a ghost, twin, or look-a-like. If Daniel Goddard is no longer on Y&R, then I will no longer be watching the show.


  7. mike says:

    Daniel was one of the best things about the show and I looked foward to what looked liked an upcoming story with Tristan. This was a big mistake on the writers part. i don’t know how many more of these big blunders fans are going to take.


  8. kay killgore says:

    Three Questions? Who texted Blake before the shooting? Where is the note? And why did Colin open the casket and say this is not over yet?


  9. rocio says:

    thank you michael for writing such a great article i knew i could trust you to do right by the characters of cane and lily and also right by daniel and thank you for putting up the link to the petition i really appreate it.


  10. Renell Hadley says:

    Please bring Cane back ,Y&R is lost without him ,bring Cane back to Lily and his children. We the fans will not quit until Daniel Goddard is back for good and not as a ghost!
    Thankyou Michael for writing this article, We the fans Thank you so much xo

    Cane&Lily fan forever


  11. YVETTE HOWARD says:



  12. Sondra says:

    Who cares. I have never liked the character of Cane. Thought he was a nogood the first time I saw him on the show. Too bad, it took Lily 3 years and 2 babies to find it out.


  13. Linda says:

    PLEASE don’t take Cane off Y&R!!!! I LOVE him and he needs to be with Lily and the twins. Theres a few other people that you could take off the show instead of Cane. He’s a good actor and nice to look at!


  14. Ruth says:

    Bring him back, he and Lily had such charisma and please let Lily find the note he left her about his father. That whole subject needs to come to a head.


  15. sophia says:

    I no longer intresting in y&r because cane had gone i miss him so much,i want the writers to bring him back to the show.the show is not the same without him please bring him back.


  16. Sue says:

    Come on already…. Bring the character Cane back to the Y&R. Lily needs him to make her life and the show interesting.


  17. Lisa K says:

    Thank you for covering this story. I personally loved the relationship between Cane and Lily, I thought it was a wonderful story line and it was really disturbing how Cane was shot and Lily was left to look after the twins herself. I understand that “stuff” happens in daytime TV drama, however I think it was a really bad decision on the writers part to kill off Cane. When you have people boycotting the show because they want to see DG on it again, the writers have to seriously reevaluate their decisions.
    Daniel Goddard is a very talented actor with a lot of potential if they would give him a good story line, he could continue to prove what an asset he is to the Y and R.
    Also, I think the people that make comments like “the fans with nothing better to do” that are starting petitions should stop being so judgemental about something they only assume to be true. Im sure the fans of Daniel Goddard have a life, they just feel passionate, like myself and want to see him back on the show. There is absolutely no need to start bashing people for what they believe in and are passionate about.

    To TBTB…..please bring Daniel back to the show!!!


  18. Carolena says:

    Boooo when Cane was killed off, boooooo! I hope what I just saw on Y&R is true, Cane showing up at the gravesite, yippeeee for Lily and the twins and want to see him bring down his father, yeah that sounds like a plan!!


  19. mc says:

    That guy at the cemetery that Lily keeps seeing is not a ghost, but it’s not Cane either… it’s his twin brother. And their mother is coming to Genoa City, too, and together they are going to avenge Cane’s death. Probably by disclosing to everyone who Colin really is- – or forcing him to finally come clean with his identity to Jill and the Chancellor clan. That’s what I am guessing anyway. Oh, and of course Lily is going to establish a relationship with the twin.


  20. sophia says:

    The show is not the same without cane and i want him back now please.


  21. patricia says:

    Personaly, i don’t think Cane is DEAD there’s somthing going on but i think he’s is still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. Christina says:

    I have watched Y&R since the early 80′s. I am having a heard time believing that Cane is no longer on the show. I enjoyed his character with Lily and the fact that the writers make you want to love and hate him at the same time. If a petition came around my way, I would sign it in a heartbeat. I realize this is just one small email/opinion, but I do feel that you have more life left in his character. Bring him back! – if it’s a payroll issue, his role is more worthy than that of Deacon. Christina – L.Valley, NJ


  23. TLJ says:

    If the ghost Cane is the evil twin, I hope he comes to his senses and sticks it to his dad. Cane always talked of his sister but not a brother. If Cane’s death was faked, I hope he is playing along with his dad to finally crush him once and for all. Lily needs to find the note Cane wrote to her that the wind blew off the desk – was it real or just part of the plan.


  24. Mary says:

    Cane has a twin and it was the twin that was shot. The real cain is going to be working
    with his mom to put his dad (Colin) away. The Lily will get her Cain back. That’s my
    thought on the situation.


    CLM replied

    I have believed all along the Cane is not dead! I like many think that Cane is working towards the day when he can destroy Colin……his Mom is also going to play a huge part in helping Cane bring Daddy down. With all of this being said, we can only hope Lilly doesn’t go totally crazy. I wonder how much she can endure, or how long she can hold on to her sanity……HURRY CANE!!!


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