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10 August 30th, 2011 UPDATED: It’s a Wrap! All My Children completes its final network television tape day!

Can it be that time already? Afraid so.  But today in Los Angeles, the cast and crew of All My Children completed taping its final episode in their remarkable 41 year run on the ABC Television Network.  And while the final episode scripts are shrouded in secrecy, and the actors  (as you will see from Ricky Paull Goldin’s tweet) were apparently not permitted to post any thing from the final taping on the Internet via social networking outlets Twitter and Facebook, a few of them did get a few moments to share with their followers and fans their sentiments on the bittersweet and sad final tape day.

Here a just a few:


Susan Lucci (Erica) @susanlucci “Last day of shooting here at AMC..doesn’t seem real. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all our passionate viewers. Love you. Susan…”


Lindsay Hartley (Cara) @ L_Hartley “Such an intense and deeply emotional day in pine valley. We don’t know what the future holds. We just have to keep the faith. Goodnight.”

Chrishell Stause (Amanda) @chrishell7 “On the last day of taping AMC THIS was my fortune from my cookie! :) Silver lining on a sad day”

Ricky Paul Goldin (Jake) @rickygoldin ” “Hi live from the last day on the set of ALL MY CHILDREN!! Crazy emotional!!””

Cameron Mathison (Ryan) @cameronmathison “Thank you all for the well wishes on this last day of taping #AllMyChildren . Let’s hope we are all back together again in a few months!xxoo   I wish I could GIVE each of you all the happiness and MORE that you have given me through your support on this show. Sending lots of love.”

From On-Air On-Soaps and from the entire soap community and its legions of fans, we salute you Pine Valley and the cast and crew of All My Children for an astounding 41 years on network television! A job well done!

Next up, a move online via Prospect Park, but for now make sure to watch the final weeks of episodes of All My Children on ABC, with the final airdate, September 23rd!

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  1. Andrea Dawson says:

    What a shame. Never wanted to see this day. It is so sad and unfortunate for all of us. I will miss watching AMC at 12 on abc and soon OLTL at 1. Goodbye abc. Hello Prospect Park.


    jean g replied

    Agree, never watch abc again. Who wants to watch another freaking food show. hoipe it fails


  2. Bobbie says:

    I can’t believe it will be gone, Watched since I was a kid, grew up with many of the characters. Taped it and watched when I got home from work for years.


  3. matt borlenghi says:

    So bummed I was not asked to participate in any capacity whatsoever. I guess quitting the show so many years ago really rubbed someone the wrong way. I wish peace and happiness to all those who are now without work after ‘drinking the koolaid’ and moving to L.A….
    Little ole Brian Bodine / MB


  4. ethel says:

    i can’t believe its over – all i can say is wow!


  5. karen says:

    Sad day for soaps on television. I was hoping Ryan Lavery would end with AMC final ABC episode, and now I find out he is moving to PP online AMC.. Ugh… I am sick of AMC revolving around Ryan & Rylee. I was hoping Ryan and Greenlee would leave Pine Valley for good on the 9/23, and never be heard from again.


  6. Cheryl Gravino says:

    Because there’s so much that is unknown about AMC/OLTL going online with Prospect, who is staying and who is going, I can’t help but feel this is a huge loss to everyone who has been entertained by these soaps for all these year. We were told at first that it was just rumors that our shows were going off the air and then to learn with very little warning to even the cast and crew that this was going to be come a reality shows how ABC has very little integrity for their network and the people that keep the money flowing in their pockets. I have lost much respect for those who run this network. Shame on you.


  7. barbara trumpinski says:

    I met my husband while both of us were watching All My Children in a bar. In 1984. When Tad was involved with both Liza and Marion. In November we will have been together for 27 years.

    AMC is part of my family and I will miss you all.


  8. Elaine says:

    I can’t believe my daytime soaps are ending. I watch them on the soap channel every night when I get home from work, since I work evenings. I have been watching AMC, OLTL and GH since I was big enough to remember. Started watching them with my mother in the early 1970′s. OMG, and I have introduced my children and now my grand children to the soaps and they love them. What will we do. I honestly feel as though a part of me is dying because the soaps are such a huge part of my everyday life. Even now, I feel some sort of depression setting in on me.


  9. Betty D says:

    I’ve been watching AMC since 8th grade, I am now 56! My grandmother, mother, me and my daughter/son all watched it. I met quite a few of the actors over the years, can’t believe a stupid cooking show is replacing it, just ridiculous and I will NOT be watching it. Same with One Life to Live, met some of them and that is way better than General Hospital. What a shame so many people will lose their jobs over this selfish man and is shenanigans.


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