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34 January 18th, 2014 It’s A Wrap For Camila Banus As She Tapes Her Last Episode At Days of our Lives!

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On Friday, Camila Banus taped her final episode of Days of our Lives as Gabi Hernandez!  The actress who had announced that she was leaving in January of 2014 several months ago, has been front and center in the storyline involving the “murder” of Nick Fallon (Blake Berris) of late!

Camila on her Twitter account prior to heading to the studio Friday morning, on Thursday night said:  “Tomorrow is my last day shooting as my beloved character Gaby! Thought this photo was dramatic enough. Everyone wish me luck on my last day of taping as Gaby on Days of our lives.”  Earlier in the week she tweeted, “Saying hello from Gaby’s bedroom ! This is my last week on set and it’s feeling sad ): but I know I know an exciting time is coming (: will you miss gaby ??)”

Behind the scenes yesterday, Camila’s on-screen brother, Galen Gering (Rafe) tweeted, “Sad day sis. Sad day. Wuv u!”  And Lauren Koslow took a photo for Twitter featuring very close pals, Kate Mansi and Camila which related:  “Our beautiful girls @camilabanus &@KateMansi share a hug & some very emotional scenes today! #days”"

Are you sad to know Camila had finished her time in Salem as Gabi?  How do you think the character will eventually be written-out when we see her depart in four months or so? (Remember DAYS tapes far in advance)  Let us know!

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  1. Mo says:

    I’ll miss Gabi and Camilla.


  2. Joanne says:

    I will miss Gabby! she was a great actress on the show very beautiful looking lady. but I guess they didn’t have enough story for her she will be missed very much. as far as the way of her leaving I think probably she gets evrrything out in the open about Nicks murder but does not go to jail because he tried to rape her self defense. I think after Sonny and William get married there will be no reason for her to stay she probably leave with her on screen daughter and go far away.


  3. nancy says:

    have gabi killed off in a cross fireof nick’s return from the dead


  4. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I think Gabi will have a breakdown because of ‘Nick’ and will be taken to a mental hospital…Will and Sonny will get custody of the baby!


    Mary SF replied

    Great minds think alike I said the same thing—- hope you’re feeling better– if you had that H1N1 strain that is a bitch of flu to get over.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I like your idea where Gabi sees Nick one last time…that would be so cool, and spooky for poor Gabi! Thanks…i do feel somewhat better(it comes and goes) but im getting tired of chicken soup!!!

    Patrick replied

    hope you are better as well.

    like the idea of seeing Nick, one last time

    I wish I was as cute as Gabs

    love that she did her best… love that she’s cute as a button… love that she steered her time… in DAYS… in Salem!

    Love you Gabs… and sincerely, wish you the best…

    Love that you still have Ari… and Rafe’alicious

    Take Care!

    You contributed


    davlestev1 replied

    @jimh you know good and well from that promo that it’s NICK who walks into that church. Gabi has to have some sort of mental break or ONCE AGAIN Sami is in a cell and this time with Kate. I don’t see that happening. But Nick may just force her to go to New York with him to keep his silence. That’s what I see happening.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Honestly, i didnt see any promo…if it was at the end Fri i didnt see it…was at Dr. Office so i dint see Days end fri.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    After your reply i just went on utube and agree its most likely Nick…however, whats with the ‘you know perfectly well from the promo its Nick’ got to do with my comments whether i seen it or not?

    davlestev1 replied

    No sinister motive @jimh I naturally assumed you saw the video to the right side of the post and had watched it. I read the blog watched the video and posted. Therefor i was just making a general remark in the fact that as long time avid viewers of soaps we basically can figure out ALL surprising moments at this juncture in our viewing. No need to channel Victor Kiriakis (:

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I didnt think that(sinister motive…very soapish, i like that, lol)…i was just curious by the reply…no harm.. the video on the right…it doesnt play for me on my computer…i ddnt notice it anyway…been ill so i kninda rush reading these things…thanks 4 reply!!!

  5. Johnny says:

    I wish her all the best in her career. I like her, but will not miss the character of Gabi one bit. She was never so much a character as a plot device. First she was a prop for Rafe as the writers attempted to give him a family (AKA…a purpose…a reason for being on our screens). Her and Will had a promising love story, but then after months of Will being this awesome boyfriend, the writers suddenly and inexplicably made him gay. Then she became a loose cannon near psycho as she stalked herself to get Chad’s attention. Then she became a prop/baby mama in the gay storyline. Now she is the nervous Nelly is a faux murder storyline. We never really knew who Gabi was, or what made her tick, therefore, it was hard to emotionally invest in her. Was she a needy girl looking for love? Was she an unbalanced whack job? We never knew. Budgets are tight and salaries are high and viewers are fickle. Soaps need to REALLY think and plan their characters and not let them just drift in search of a story until something clicks.


    Elizabeth replied

    Yes, that is a huge problem in the genre these days, daytime and primetime as well. Have to say though, I always enjoy Days when Gabby was onscreen even though I do agree with your assessment of how she fit into the canvas. She has been one of my DOOL favorites because I also liked her with Nick and enjoyed their warped love story too.


    Johnny replied

    Hey! Yeah…I liked her and Nick too. I don’t where why or how DAYS went off the rails with Nick, but they did. This kid is a Horton legacy character. He came on full of geeky promise, awkward charm, and everyone loved him. somewhere along the way, they turned him into some kind of a psycho. I would say drugs and being raped in prison are MORE than enough of a reason to cause a breakdown, and he is an easily redeemable character, should they choose to do that. Lord knows much worse characters on soaps have been redeemed and rehabilitated.

    Sharleen replied

    I agree with both of you about Nick and Gabby. I liked them together and couldn’t understand why after what he had gone through in prison they turned him into a psycho. I saw such great potential for future s/l’s with the two of them and thought they could have easily redeemed his character. I think of all the other characters on the show who have done far worse then Nick and he was treated like scum by almost everyone with no regards to what had happened to him while being in prison. I’m a newer viewer to this soap, so don’t know a lot of the history, but didn’t understand why Will and Sonny were especially hard on him. I know he was trying to keep the baby away from Will, and that he was against them because of their being gay, but after he was raped in prison I get where that came from. He realized he was wrong and brought the baby to Will while in the hospital, but Will and Sonny could never forgive him or give him a chance. Maybe I don’t know enough of the background, but I did like Gabby and Nick together when she was so in love with him. So yes I will miss Gabby and what could have been.

  6. Mary SF says:

    Mixed feelings– Gabby was never my favorite character– and it wasn’t the actress fault, just never felt the character was a good fit for the show. She wasn’t the heroine type, like a Melanie was and although she did bad things– she didn’t have the strength of a bad girl– like a Theresa, so for me the character was wishy-washy. That said I think Camila did a good job with the character– so I wish her well on her future endeavors.

    Personally I like to see Gabby have some kind of mental breakdown and end up having to go institution. I would make her last shot would be of her in the day room, surrounded by her fellow patients, and she is looking out the window, and then the camera pans the room and in the corner is a guy and he looks up— and it would be Nick. Fade to black. The end or to be continued—- whatever. That would be my ideal ending for the character but I doubt that is the way it will go down.


    Patrick replied

    thas actually a great! idea.. from both you and JimH

    be that as it may… her love for her child… Ari… will win out

    she needs to follow her heart… and traverse the world

    isn’t that something… actors… with payroll… extra cashola… to explore

    wish that was me… hence… Serial…


  7. Pixie says:

    I’ll miss Gabi and Camila. She and Galen Gering made the best siblings on the show. They always seemed like real sister and brother. I hate to see her go and hope she will be back someday.


    Patrick replied

    that is a really nice thing to say…. and read

    for all they contributed… cute as ever!

    all get out…

    i loved these two…

    dimwitted… didn’t bother me…

    they still persevered… and left their mark

    galen gerring… sparks


  8. Chaz says:

    If you had asked me a year ago I would have said no way. But, I think she has improved a great deal and think she will be missed.


  9. gloria says:

    I’ll miss Gabi. I have come to really like her. Maybe she’ll get a for real modeling contract & decide to leave town. I don’t want anything bad to happen to her!


    Patrick replied

    I know… right?

    when she’d wear her hair up
    she was too cute

    I wish her well


  10. Me says:

    I hope Gabi leaves and takes Ari with her. No interest at all anymore to see Will & Sonny get custody with that new dude portraying Will.


    4everDAYS replied

    Gabi will have a nervous breakdown and Ari will be raised by Sonny and the stranger! LMFAO


  11. Libby says:

    We know that Nick knew about Gabi being behind the Daysaster. I hope emotional scenes btw Camilla B and Kate M – have to do with a confrontation and proper blame for death of Jack.

    Hoping for a real twister with whom Nick has been working. Scurry back Blake Berris as Nick.

    Godspeed Camilla.


  12. dmr says:

    I’m really not sad about this exit. I’ve grown tired of the Nick “murder” and Gabi’s nervous antics. I wish the actress well, though!


  13. Sharleen says:

    I liked Gabby and loved her with Rafe. They really did seem like a real sister and brother. It probably won’t happen, but I would like to see her in a situation that allows her to take baby Ari with her. I can’t imagine her leaving without her unless something bad happens. I don’t want to see anything bad happen. She hit Nick in self defense and Kate and Sami were more instrumental in how to cover it up. Can’t see how just Gabby would be blamed. I guess she could have a mental breakdown, but then she wouldn’t have Ari in her life. I would rather have her get a modeling contract. I agree with those that don’t want to see Will and Sonny end up with the Ari.

    Best of luck to you Camilla in all you do.


  14. nancy says:

    love gabi but no yoy cannot do this you need to stop dropping your actors and actress please stop that asap


  15. ticktock says:

    It looks like these young actors want to move on and do other things, can’t blame them. Gabi turned out to be a likeable character, will miss the actress that played her.


  16. Linda says:

    Yes I will miss Camila as Gabby! I think she’s become a terrfic actress. Too many great actors and actresses at the same time! What will this do to Days of Our Lives? I have been watching since1970! There have been some story lines I was appaled with but for the most part I have enjoyed for years. Please do not let the show go!


  17. nancy says:

    what about sami in a skydiving accident for sami who plunges down to her death why not have sami go out with a bang in a sami like way sami goes out the same way sami came in in the same way


  18. Stacy "DOOL"Wannabe says:

    I think I don’t like the new will. I can’t put a finger on why but I just don’t. Is gabi being replaced or character leaving the show? I wanna be the new man in Kates life. Lol


  19. Mary Smith says:

    Please, please please get rid of that awful Nick Fallon. I can’t stand looking at him. Let him go when Gabi leaves.

    Write more story lines with Hope and Aiden. Great chemistry between the two. Bo is obviously not coming back and his character won’t be recast. So, get these two together.

    Also, get rid of that annoying Jordan. Put Rafe and Kate back together. They have GREAT chemistry.


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