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31 November 24th, 2014 It’s A Wrap For Y&R’s Longtime Associate Producer Josh O’Connell!

On Friday and throughout the weekend rumors circulated that a change had been made on the production team of The Young and the Restless, and as we have come to find out it was the series longtime Associate Producer Josh O’Connell who was let-go after 20 years with the daytime drama.  It would seem that at present, Y&R is making a few shifts behind the scenes.

O’Connell started in the production offices and being associated with the show back in 1994, and has always had a close relationship with the Bell Family – the late great Y&R creator Bill Bel,l and his wife and co-creator, Lee Phillip Bell.  In 2003, Josh was promoted to Associate Producer where he has been for the last 11 years during his tenure with the number one soap opera.

Today on his final day on his job, Josh send out a special message to those colleagues and friends whom he has worked with for decades.  We asked Josh if it would be OK to share a part of his message with you.

Josh wrote: “Twenty years ago I began an incredible journey at The Young and the Restless which has changed my life in more ways than I can begin to express.  Since my tenure began in 1994, I’ve had the privilege of working with a number of extraordinary teams, starting with the creative genius of the late Bill Bell Sr. and with the remarkable co-creator Lee Phillip Bell.  I believe in this unique generation-spanning genre as much now as I did my first day on the job. As I move on to my next journey, I want you all to know how grateful I am to each and every one of you for irreplaceable memories and friendships that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.”

Share your thoughts below on the exit of Josh O’Connell from The Young and the Restless team!


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  1. suzazq says:

    I think that Pratt is to blame. and Cady McClain tweeted an ominous tweet also, like she may be leaving. I think Young and Restless may be in DEEP trouble!


    vinman replied

    Cady….pass on the banana pancakes!


    Patrick replied

    it’s the saddest thing… I mean this… seriously

    having watched serial… for generations… over 3 decades plus

    I’m lost without this… devoted… soapbox me… I care

    I’ll fight this

    LOL… Cady McClain stirred… does fit… if she’s next in line of… let go

    along with this associate producer… it’s a crime

    a pull to the heart of what television IS

    a staple that rips tears and lets go a piece of this everlasting genre that doesn’t need to budget a piece of history…

    I think of all the other actors… who once shared

    Santa Barbara
    Guiding Light

    and so on and so on and there it goes


    Patrick replied

    I know I needed to include OLTL

    Mo replied

    What did Cady tweet?


  2. Earika says:

    Notice he did not mention the current PTB as being “extraordinary teams” Y&R seems to have a way of ruining people’s holidays. Last year it was Billy Miller and Michael Muhney…this year it’s Josh and I am sure others are yet to come. How about getting rid of the real problem, Jill Farren Phelps!!!!


  3. su0000 says:


    Y&R has lost their core true-characters with the loss of their actors, the ones that made Y&R great..
    (BM, MS, MM) and top of heap others.. all gone..
    their replacements are all a fail, not doing well..

    Too many people are walking out of Y&R..
    where there is smoke there is fire / burning behind the scene….
    Now– we have Pratt as head writer/producer.. that is good..
    I see a huge change on the horizon for Y&R, and that is good thing..


    Nikki replied

    I hope so but if he was any good he would get rid of the dead-wood. Did anyone see today’s show. Poor Nick remembering everyone that hurt him. Good grief Sharon never had issue’s until she got involved with the Newman’s, although Phyllis went after Nick when he was married and grieving Cassie he still loved Sharon & Phyllis knew it. He broke Amy’s heart but that didn’t stop him from taking advantage of her, and Grace was someone he used when he felt down & out. What a prize. Come-on writers how about the truth? And while your at it Nikki saying she didn’t like Sharon!!! Many times Nikki said Sharon made her think of herself when she was younger so give Sharon a damn break.


    Eileen Hargis replied

    The actors are fine. Its Jill and co.that arent!


    CindyC replied

    Jill Farren Phelps is the problem First it was her group of friends she brought in from H.H, then the scenery, then favorite actors. Now this please stop her!

    su0000 replied

    There is no one to replace Jill Farren Phelps that has her experience..
    And– there are few, very few, who even wants the job..
    Who would even want the job and have the experience to do it..
    I doubt there are any eager takers or any CBS would hire / outside of Pratt, perhaps..
    Jill Farren Phelps is going nowhere ..

    Peggy replied

    How is Pratt a good thing? He hates soaps. thinks that they are beneath him and was part of the team that almost killed GH. He’s a great friend of JFP. So happy I left and all of the most talented actors are gone.


  4. Mary SF says:

    It seems to me that he was fired because he was one of the last links to the Bell run drama– many of the behind the scenes people who worked for the Bells for years were fired the first year JFP came on board. I guess they will spin this as they don’t need an associate producer when the got two producers in Pratt and Phelps, although Pratt is supposed to be in name only— we shall see. It does seem the predictions about Pratt are coming true if they fired the one guy left who might have fought to keep the formula and style the Bell’s created—-


  5. Lawrence says:

    JFP will let go anyone that was under the bell tenure. Look at all of the new directors and writers for y and r. There is nothing classic left and they might be killing off Michael. I will give this show 5 years before its cancelled.


    Eileen Hargis replied

    Michael, Christian isnt leaving


    Elite Advisors replied

    Eileen… I hope you know something I don’t because the rumors have him leaving the show. If you know otherwise, please put my mind at ease! :)

    Not a JILL FAN… I just don’t trust her or her motives.

  6. Eileen Hargis says:

    Jill and Angelica, again. It will never stop.


  7. Jimmy says:

    Instead of hiding behind the facade that Y&R is still the great daytime serial it was, JFP should just admit to trying to cut every last tie to the Bill Bell era the show has. Firing popular and talented actors, getting rid of long-time production staff, bringing in newbie actors, characters and and crew members is all part of JFP’s grand plan of systematically destroying Y&R. Now with Pratt on board, things will likely only get worse. Sony and CBS need to start doing things RIGHT for Y&R, by first getting rid of the biggest problem of all – JFP. And right behind her, Pratt needs to follow.


  8. Derrick says:

    Not a smart move there!


  9. Don says:

    More firings to come in the next months


  10. toscanti says:

    I believe they want Y&R to fail. Why else would the HACK JFP still be here. I despise that arrogant Bitch!


  11. Sward81333 says:

    Don’t the Bells own the soap? Why are they letting Sony get away with all of this?


    richard replied

    Can’t Brad Bell step in and do something??? His family owns this soap, do they not?? I know he’s got his hands full with B&B but he shouldn’t let this show go down the drain!!!!


    Eileen Hargis replied

    Nope, the Bells dont own the soap now.

    seattlegirl replied

    The Bell’s do own a share of The Young and The Restless but unfortunately they do not own the majority of it, Sony does. Unless the Bell’s can purchase some stock back from Sony or a 3rd party buys it, Sony has the control. Sony has allowed the Bells over the years to have creative control, but that too has been taken away. The show is solely the people Sony put in charge Jill Farren Phelps, and soon to be Chuck Pratt. As far as The Bold and The Beautiful, Bill Bell didn’t have to give any shares away so his family owns that serial outright. I would love to see one day Brad oversee both shows and Kay Alden, Susan Morina be Head writers, and Ed Scott move across the hall and re take the Executive Producer position. YR desperately needs a Bell touch, and who better to do it than the people he mentored over the years.


    Mo replied

    Why did Bell have to give away shares of Y&R?

    seattlegirl replied

    If memory serves correct Bill Bell was under contract with the Corday Family at Days of Our lives. He wanted out of his contract to start The Young and the Restless. In order for him to get out of his contract it was agreed that he would give shares to them. In turn they later gave their shares to Sony, who also owns Days of Our Lives. The Bold and The Beautiful was created after Bill started The Young and the Restless so he was able to retain full control of that serial. It’s a good thing he did. It’s nice having his son Brad Bell run it, and Ed Scott as Executive Producer, not to mention he was able to bring on a few former YR actors Heather Tom, and Don Diamont. He also has John Smith on his writing team, and for awhile had Kay Aldan (two of Bill Bell’s writing staff), among others.

  12. Michael (not Fairman) says:

    Loath as I am to defend JFP, or appear to, I am not so sure I would lay this particular move at her feet (though she may not have done anything to stop it). I suspect it’s Sony, rather than JFP, that does not value the ties to the Bell years and the Bell family. It has become clear from Sony’s hiring decisions, and from the direction the show has taken as far back as when Lynn Marie Latham was in charge, that Sony doesn’t understand what made the show so popular and isn’t interested in following the principles that Bill Bell followed. I am guessing they don’t think that those principles will get the ratings they want. (That might be defensible–if the things they were trying WERE getting high ratings, but they’re not.)


  13. Blake says:

    Well look what happens after Chuck Pratt is hired, one of the people that have been part of the classy Y&R for years is fired.

    And sad that Cady McClain has to go through this again. The same soap hack once again.

    Time to sit back with popcorn and see what Pratt will do to Y&R.


  14. jaybird369 says:

    REALLY?!?!? Oh, Y-E-T ANOTHER nail in the coffin……….


  15. Mo says:

    Wow. After 20 years. Well, hopefully he save his money.


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