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9 May 20th, 2011 It’s Adonis Time! Vote now in competition!

So just who is the hunkiest in all of soap land? Well, it is up to you to decide! has launched it’s annual Adonis competition and to kick it off they are asking fans to pick one soap stud from each soap to make it to the final round!  Here are the rules:

Select your one favorite hunk from each of the following soaps. For each soap, the hunk who receives the greatest number of votes at the end of the voting period will advance to the Adonis 2011 finals.

You may vote only once per day per e-mail & IP address. (A maximum of six votes using either the same e-mail address or IP address will be counted.) Each individual ballot will be weighted as 10 votes. Adonis voting weeks run Thursday thru Tuesday. (So that means May 19-May 24th!)

So who are you feelin from B&B, perhaps Adam Gregory or Brandon Beemer? From OLTL, Josh Kelly, David Gregory, David Fumero? Perhaps some Bren Foster, Eric Martsolf or James Scott over at DAYS? There are lots of nominees…so let the games begin!  Click here to go right to the ballot!

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  1. hottie says:



  2. todd says:

    I voted. Josh Kelly is the soap find of the year.


  3. Avelina says:



    Camille Collins replied

    James Scott Is the ONE,the whole total package He absolutely takes your breath away~~Sorry Guys ~~ but James has to be the Handsomest Man In decades~


    janet hiner replied

    I agree i met him in person talked with him a bit got a pic and a hug he is awesome and looks better in person then anything on tv or internet

  4. Kalamaty says:

    Don Diamont has aged so perfectly. He is a total hunk, at any age, and always has been! Hotness. That being said, I have to give my vote to Joshua Morrow as biggest hunk on Y&R; the man is sex on a stick!


  5. mmc says:

    I love Don Diamont….to me he’s sexy without even’s always smoldering beneath the surface.As he gets older he really gets better.After my beloved ATWT was gone, and i couldn’t see my gorgeous Van Hansis anymore i started watching B&B because of Don.He gets my vote!


  6. Laurie McRae says:

    These “little boys” don’t hold a candle to the hottest MAN in Soaps, Steve Burton!


  7. sam says:

    Adam Gregory rocks everyone!


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