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7 September 25th, 2013 It’s As the World Turns and EastSiders Favorite Van Hansis Birthday Today!

Photo Credit: Kenneth Dolan

Happy Birthday to former As the world Turns and star of Logo TV’s EastSiders, Van Hansis!  The popular star is celebrating his 32nd birthday today, according to a post at, (formerly After Elton)!

In fact, the website has a 32 image photo gallery of Van’s career with steamy GIFS of his days as one half of soap super couple, Luke and Noah (Jake Silberman), and much more!

The post says while they eagerly await season two of EasrSiders “Van celebrates his 32nd birthday today, so here is a collection of pics and gifs from over the years, that celebrate his many, many, many different looks.”

Do  you still miss Van as Luke Snyder on As the World Turns? Are you looking forward to a second season of EastSiders? Would you like Van to appear on another soap opera?  And, what is your birthday wish for Van? Comment below!

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  1. Marie says:

    Soap and ex-soap actors have birthdays everyday yet you don’t post things like this for them. Why the special treatment for Van? If you wanted to honor someone from ATWT you could have done so for Billy Magnussen, for instance, when he had his birthday in April. He is an alum from the show who ACTUALLY has a thriving career right now. What does Mr. Hansis have going right now? Oh that’s right, nothing!


    Michael S. replied

    The site is called “Michael Fairman, On Air On Soaps”. That means Michael has the creative license to post what he wants. When you get your own blog site then you can feel free to post what is important to you Marie.


    Marie replied

    Clearly it’s a site biased towards Van, that’s for sure. Maybe one day he’ll actually do something to give Michael something worthy to post on this site. I feel sorry for the hard working soap and ex-soap actors doing great things but get passed over because they aren’t Mr. Fairman’s favorites. So much for fair and equal treatment here.

  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Maybe on Days Of Our Lives…i know he is a bit older and looks nothing like the exiting actor but id like to have seen him as Chad Dimera…he couldve taken the character in a different direction…maybe be more Dimera…a bit of a schemer perhaps…i dont know…it might have worked but i feel Chad is going to be killed off, and Abby will marry him b4 he dies then discovers she is pregnant and Stephano will be determined to raise his grandchild…


  3. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Very happy birthday to Van! I miss him truly so much as Luke on ATWT. When I was coming out, I had Luke in my life to kind of relate to on some level. I do wish EastSiders a second season, and possibly a spot on another soap opera. Maybe DAYS? I just need more Van in my life right now.


  4. RLeternal says:

    Luke and Reid were my favorite gay couple on TV, and still are. I also liked Luke and Noah; but as you can see from my screen-name R and L are my eternal favorites. It’s a thorough shame that the ass-hat EP and HW of ATWT gave all the 3 gay characters a horrible ending. I don’t think there will ever be a better gay love story on soaps than L and R. I love Van as an actor. I wish him all the very best life has to offer. To someone who said in an earlier post that Van has got nothing going on; please be more supportive. The Economy and Market are bad, especially for TV actors. Let’s hope and wish that this talented actor will get permanent and well-paying employment. He has brought joy and cheer in our lives and has enthralled us by his good performances. It is fitting that he has our support and has a good career. Will always love you as a person and an actor, Van.


  5. FIEL says:

    My wish for my IDOL van hansis are to nominate again to emmy ang won,to stay humble,life goes just go with the sorry for late greetings for your birthday but im searching many times in google just to greet you.happy birhtday vansis your achievement is make me happy..hopefully you can read this message.again belated happy birthday..godbless


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