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20 June 12th, 2012 It’s Y&R’s Sharon vs. Nikki In A Catfight Over Victor! – Watch the Video!


Are the Newmans of The Young and the Restless becoming more and more like the McMahons of the WWE?  Looks like it from this week’s promo of the number one soap!

It appears that Sharon(Sharon Case) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) are now stooping to a good ole soap staple of a girly catfight over Victor Newman (Victor)! Either some will find this humorous and endearing or completely embarrassing! Watch this week’s Y&R promo after the jump and let us know what you think of this!

And who should end up with Victor? Sharon? Nikki? Or, how about the mustache ends up alone for awhile woman-less?   Weigh-in!


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  1. boes says:

    How appropriate that Sharon goes after Nikki in a barn. Nuff said.


  2. kalamaty says:

    Always look forward to the cat fights on Y&R! You can be sure it’s going to be very entertaining, to say the least!

    I love it when Nikki gets her indignant butt dragged back down off her high horse! This time it’s going to be in the stables….. very appropriate!! :)

    This kind of camp makes me miss “Dynasty!” Maybe there’ll be a reboot of that as well? I would LOVE to see Joan Collins back as that fierce bitch Alexis! But, until that happens, thank GOD for the Young and the Restless!!!


  3. David Larsson says:

    It’s one thing for Nikki to be fighting someone over Victor. But Sharon? My gosh, where do I begin?

    I don’t understand how Sharon Case can defend any of this writing. The fact that she does makes me lose respect for her.

    The character of Sharon has become nothing more than a brassy whore. Some characters are able to pull off the brassy whore role (like Charity on Emmerdale) but all it does for Sharon is make her look even more pathetic than she already is.

    I can’t believe this character, these characters, are written by a woman.


    David Larsson replied

    Oh, and to answer your question, Michael. The Mustache needs to be alone for a very, very long time (until he’s redeemed). Nikki needs to find someone who isn’t the Mustache (Jack works, I guess). And Sharon needs to go away to a convent.


  4. Christine says:

    Boy they have really ruined the character of Sharon. She was so inappropriate by crashing the wedding. Then that hot pink dress AND Victor’s jewelry with the other jewelry made her look even more like a tramp. I didn’t think you would wear something with that many diamonds with anything else.

    Her comments to Noah and the rest of the attendees was just terrible. She has no class anymore and definitely no shame. It is sad. And they almost always have that stupid hairdo wherein it is parted down the center and she has all these flyaways. Sharon Case is still beautiful at 41, but that look is not flattering. The lighting and the same hairstyle make her look bad. I hope they can fix Sharon. I like Sharon Case as an actress, but I am beginning to want to fastforward her scenes.

    And then she was all whiny with Adam. Even he has had enough. Can’t blame him.

    That being said, I hope Nikki cleans her clock!


    Events Diva replied

    You said it sister! Sharon has become classless. I also whiz through her scenes. Sad, hope they change directions for her character.


  5. Iakovos says:

    I thought Y&R had more class than this. As the plots are often recycled in Genoa City, I wonder if Sharon (who one time was the most genuine and sincere character) has been repositioned to be the next generation Jill Foster Abbott with Nikki soon to be the next generation Katherine Chancellor. That these women are so high and mighty about the does-he-even-know-the-word-and-value-of-redemption Victor (Ick-tor?) Newman is sad though. This is is not really fun for me. It may be time for me to look at Genoa City in the rear view mirror. Got room in your car, Ashley?


  6. kalamaty says:

    I don’ t like what they’ve done to Sharon. She used to have integrity and could at least know she hadn’t sunk to Phyllis and Nikki’s levels, but now she’s a clone of them. Why are they fighting over Victor? I guess the loser gets him.


    kalamaty replied

    OK… the above post is NOT FROM ME. Not sure how this happened, but I LOVE Sharon and her portrayer!!


    Christine replied

    Hmm, maybe you have another personality that you did not know about or the more logical reason is someone else is probably using that user name too. Happened to me once … the user name that is. Ha! Ha!

  7. Marisa says:

    I agree.


  8. lisa says:

    First off let me say – I think Eric Braeden ,Melody Thomas Scott and Sharon Case are all very fine actors ,bar none.

    That said ,I don’t like the coupling of Victor and Sharon – it makes me cringe every time I see the two of them in a clinch.
    It has nothing to do with younger woman /much older man or the fact that she has already been married to both of Victor’s sons.
    They just look physically wrong together on screen.

    Secondly I don’t wan’t to see yet another reunion between Nikki and Victor.
    It’s old ( yes they may be the loves of each others lives – but they’re toxic to one another).
    Let it go already !!

    Victor is an arrogant ,cocky so and so – it’s about time he got his.
    He’s always meddling in the lives of others – and he really doesn’t have the right.
    Time to take “The Mustashe” down.

    Girls this cat fight isn’t worth it !!
    Nikki marry Jack AND Sharon …go find someone who isn’t a Newman.


    Events Diva replied



  9. Bart says:

    More hashing and re-hashing the same old stuff between slutty Sharon & boozehag Nikki, no matter whom the man may be – Nick, Jack, Victor – all of this has become tedious and boring to us “Y & R” viewers.

    If there is one spark of creativity in Maria Arena Bell, it sure hasn’t been shown in the 4+ years of bad story-telling!!

    I just hope the ratings continue to fall and she will be replaced – “Tick, tick, tick!” (to quote Victor)


  10. Tom says:

    God, how embarassing and sad. What has happened the crown jewel of daytime? I want my Y&R back, not this hot mess of a show.


  11. Tasha Jones says:

    I have to be honest. I am not crazy about the storyline. But god I love seeing Sharon having a back bone for once and maybe getting a good storyline. Last year when she “died” it started out with her changing her look and I waited for her to get that backbone but got nothing. This time I hope that make her a queen B


  12. Avelina loves Santorini Greece says:

    I love Victor and Nikki and want them to reunite. They are the definition of a super couple and Nikki still obviously loves Victor. Sharon has become unwatchable and I want her with Adam again or BE ALONE FOR A LONG TIME.


  13. kay/kay says:

    I just wish this scene had MAB in the middle and both actresses were scratching her baldheaded for taking this Soap to a new low!!!!!


  14. Jeff says:

    Sharon Case’s Facial expression when she grabbed the the hay in her and and looked at Nicki “want some hay betsie” That was awsome!


  15. Wanda says:

    Nikki and Victor will never get over one another. They need to learn how to deal, but this is a soap. They are soul mates. Just like Nick and Phyllis — they have a deep adult love not the puppy dog love like the high school crush of Nick and Sharon. Sharon has been in love and in bed with every man in the world. Now, sharon just flaunts herself.


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