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27 January 25th, 2013 Jack Wagner’s First Airdate For His Return To General Hospital Revealed!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Fans have less than two weeks to wait for the return on-air of fan favorite Jack Wagner in his iconic role as Frisco Jones on General Hospital!  After secretly taping a report handful of episodes (however this could turn out to be scenes spread out over several months leading up to GH’s big 5oth Anniversary in April) Wagner was back on the GH set around January 11th.

Now according to Access Hollywood, Wagner’s first appearance on his return to the ABC soap is slated for the Monday, February 4th episode! And as it turns out that is just one week before Genie Francis return to the show in her iconic role of Laura Spencer on Monday, February 11th.

Kristina Wagner, who plays Felicia Jones Scorpio, Frisco’s ex, and Wagner’s ex in real life returned to the soap last year and will obviously be key in scenes with Jack on his return to Port Charles!

Access Hollywood also noted, “Bringing Jack and Genie back will only help make General Hospital’s 50th anniversary, on April 1, that much bigger of an affair. (Genie’s return date is exactly 50 days before the 50th anniversary.)”

So soapers, are you excited that Frisco is coming home shortly to your television screens? Let us know!

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  1. Rachel Elisabeth says:



  2. MikeT says:

    Glad to have Frisco and Laura return–I just hope it’s long term and not just a few episodes!


    Ces replied

    me too!!


  3. paula says:

    how is he gonna return…is he gonna fight t get felicia bak from mac


    Patrick replied

    wouldn’t that be INTERESTING?

    i think so…. why not? two characters of old… that we’re comfortable with…

    Mac… the good guy/former police commissioner… all that he’s done for Robin and Maxie…. raised two “daughters’ that aren’t even his… is he or isn’t he with Alexis and possibly Anna…

    i watch Mac and Felicia commisserating over Maxie… and it’s heart pulsating… they garner more than enough interest to give them story…

    geez! salute to old skool…. they may not have the shootz pa ???? whatever triggers the fans?

    it’d melt my heart… to see something between these two unfold….

    perhaps… Frisco will bring that….

    wait till Mac and Felicia find out they’re going to be grandparents…


    they may not be high end or sought after… but… given the right story… i think it’d be cute and gut wrenching…

    i’ve had a coupla glasses of wine…


  4. tasneem says:

    Can’t wait 2 see if Felicia and Mac reaction don’t get me started on Maxie


  5. Lisa says:

    Can’t wait!!


  6. Violet says:

    Welcome back, Jack!


  7. ray schichtel says:

    Wagner/ Frisco is one of MY Mount Rushmore GH heads! Im so excited for his return!!


  8. heidi says:

    Can’t wait!!!

    Hope the story arc is awesome!!!


  9. aria says:

    can anyone imagine any of this happening under the previous regime? I can’t. it just shows how important it is for the right people to run a show. All this magic under JFP and BG would never have happened so thanks to the univeverse for FV and RC. As they say, timing is everything!


  10. Grace says:

    I’m very excited for Jack, Genie and all the folks who have come back or are coming back!! Even if it’s for a short period, the nod to the past as GH gets ready to celebrate their 50th Anniversary is fantastic! The revival of the Nurses Ball during this time is also such beautiful special part of the magic that #Cartini has crafted over the last year.

    Fans need to focus on the good and get off of the “mean, rude, nit-pick, negative” train when it comes to soaps in general. They are soaps, they are drama. People come and go, leave of their own will, get fired, rolls are re-cast etc. No EP or Head Writer is going to please everyone. #GH is WAY better now than it was before #Cartini took over and I would like to thank Frank & Ron….. THANK YOU!!!


    richard replied

    Thank u Grace!!! Ditto!!!!


    aria replied

    totally agree Grace, GH is way better, its living up to what many consider their best decade,( 80′s) and thats saying alot.

  11. Tali Smith says:

    One of my all time favorite couples-Frisco/Felicia! Hope it’s as good as they once were. I do like her with Mac also.


  12. CTwildheart says:

    Great news! Hope the story is good.


  13. JQ4369 says:

    I remember been in school and writing my name Frisco Jones. Sounds nuts but i have always been a big fan of Jack Wagner. I am very happy that he is coming back home well he belongs.


  14. J.R. says:

    I’d give my left hand to see Frisco, Felicia, Anna, Duke, Robert and Sean all back on my screen at the same time. And I’m left handed!


  15. Emily says:

    Frisco and felicia have to end up together again. And frisco never stole and can’t steal her away (from mac). You can’t steal someone that belongs with you. :-)
    That being said no one ever had more chemistry with Jack W. then Kristina had… and visa versa. F&F forever! I’m so exited he’s back !!


  16. Rj says:

    Seeking all the past characters coming back from my youth, and the ‘glory’ days of GH has made me tune back into GH. Like seeing the actors/characters come back. Feels familiar , nostalgic, and like old home. Also, the 2:00 timing of the show works better . While I am at the gym, I watch Days then switch to GH. Hope they will bring romance and intrigue for the return of these characters.


    Rj replied

    Oops, meant to say seeing all the past characters. Sorry for typos, I am typing this while I am in bed on my iPad! :)


  17. Lia says:

    I’m very excited. I just hope they don’t put them in good storylines, and then have them disappear before they’re over. Like the Duke/Anna fiasco.


    Ces replied

    I agree about the Duke/Anna thing. As much as I loved Faison on the show .. I think it really screwed up an awesome reunion between Duke & Anna. We saw a little hope of chemistry on the last episode but GH needs to somehow get that oomph between them again. Love Ian Buchanan!


  18. Jazzy says:

    So glad to hear it. What will happen?


  19. Maria says:

    This is great news …can’t wait to see Jack Wagner and Gene Francis on GH again…hope they stay a while!!!!!!!


  20. Melissa says:

    I’m very excited to have Jack Wagner back! I love Frisco! He was always one of the best GH characters! I think they should have brought him back a long time ago. I hope they keep him around!


  21. Janie says:

    Love, love, love the walk down memory lane. GH Fan since 1983. It’s like seeing old friends and family. A wonderful reunion of the VERY BEST of soap trials and tribulations. They are a part of us.


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