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5 August 17th, 2011 Jacob Young opens up on his decision to go to B&B and taping the final days at AMC!


Jacob Young, who made the decision to rejoin The Bold and the Beautiful as Rick Forrester come this September, when All My Children ends it’s network television run, spoke with Soap Opera Digest, where the conversation gave many a bit more insight into Young’s decision to not stay with the AMC when it heads to the web!  Here are a few interesting excerpts!

Young on feeling happy and sad at the same time over his decision: “Michael Knight [Tad] called me at home yesterday. He wanted to tell me congratulations, but I told him, “You know, I feel in some ways like I’m turning my back on people.” And he goes, “No, no, don’t feel that way at all. You gotta do what you gotta do.” He just kind of gave me that nice congratulatory speech and told me it’s the right decision, so that was good. You know, it’s very good. I’m happy. I will miss All My Children dearly, but it’s time to start changing.”

Young on his final few weeks of taping at AMC and what to look for from JR Chandler: “These last couple weeks now, it’s all winding down onto JR and it’s a real, absolute honor for them to entrust that kind of responsibility to me as an actor and give me something really meaty that I can really go out with a bang with. I promise, for myself and for the audience, I will be putting everything I possibly can into those last episodes to make sure that they are the most powerful and impactful shows that I’ve done since being on the show. It’s going to be really good. Everybody is working on that level; I know all the actors feel the same way. Everybody has been really putting their best foot forward through this whole thing. You think it would be a really sad place but the morale has been really strong and positive.”

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  1. kay killgore says:

    Jacob a warning beware of Brad Bell he talks a good line but in six months he will run out of story for you, just like he has for tons of actors. And we will go right back to over the hill Ridge & Brooke! So have a backup plan!!!


  2. david says:

    As the soaps sink, it’s every man for himself. I am not blaming Young. It seems to be the nature of economic survival these days. It’s sad life has been reduced to this.


  3. ethel says:

    omg!! i got tears in my eyes just reading this article – i love jacob so much as jr & i really hate to see him leave this role but the bottom line is jacob has to do what he needs to do for himself!

    he is an awesome actor & if things don’t work out on b&b he will land on his feet somewhere else.


  4. Cath says:

    Good on B&B for snatching him and as long as they keep giving him good material, I’ll be happy. I hated how the writers screwed JR in a corner in the last few months before Lorraine Broderick took back the helm of the show. I also hated that we never got proper closure on the JR & Annie storyline. I hope B&B treats him better than AMC did in a lot of its run.


  5. Thom says:

    Jacob’s performance the last couple of months makes me think he deserves the Emmy. He has been wonderful and I wish him all the best on B&B. I think he made the right decision.


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