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54 December 15th, 2010 Jake Silbermann in “Dracula” & Thora Birch fired from production because of her dad!


Dracula drama abound for the new off-Broadway production that features former As the World Turns star, Jake Silbermann (Noah). (See Photos of Jake in rehearsal here!) While Silbermann continues to play role of Jonathan Harker, the female lead of the show in the role of Lucy was to be played by film actress, Thora Birch best known for her work in American Beauty. Now comes word that Birch has been fired just four days before the shows premiere!  (It’s first preview performance was last night.  In fact according to the New York Times she was immediately told to vacate the theatre upon her dismissal!

The NY Times reported, the show’s director Paul Alexander said the decision had nothing to do with Ms. Birch’s acting abilities, but Ms. Birch was fired because her father, Jack, had threatened another actor during a rehearsal this past Thursday night.  Mr. Birch, formerly an actor in pornographic films who is now Ms. Birch’s manager, had attended most rehearsals to provide support and guidance for his daughter. At one point during Thursday’s rehearsal,  Mr. Birch confronted an actor who had been working on a scene with Ms. Birch.  The dad asked the actor why he was rubbing Ms. Birch’s back during the scene. The actor – whom none of the sides would name – said that he had been directed to do so as part of the scene. Mr. Birch objected, saying that the back rub was unnecessary, and told the actor to stop. (It is unusual for anyone other than a production’s director to instruct an actor.) When the actor tried to explain further what he was doing, Mr. Birch said, according to Mr. Alexander: “Listen, man, I’m trying to make this easier on you – don’t touch her. Mr. Alexander said the actor  felt uncomfortable with Mr. Birch’s directive and tone. Asked if the actor felt threatened, Mr. Alexander said, “I can’t have one of my actors in a situation where he is physically threatened by the father of anyone.”

Motion pictures and television star, Beau Bridges, daughter, Emily Bridges who was cast in a smaller role in the production, took over the lead role of Lucy from Birch upon her dismissal.  So this begs the question, which male co-star was doing the back-rub per the decision from the director to Birch, that got her dad all riled up,  that led to this turn of events?

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  1. afemme says:

    Hopefully, all this drama off the stage, will help get more folks into purchasing tickets for the production. Hopefully, Jake will have a chance to shine in this thing and prove all the naysayers wrong about him being a crappy actor.


  2. Connie says:

    Jake was giving the back rub. People who saw the show last night pretty much confirmed it (that, along with him having a really bad English accent).

    I have to say, I’m pretty put off by the Facebook update Jake gave on Sunday, writing: “Dracula is going into previews in two days! Oh yeah, we made a little cast change that you’ll read about in the ny times tuesday. Just made the show a whole lot better. Very exciting.”

    Are you kidding? Jake needs to look up “professionalism” in the dictionary. It’s not okay to gloat about someone being fired (“a whole lot better” and “Very exciting”), especially when he played a direct role in the situation. He needs to learn when to keep quiet, because he is in the public eye. I really doubt switching actresses at the last second made the show better, anyway.


    sj replied


    I think a poorly constructed headline on this column may have led you to make assumptions not based on fact. It’s very easy to make an accusation with such a generalized statement as “people who saw the show pretty much confirmed it.” Did you canvas every member of last night’s audience? Funny this is the only place I have heard any criticism of Jake or the play.

    Last time I checked the cast list, there was more than one male actor listed. Whoever was rehearsing the scene with Thora was complying with the director’s request. Since when does the parent/bodyguard of a 28-year-old get to overrule that?


    Connie replied

    I didn’t criticize Jake for giving the back rub, so don’t act like I did. All I did was confirm it was him. And considering that his actor is in a scene where he touches the other character’s back – and his is the only character to do so – then it’s him. If it was the direction, fine.

    I’m criticizing him for making an unnecessary and unprofessional post on his Facebook about it. If Jake was to make it as more than a soap actor, then he needs to grow up.

    Tanya replied

    Awwww…. Aren’t you just showing how to spread the love? :)


    Nicole replied

    Connie, why not say what you really mean? “I am not a Jake Silbermann fan. I do not wish him well, and would like to take this opportunity to make presumptions and cast a negative light on him, so that the others will agree with me and not like him, too.”

    It’s amazing to me that people take the time to come on here and post in this manner about any actor. If you don’t like him, why even bother with any of this? It’s like anti-fandom: following what’s happening with someone just to knock them. It’s a phenomenon I’ve seen a lot, and don’t remotely understand. I can only guess some resent Jake’s successes.

    In his Facebook post, it seems that Jake was trying to make the best of an unfortunate situation, and cast a positive light on Emily taking over for Thora. This ordeal was likely difficult for the entire cast, but they have put their best foot forward and soldiered on. I was fortunate to see the show, and meet the cast and one of the producers.

    When I mentioned it was through being a fan of Jake’s I heard about the show, they were effusive in their praise for him (more so than was necessary for a perfunctory nod to my fandom). The cast obviously has no problem with his professionalism. With respect, I feel they are somewhat more qualified to judge such things.

    Finally, it’s one thing to rain on someone’s parade just for sport. It’s another thing entirely to make outright false accusations. To claim Jake had a role in Thora’s firing is ludicrous. An actor was threatened, and whoever it was, they were the victim in the situation, not the party at fault.

    The producers made the decision to have a safe environment for their cast. That is not the fault of the actor who was threatened, but the person who made the threats. Can we at least not “blame the victim”?


    Connie replied

    Jake is a victim now? I think maybe you should take your own advice about making false accusations.

    afemme replied

    Jake will always be a victim, because he wasn’t appreciated enough by TPTB at ATWT.

    We, his die-hard and loving fans will always support him and look at for his best interests at heart. He made us love him for his slight, understated performance, in a role that made him a worldwide success.

    Why can’t folks just let him be and let us bask in his otherworldly epicness?

  3. Mark says:

    “Professionalism” (aka ass-kissing) is overrated. Keep on rockin’, Jake.


  4. steve coogan says:

    Im sure it was jake who was rubbing her back, he is playing jonathan harker, Lucy’s fiancee, I should think that they would do more than rub backs in a play about sexual awakening. And true it probably was a little unprofessional for him to post something like that, although I didn’t read it as gloating at all. Sounded more like relief. If you do a little research you’ll find that Thora has been fired from her last two jobs and the reasons sited are in both cases her ex porn star father/manager/body guard who has routinely made others feel uncomfortable on set and even threatened the lives of two crew members. Still at 28 years old, certainly some of the blame has to fall on her. Im sure firing her did make the show better or they wouldn’t have done it. You also have to wonder why, if the touch was inappropriate, they fired thora and not jake. Surely she is a bigger name than he is?


  5. quasar says:

    Connie, Jake is professional, and it doesn’t even matter who the actor was. Read the full article; they were doing what they were being directed to do. If it was Jake, could even the bitter, vindictive people who inexplicably hate Jake simply because of a character he played (I can smell a Noah hater a mile away) honestly believe he was being in any way inappropriate with a co-star on stage, during rehearsals, or that he has the power to get another actor fired? Jake hasn’t done squat to deserve the kind of attacks he’s gotten from a certain fanbase. ATWT is over. Just move on already.


    Connie replied

    Since I didn’t even bring up ATWT, I’m not the one who needs to move on. And, again, NO ONE IS CRITICIZING JAKE FOR FOLLOWING THE DIRECTION. I have an issue, as do many people who aren’t blinded by fandom, with actors gloating about someone being fired. (And, guess what, I have seen some die-hard Jake fans take issue with his Facebook status as well.) And I liked Jake just fine, until he started showing signs of bitter behavior, with this and with some of his comments after ATWT ended. It’s now become a pattern of behavior.


    Texasstar replied

    Where exactly has Jake shown bitter behavior exactly? I mean up until the last few months and I mean those after the show ended has Jake gotten any real coverage and no where have I read or heard was Jake bitter. Also I wouldn’t call Jake’s status gloating but I guess its all in how you want to take it I guess.

    Katiebell replied

    Bitter behavior with some of his comments after ATWT ended? WTF are you talking about? If anyone had a right to be bitter, it was Jake in the way he was treated by the show the last six months it was on, but Jake only took the high road and conducted himself with dignity and class. I just cannot believe on some people continue to stomp on actors to make their cause seem all the more worthy.

    Oh well, rock on, Jake!

    MDFawn replied

    Well, here I go. Connie, it is obvious from your original comment that you don’t particularly like Jake. That’s fine. Do you need to come on and make a snide comment, “along with him having a really bad English accent”? I guess the answer is yes and that’s what makes your world go round.

    If Jake is the unnamed actor he didn’t do anything wrong. Thora at almost 30 years of age should really cut the strings to her father before it totally ruins her career. And yes you are blaming Jake to some degree by your comment, “when he played a direct role in the situation.” He didn’t play any role. He did what he was told to do and some freaky stage father approached him and threatened him. Did he report it to the director and producers? Who knows. Maybe another actor did. Whoever did was also right in doing so. Birch is obviously obsessed with his daughter and needs help before someone does get hurt.

    Jake’s comment. Could he have said it differently? Yes, of course. But I guess I see it as maybe he was trying to put a positive face on a bad situation and trying to be encouraging and supportive of the actress in the role and the production as a whole. I guess it’s all in how you look at it. If you don’t like Jake in the first place (you) you’re going to see negative. If you like Jake (me) you see the positive.

    Bitter comments? I’m with Katie, WTF??? The only negative, backhanded comments I’ve seen from anyone since ATWT’s demise has been the obviously ego driven, backhanded comment Chris Goutman made in the NYTimes article about STUFFER. Bitter much Mr. Goutman.

    I’m done.

    Connie replied

    Good God. Carry on with your inability to read.

    quasar replied

    Connie, you didn’t have to mention ATWT. As I said in my previous post, it’s easy to spot Noah haters, especially the ones who irrationally transfer that hate to Jake because they don’t have the capacity to distinguish an actor from the role he played on a soap. Your take on that fb status and the news of TB being fired is expected. Talk about a “pattern of behavior”. There are certain members of a disgruntled fandom (hey, we all got screwed) who have a knee-jerk, cynical reaction to everything Jake does and says, and after all this time they still can’t seem to move on. They continue to dog and trash him with a near-pathological zeal. They’ve given Jake quite a drubbing these past few weeks. Why? Because he had the audacity to find success. An award for the short film he wrote and produced at the first festival to which it was submitted, and now an important role in an Off-Broadway play with a pretty impressive cast. And that burns those people, because it doesn’t fit their agenda; it wasn’t supposed to be him.

    Jake was treated like garbage by the show and certain corners of fandom, and also by the soap press, but he’s been nothing but gracious. You believe him to be such a bitter person? Who do you think helped facilitate Eric’s recent interview with BlazinRy on BTR? It was Jake. Ryan is a friend of his from school. Gee, what a jerk. His friend get a boost for his new radio show and Eric had the opportunity to promote his independent film and speak with fans, some of whom continue to treat Jake like something they scraped off the bottom of their shoes. All the more reason to appreciate the gesture. Jake has said on many occasions how much he liked Eric and how much he enjoyed working with him. When ESS/Reid fans were posting on Jake’s fb about the fundraising they were participating in on behalf of Eric, Jake enthusiastically congratulated them. Bitter!

    Van, Jake and Eric were actors doing what they were paid to do, and unless you think all three of them are liars, they had a good time working together and respected one another. There’s enough room in the acting world for the three of them, and I’m sure they’ll each continue to find success.

    Other posters have mentioned the peculiarity of someone following the trail of an actor they so obviously dislike. There are plenty of actors I’m not fond of. Why would I waste my time pursuing stories about them online just so I could let everyone know how much I don’t like them and how awful I think they are? It seems to be important to you that others share your negative opinion of Jake. Why not just save yourself the obvious grief he causes you and forget about him?

    It’s long past time for some people to find a little perspective. It was a soap opera. Let go of your animosity and hostility towards a young man who has done absolutely nothing to deserve it.

    KSP replied

    Connie, please supply one example of “bitter behavior” Jake “showed” at the end of ATWT.


    mmc replied

    I was never a Nuke fan and always a LuRe fan, but i have to take Jakes’ side in all of this.He has no blame here and was doing his job as an actor.He really is a nice person.The blame should be on the Father of that actress that was fired. It’s like the Father wants the final say and that won’t work for his Daughter at all.I wish Jake continued success in his career.And please don’t think all Lure fans are Jake haters because we’re not!!!


    Nicole replied

    Well I appreciate your post mmc. Sometimes on this site it does seem that way, only I know it’s not the case, because the vast majority of LuRe fans I’ve met think Jake is great. I guess sometimes the few naysayers are louder, but you’re right to remind us they do not represent the fandom. :)

    Connie replied

    This is the last comment I’m leaving, because it’s tiring to talk to people who deliberately misread things, as I never said Jake was wrong about touching the actress or whatever. I said his comments were unprofessional, which THEY WERE, especially since he was involved in the situation. And saying he was involved in it does not mean he was TO BLAME, just that he was involved in it, WHICH HE WAS.

    As for Jake’s bitter comments, one prime example is when someone left a nasty comment about CG on his Facebook page after the show ended, and Jake “liked” it. But let’s pretend that never happened, shall we? I could give other examples, but why bother? Certain people have a blind spot to unprofessional behavior when it involves someone they STAN.

    I’m clearly not the one not letting things go.


    Texasstar replied

    Connie I wouldn’t exactly call that bitter but more like basically how some have been feeling towards Goutman and that is he treated not only Jake like crap but most of his veteran actors. If Goutman had even cared about using Jake and the rest of the veteran actors and a few other things then the show might still be on.

    MDFawn replied

    **Anna doubles over in laughter** Really?!? Are you kidding me?!?

    So, let me get this straight, pressing “like” to a comment that you agree with is a bitter comment? On what planet? He simply agreed with something. No comment. No verbal interaction. Simply agreed by pressing a button.

    “I could give other examples, but why bother?” Why not? Because there are none to post.

    I’m done with silly people being silly.

    Gina replied

    It seems like Connie is saying Jake “liked” some nasty comments made about his former boss, or to use MDFawns wording, Jake “agreed” with them. This is the same Jake who, the consensus seems to be- was treated like crap by that same boss and TPTB in general.

    I think reading some bitterness into that agreement is pretty easy and fairly reasonable. I don’t yell BITCH to my former boss on the way out the door unless I have some issues with her. Liking or agreeing that your former boss is a shit or whatever nastiness was directed toward Goutman implies he had a problem with him and considering the situation- bitterness about the way he was treated seems likely. Why is this hard to admit or grasp?

    Seriously you guys- IF Jake was/is bitter, he has a right to it and no one can blame him. Making lame excuses for it is just funny.

  6. tiivitaavi says:

    Well, if someone is threathened with violence, then he pretty much is the victim…


  7. Yvonne says:

    Jake fans, keep rocking!


  8. Brian says:

    Go, Jake, Go! :)


  9. Nicole says:

    Connie, as the non-Jake fan who keeps commenting on Jake articles seemingly just to denigrate him, it rather seems you’re the one who hasn’t moved on. And there is no pattern of behavior; just a pattern of twisting behavior to suit your negative image of the guy. Again, I ask, why bother?

    You don’t like Jake — we get that. Why is it so important to you to come in and post negatively towards him? Do you never ask yourself what it is in you that makes you need to do that (to Jake, his fans, or anyone, for that matter)? It’s just kind of sad to me. It has occurred to me that to spread so much ill will, one has to be feeling pretty badly themselves. For that I am sorry, and I hope things look up for you.


  10. Nicole says:

    quasar, I wish I hadn’t bothered to post before because you’ve said it so well. I try and try to wrap my mind around this weird phenomenon, and I just can’t. I really admire all 3 actors, so maybe that’s why.

    Jake is my favorite, and I was a total Nuke person, but I can’t remotely envision resenting Eric for the fact it was him who got all the storyline this year, while Jake’s character was written poorly, and pushed aside. They all just did their jobs, because each *is* a professional. All 3 have only ever had good things to say about each other, and shown support for one another. So the fan animosity is completely inexplicable.

    I do get that sense that some non-Jake fans cannot stomach his success. I don’t at all see how good things happening for him detracts from the other actors. That makes no sense at all. Each of these amazing people will have success. As a fan of any of them, doesn’t it make more sense to have faith in their talent, than to bash their co-star for succeeding?

    Yes, Jake has stuff going on right now. But Eric and Van both have movies completed, too. It’s only a matter of time before they secure more projects, as well. Everything is not going to happen simultaneously for everyone. There will be times when Eric is busiest, and times when Van is busiest. Why not just enjoy the ride of seeing these guys’ careers progress?


  11. Aubery says:

    I think the only person to blame is the actresses father. If jake was asked to rub her back during a scene, how is it his fault, he was only taking direction, he has to or he would be the one fired. I think its a really good idea that they fired the actress considering her father’s over reaction over a simple back rub, I think her father is overly sensitive given his porn career….. Lol or maybe there is more to this story. jumping on an innocent poster is really un called for. She only posted what she was told and saw on facebook! facebook is media outlet, if JS didn’t wanted it public knowledged he wouldn’t have posted on a open forum. who would blame him, her father sounds like a diva, jake could have been relived, that he doesnt have dealt with her, or her dad on a daily basis. I feel sorry for the actress, to have such a controlling parent at her age.


  12. Gina says:

    So Connie gives her opinion- in essence that Jakes comments were unprofessional- and around 20 replies attacking and psychoanalyzing Connie for this and for “not letting go” follow- and Connie is the one with the problem?

    Does anyone think Jakes comments on Facebook were a good idea and something a professional would do? That was the point of her comment. Would it inspire faith if your doctor, lawyer etc posted something similiar about their work situation? You don’t denegrate your coworkers, not in public. Things like that may come back to bite you the next time you look for a job. And they don’t look good to your customers- no matter the line of work.

    Before I get crucified- I like Jake- but Jake’s comments were neither smart nor were they very nice. And they were most definitely unprofessional.


    Nicole replied

    You have a right to your opinion. In mine, I see his comments, as I said, as making the best of a bad situation. He knew Emily was taking over and wanted to voice his support for this. Nothing unprofessional about it.


    Connie replied

    Bingo, Gina. That comment was not just giving support, and most people in a professional setting would agree. I agree that saying something like you suggested below would have been a lot better.


  13. Gina says:

    Well there is a simple way to do that.. something like ” I am so excited Emily is joining us!” would suffice. And it would have been great if you have your opinion and I have mine were the responses that Connie got rather that being rung out like a rag because she dared to say Jakes comments were unprofessional.

    Imagine the shoe were on the other foot and Jake just got fired from his job on the show.. And Thora posted something similar on Facebook. The tar would be hot and the feathers would be being plucked. Its easier to see lack of forethought or tact when there is no love in the way.

    Blind allegiance puts the dumb in fandumb. We can love the guy all to hell and back but it doesn’t make every move he makes or word he says pristine. I can buy that Jake meant well in his comments but at the very least it was not bright.
    A person with no dog in the fight can come away thinking he is a jackass because he left himself open for that. Not. Smart.

    Someone gets mad at Eric because Eric liked the train story. Fans jump all over the person who dared challenge Erics opinion. Someone gets mad at Van because Van didn’t say the right thing about Lure or Nuke LOL. Fans jump all over that person, how dare they question Van!! LOL Someone gets mad at Jake for comments on Facebook open to interpretation. Fans jump all over that person. Its just hilarious that no one can say anything even remotely critical even if completely accurate about any of these guys without fans getting up in arms as if they need our protection. THAT is the idea that some folks need to grow out of and get on over.


    Nicole replied

    One point we are trying to make is, why do non-Jake fans keep jumping into Jake stories in the first place, just to cast their negative opinions of him? I don’t see anyone going into Eric stories on here and bashing him. This happens with EVERY Jake story on here since I’ve visited this site. It’s like it’s not enough that some people aren’t Jake fans (which is fine!), but that they can’t let anyone else be without trying to crap all over it. That isn’t classy, just tiring.


    Gina replied

    Well I agree its a time waster, but that is just my own opinion. The internet is all about wasting time though and expressing every. single. thought. that enters our foolish heads. We won’t always agree. People post simply because they can. Case in point below LOL

    It really bothers me that what I am guessing are adults jump all over someone for expressing an opinion– and not an opinion out of left field even- its easy to draw the conclusions that Connie did if a person is unbiased in looking at them- you don’t have to hate Jake to see it this way. And this dog-pile reaction makes everybody look ridiculous. Is it unnecessary negativity? Maybe. But the internets is a mostly free country LOL. This thread wouldn’t have gotten this silly if everyone had simply been allowed their own view without the armchair psychology and had read what the girl had actually posted.
    If you think Connie is a troll there is a simple way to silence her- let it lie.

    For myself, I think Jakes FB comments were fairly tacky, but the guy is human and he is young and the internet is full of people who type first and think later.- it happens all the time. Maybe Thora treated him like dirt. Still tacky, take the high road dude- at least in public. And I think “liking” or whatever he supposedly did with the snarky comments about CG imply bitterness but who gives a crap if he is bitter?
    He is due- heck, I was bitter FOR him.
    Jake being fallible isn’t news over here and it doesn’t make a bit of difference to me- still like the guy. For me I can look at Connies comments about Jake and think *yeah, I can see that* and still come away thinking Jake is an OK dude even if Connie is 100% right on. She could be totally off and so what? Jakes still working, we still love him and its all good regardless of what gets typed here.

    Nicole replied

    If someone jumps into threads of someone they’re not a fan of just to cast aspersions on them, then they can well expect responses from that person’s fans. As well they should. Yes, she has the right to air her opinion, but so do we. (And yes, imo we have the right to question why she feels the need to always spread negativity about the person).

    She isn’t being jumped all over any more than she is jumping all over Jake. She *is* being challenged, and when you post as she does, that will happen. If Eric or Van were treated like this here, as their fan I would be just as quick to spring to their defense. In my short time here, I have only noticed this phenomenon with Jake. It’s sad it happens to any of the actors. They all did their part to bring us a memorable story, which in addition to the grief we all remember at the end, brought us a lot of enjoyment before that.

    Gina replied

    So she has the right to her opinion but should not be surprised when those who disagree immediately get personal with her for it? That is being challenged? LOL. Nice. Because you do know when you say a person is indulging in a peculiar, weird phenomena, lamenting their supposedly sad life, and urge them to get over it, you are getting personal, right? You are insinuating none too subtly that they have a problem. All because she said Jakes comments were unprofessional and she felt he was bitter?
    In a fandom where we are supposedly by association particularly sensitive to tolerance and bullying I find this highly ironic.

    Get this, she is not spreading negativity. She is expressing her opinion. You don’t like it and don’t like that she continues to do it.
    That is really your problem isn’t it? Did you notice what she posted versus all the shit you and others accused her of posting here that she didn’t actually post? LOL!

    Nicole replied

    -Connie’s opinion is always negative towards Jake; therefore she is expressing her opinion AND spreading negativity. Of course I don’t like that she continues to do it in Jake threads– that is sorta my point.

    -I didn’t accuse her of posting anything she didn’t; I referred to the things she actually posted in threads at this site.

    -Yes, in my opinion the urge to follow people one isn’t a fan of just to post negativity about them is a weird phenomenon. That said, it isn’t unique to Connie. In my opinion that is an odd thing to want to do, and suggests some unhappiness on the part of the person. Because of this, I genuinely feel bad for her.

    -Finally, for you to take so much offense at others expressing their opinion, while wholeheartedly endorsing Connie’s right to express hers, I suspect you and Connie are, in fact, one and the same.

    Gina replied

    Sorry about the late response Nicole, I had forgotten about this thread. Late late late!
    it is equal parts funny and sad that you think I must be Connie simply because it offends me to see people pile on the person with the minority opinion. I would hope more people, no matter who they agree with on what topic, would step in if someone was being shouted down. Freedom of speech and all. I suppose you don’t see it that way. For the record I am not Connie.

    Anyway, for my part- this behavior is embarrassing. Its embarrassing as a fan to see people who I will inevitably be associated with act like mother hens over full grown men who I am sure could not care less- they are not children and its humiliating to see other fans fall all over themselves to the point of tearing each other down to defend them. Really I was in here arguing this point for selfish reasons. Fangirls are embarrassing. Since we have decided its okay and not personal to psychoanalyze strangers over a difference of opinion, here is my shot. Fangirls give the impression that they have empty lives, no interested men within a radius of 10 miles and are overrun with cats. Discuss.

    Nasty, unfair and PERSONAL. But hey its my opinion so its okie dokey!

    See you on the boards.


    Nicole replied

    No shouting down occurred. Perhaps an overwhelming majority expressing an opinion contrary to yours and Connie’s felt like shouting.

  14. Epstein says:

    “Now at the Little Shubert Off Broadway, that same 1927 version of DRACULA is back. This production has its little changes, edits and adjustments, but it is more like the production an audience might have seen in the ‘20s than it should be. That is to say, we have been through a lot with Dracula since Bella Lagosi and the melodramatic hokum of that era’s stage is hard to take seriously today. I wanted to love this production so much, but it was impossible. This material is delicate, for there are nearly ridiculous and grandiose lines that must be said, the trick of Dracula turning into a bat, the ladies fainting and screaming at the sight of shadows and recorded noises such as wolves howling and bats squeaking is all a bit sticky. The vampire recoils from the cross, he smashes a mirror when it is discovered that he does not reflect in it, and overly familiar words like, “I never drink…wine” are uttered. There are also hokey comic bits between a maid and caretaker, Renfield eating his bugs and the pounding of a stake through Dracula’s heart. How to handle all of this so the audience doesn’t giggle? Very carefully, but director Paul Alexander doesn’t seem to have the touch and neither does most of the cast.”

    Oh, sucks. I’m just going, so that I can enjoy looking at Jake’s gorgeous mug.


    N replied

    See how many followers that dude has? 10, one of them even is himself. He can’t even spell the name Bela Lugosi right. That should tell you what to think of his expertise.


    The First Epstein replied

    I have been using this username in the fandom since the beginning of time, so I’m going to assume that this is just a coincidence and you will stop posting in my name. Thank you.


  15. katiebell says:

    I think Connie is missing the point. Everyone has a right to their opinion, certainly. What I don’t get is why she and a few others follow Jake around on FB and to every site that mentions his name only to get on the comments and dog him and then dog him some more. What is the purpose? To make your man look better? Because you, yourself are bitter? I don’t like some actors, and I would never follow them around and dog their every move. I just ignore them. But some of these bitter ESS/Reid fans just will not let it go—they have a personal vendetta against Jake. I don’t understand it, but I suggest that these fans put their time and energy into supporting their favs as opposed to trash talking some actor they don’t like.


    Nicole replied



    mmc replied

    I’m a Lure fan and i love Van Hansis but i would never talk trash about Jake .I like him as himself and wish only the best for him.Please don’t think that Eric and Vans’ ‘ fans don’t wish Jake well.I can’t imagine someone disliking him because they were not a Noah fan.Unfortunately there are rotten apples in any group, but I’m not one of them!I wish all of these talented men success in whatever they choose to do!


    md1347 replied

    I just had someone review one of my Nuke fanfic. I was told that Noah should have died and LuRe deserved the happy ending… I was basically told not to post anymore Nuke fanfic’s on the site, only LuRe fanfic. It’s not true of course and I could careless and I’ll continue to write what I want.

    mmc replied

    md , as I said, in any group there are rotten apples.Even though I wanted Luke and Reid to have their happily ever after, i wanted Noah to have one too, just not with Luke. And please continue to write.I’m presently writing my own Fan fiction .You should continue to write what you want .I’m a LuRe fan and you’re a Nuke fan and that’s fine.We don’t have to agree as to how we want our stories to end but we should do do it in a respectful way.And again, that LuRe fan doesn’t represnt me and most of the LuRe fans!!!!!

  16. Epstein says:

    Reviews from NY Times

    “This Dracula is so bad it is not even tempting to leave at intermission. You want to stay and watch the second Act to see how much worse it can get.”


    katiebell replied

    You really need to stop posting in Epstein’s name. It’s not funny or cute. Epstein is the biggest Jake/Noah fan there is, so stop hiding behind a well-known user name in the fandom to post your not-so-undercover Jake hate. Step on up and put your own name on your posts.


  17. Epstein says:

    Why are you presuming that I’m a “Jake Hater”. I’m following what’s going on with his work in the off-Broadway production of Dracula, because I do like him.

    It’s not my fault that there hasn’t been any positive reviews so far. It’s like as a fan, I should put my head in the sand, regarding all negative press, because I’m scared that he might not get a good review. I don’t want to be that sort of fan. I’ll take the good with the bad, regarding Jake.

    I also didn’t know that “Epstein” was only supposed to be used by one person. I didn’t see that in the fandom procedure pamphlet. So, I’m going to continue to use “Epstein”, thank you very much and have a Happy Holiday and Wonderful New Year.

    More Jake Silbermann success in the new year.


  18. SilvanaLukeNoah says:

    I love Jake Silbermann and not admit anyone to speak ill of this wonderful man who charms us with her ​​talent, her beauty and her character for honesty.
    I wish I could have watched Dracula, but I live in another country.
    I love the character and I love Noah Nuke.
    Jake Silbermann I will hold forever because he is my favorite actor.
    Jake and Van are loved by many people in various countries around the world, who love
    and always will love the characters Luke and Noah.
    Stop that despite because while some are barely talking to Jake, he is still beautiful, talented and loved and Nuke will still be the most loved couple of ATWT.
    Van and Jake did with people of many countries to become friends and fight for the characters they played so divinely and made ​​us love them and respect them and will always matter who it hurts.
    Hitherto Nuke channels are active, you know why? because our love for Van and Jake (Luke and Noah) keeps getting stronger and more present.
    No matter what the producers and writers of ATWT in recent months have made the show (the writers certainly were with mental paralysis).
    Jake Van Nuke and will always be in our hearts forever.


  19. SilvanaLukeNoah says:

    We love you Jake Silbermann every day more and more.
    Van Hansis and you deserve all the success in the world.
    I love you with all my heart.


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