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20 November 15th, 2010 Jake Silbermann to appear in new Off-Broadway version of “Dracula”!

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As the World Turns former, Noah Mayer, Jake Silbermann had great news to share last evening on his facebook page, when the actor announced that he will be playing the role of Jonathan Harker in a new Off-Broadway production of Dracula!

Silbermann detailed that he begins rehearsals this week and the production is set to go up in December.  Jake is ecstatic and is encouraging all his fans to come see it.    We will bring you more details on the production as soon as they become available.

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  1. rita says:

    Great Jake!!!


  2. N says:

    Congrats, Jake! This is absolutely amazing.

    This play is a must see for me because Jake Silbermann in a play with vampires is just my kind of play! Can’t wait to see him live on stage. It will be epic.


  3. Bijou says:

    I’m SO excited! I’m gonna be flying in from Holland to see this show, i’m sure it’s gonna be awesome!

    Congrats Jake!


  4. Barb says:

    That’s such an awesome news, Jake!! Congrats!! I’m so proud of you and happy for you.
    And I need to start saving money, because NOTHING in the world would make me miss seeing Jake LIVE ON STAGE!! Won’t happen as far as I’m concerned. :)


  5. Nicole says:

    Wonder if the mayor will realize what’s behind the bump in nyc tourism next month?


  6. Carrie says:

    Good for Jake!


  7. Katie says:

    Good for Jake! Things really seem to be going his way these days and I’m happy for him. I bet he’ll do awesome in this. :) He deserves a chance to show off more of his talent.


  8. E says:

    YAY! great job Jake!


  9. E says:

    That’s just amazing!Congrats!Jake will rock this!I live so far away but i’ll try to do my best to be able to see him on stage!!!!


  10. MDFawn says:

    Congratulations Jake. Obviously the rest of New York and the country (thanks to STUFFER) will finally get to see what we already know . . . you’re a really, really talented person and you deserve every single great thing that’s happening to you.


  11. Tanya says:

    Go Jake! So happy to see him already being immensely successful like we fans always knew he would. Haters to the left! Really hoping to see this…. Coming up all the way from WA, so he better appreciate it. ;)


  12. JASlove says:

    I hope I can somehow save enough money to go to NYC to see this. Jake is amazing and I’d love to see him on the stage!!


  13. mmc says:

    I’m happy for Jake even though i always was a LuRe fan.But he’s a good guy and is deserving .Now if i know for sure that Van Hansis will go to see this play because they are friends , I’ll go.I like Jake but my heart will always belong to Van!


    Tanya replied

    If Van goes I’m sure he’ll want the attention on Jake. They’re good friends, so they kinda like to support each other. And Van’s in LA now, so…


    Carrie replied

    Since when did this become about Van or LuRe? I can care less if you are a LuRe fan, but what that has to do with Jake? Jake is not a part of ATWT anymore and neither is LuRe. I love Van to pieces and I am looking forward to his film but this play has nothing to do with Van. I am sure Van will support Jake. Why do people have to remind everyone that they like Van better than Jake? Jake got an awesome part for God sake. Just be happy for him and be done with it. Nobody will take your big Van/LuRe fan sticker away. Anyways why would you go to a play just to see one of the featured actors friends?


    mmc replied

    I do like Jake and am happy for him.I must admit after i read my words they didn’t sound right even to me! It will take a while to separate these actors from ATWT, but we long time fans are doing it slowly but surely!

    Tickets For Sale replied

    I’m gonna be flying in from Holland to see this show, i’m sure it’s gonna be awesome

    Connie replied

    Seems like Jake should take your advice, considering he hijacked Van’s radio interview last week to promote himself.

    Texasstar replied


    If Van had any problems with Jake calling in or what not he would have told him so by probably saying I’ll talk to ya later. However, he didn’t cut Jake off but instead they got caught up since it had been awhile since they had talked. Also Jake didn’t promote himself since I seem to remember that it was Van who asked Jake about the play. So what was Jake supposed to do not answer Van’s question. So I really don’t understand what your problem is with Jake because I doubt he’s done anything to you.

  14. mmc says:

    I saw Jake on a we love soaps interview.I was impressed with him as himself.He’s very attractive and personable and has a lovely sense of humor.i’m glad I got to see him as himself because i never liked the character of Noah! he seems so excited with his film and his future!


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