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0 October 22nd, 2009 James Franco about upcoming GH role at New Yorker Festival!

James FrancoLast Saturday before James Franco appeared in a cameo on SNL, he made an appearance at the New Yorker Festival and his upcoming GH soap role came up.  Here is what was reported from that exchange from the event.  “James amused response was that he thinks it’ll be a good time. He then elaborated that his stint on the soap is part of an ongoing collaboration with Carter. Daytime performance art? Performance art for the MiniVan Majority? James explained that he’s had to start catching up on the show now and that’s he’s becoming addicted to it. He hilariously told the audience that since it was announced that he’d be doing GH other actors have confessed their passion for soaps to him – namely Judd Apatow.”

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