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12 August 2nd, 2011 James Franco hopes GH doesn’t get canceled before he returns with big plans for the soap!


James Franco is making the news again! And this time he clarifies his recent statements to Access Hollywood, about not knowing what GH is talking about surrounding his return to the ABC soap in September.  James broke it down for USA Today while also discussing and promoting his new live action blockbuster, Rise of the Planet of the Apes (out Friday).  It sounds like James has something very big in mind to create with General Hospital as part of his next story arc, but scheduling it is huge dilemma.

Franco revealed to USA Today, “I have a really big project planned for that show, it’s just I don’t have time to pull that part of it off yet.  The actor went on to say, that the GH return would involve bringing together “three worlds” instead of two. “I’m just crossing my fingers. I just hope it doesn’t get canceled before we can pull this off because it’s going to be awesome.”

But he’s currently committed to his role as the wizard in Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful, which is shooting in Detroit through the fall. “I’m in every single scene,” he said, which is why the GH producers’ announcement that he’d be back so soon took him by surprise. “It was this huge announcement by ABC and I was like, “Ahh, all right I’ll try to get out there? Maybe they can come to Detroit?”

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  1. Jan says:

    hahaha, he’s afraid the show’ll get cancelled. bernard dared abc to do it talk to him.


  2. Avelina says:

    He should just stick to movies.


  3. Bella says:

    You know, I love Franco for the spotlight he is willing to shine on soaps! Real soap fans should ask themselves when the last time was that GH was mentioned in the same sentence with a major film, and by the star of the movie! Sure, the writing during his last stint may have been less than stellar, but I thank Franco for sharing the love with my favorite soap once again! I truly appreciate his efforts!


    Liz replied

    I agree 100% with you, Bella.

    Thanks, James Franco. You give GH publicity. That’s always good. I make a point to watch when I know your going to be on too:)

    Don’t listen to the haters. You are appreciated.


  4. kay killgore says:

    Mr. Franco in case you have not heard Guza is out and hopefully so are you! So GH can get back to storytelling that we care about instead of Daytimes version of the Sopranos!!!


    Suzanne replied

    Franco, an oscar nominated actor, is awesome!!! Brings prime time drama to daytime! GO FRANCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Takeitish says:

    Sorry, I find his GH character to be over the top, over acted and cartoonish at best. . I would much rather have Helena Cassidine, Stavros Cassidine or Jerry Jax back they are far more interesting.


    Avelina replied



  6. ethel says:

    i have nothing against james franco but the character he plays on gh is just not needed!


  7. Messalinna says:

    HE has plans for the show? This guy is such a conceited, pompous asshole! He thinks he’s the creative force behind the soap himself, which is a huge insult to the talented actors on it. Guess what Franco – the fans DON’T want you back. You’re a pretentious, narcissistic, GO AWAY.


  8. Messalinna says:

    I’m so sorry for my hateful outburst on James Franco. I’m sure there are many wonderful sides to him and its unfair and immature of me to call him degrading names. It just really upsets me to think of the GH people slogging away all year round to give their fans some joy in this dying medium and then this ‘big-shot movie star’ (or whatever he’s supposed to be) thinks he can come in as he pleases and have the show can work around him, changing storylines to fit his own agenda! It’s so profoundly unfair on the other actors, James. The creativity of the new headwriter is what matters for this show, not Franco’s. If Franco is so fascinated with the medium, surely he can pool his own resources to create his OWN soap opera… maybe even online? He needs to stop being a parasite on the show and, if he’s truly invested in GH, he needs to figure out a way of helping the ensemble of talented actors and writers turn in the best show they possibly can… because in daytime, there are no stars. The show is the star.


  9. S Hunt says:

    Wow….Some of you people are such losers. You hate James Franco, when all he has done is give GH positive buzz and nothing but positive publicity.

    Has it occurred to any of you (in the delusional little world that you live in), that James Franco is probably the reason why GH didn’t get cancelled recently along with AMC and OLTL??? (And don’t kid yourselves, because if GH makes it past September 2012, it will be because despite the fact that Katie Couric has been around forever—and ever and ever and ever—James Franco, right now, has more clout than she does.) So, please, keep your psychotic and irrational hatred to yourselves and stop your obnoxious whining. James Franco is the best thing to happen to GH since Luke, Laura, and Gloria Monty.


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