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1 May 5th, 2010 James Franco in USA Today on GH & his academic and acting career!

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James Franco is one busy and ambitious guy. From his acamedemia, to his motion picture career, to his love of exploring projects dear to his heart, and his ambitions, Franco discusses how he is balancing it all in a new item in today’s USA Today.  But the big news for soap fans, is his mention of the soaps and his return to General Hospital this summer.

Franco on GH, soaps, and his choices on projects: ”I got to a point where it was, why not just do the projects that I’m interested in? If there are people that I love that want to work with me, I’m just going to work with them. Soap operas, yeah, generally people think that’s something to avoid, that’s a ‘low level’ of entertainment, but if you look at a lot of movies that are released in theaters, they’re just the same as soap operas.”

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  1. bottomchef says:

    Is he even welcome back on GH’s set?

    Didn’t Grahn tell him off thru twitter?

    And he was not even “good” on GH.


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