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1 June 15th, 2010 James Franco on why “Franco” is turned-on by GH’s Jason Morgan!


In an exclusive interview with TV Guide Magazine:, James Franco discusses his upcoming return to General Hospital, as the obsessed artist, “Franco”, and why he is so intrigued by the soap opera medium.   Below are a few interesting excerpts, especially the one that puts Franco on the spot on if there is some undelying sexual turn-on going on in “Franco’s” mind with him and his nemesis, Steve Burton (Jason) .

Franco on what is driving “Franco”: ”Jason is a master assassin who’s murdered a lot of people and gotten away with it, which is very attractive to Franco. He likes that danger. [Long thoughtful pause] There’s an underlying sexiness to that….if that’s what you’re getting at. Yes, there’s a underlying sexiness to that connection.”
Franco on the “buzz” on the GH set that he might consider returning for a third time:
  “I don’t know. I can’t say. I really enjoy it there so, yeah, I think there’s a good possibility. [Laughs] There’s one thing I have figured out about soap operas. Even if Franco dies at the end of this arc, he can always come back!”


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  1. brian says:

    could be a reason to turn back in to general hospital…lol


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