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12 March 9th, 2013 James Franco Receives Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame! Gives Emotional Speech!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

On Thursday in Hollywood, James Franco received his very own star on the Walk of Fame! The former General Hospital recurring guest star, as well as a guest arc special guest on Hollywood Heights, is currently starring in the motion picture, Oz: The Great and Powerful!

The multi-faceted star, whose creative projects and energies knows no bound, brought along his mother, Betsy (who also played “Franco’s” mom on GH), brother Dave ( who is quickly becoming one of the most sought after hotties in Hollywood) and good friend and actor,Seth Rogan to the presentation.

A choked up Franco, spoke about the great honor and thanked his former teachers, his mother and his friends for their support upon receiving this most Hollywood of all recognitions other than the Oscar.  The 34-year-old superstar also uploaded a few photos to his Instagram account, which show him getting ready with mom and lying down looking smitten with his own star, holding the “Oz” doll depicting his character.

What do you think of James Franco becoming a Hollywood legend on the walk of fame? Weigh-in!

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  1. rebecca says:

    multi-talented…diverse roles…creative…intelligent…modern day Renaissance man. oh…and cute! (also feel his “stint” as co-host of the Oscars was just that. have seen him interviewes since then and he’s actually quite engaging. too bad he didn’t show that side of his personality on such a huge world stage.)


    Patrick replied

    it’s amazing to see an oscar nominee… acting on soaps…. after the fact…. he respects all genres’….?

    is suspect for his… person? ie: so he bombed at the oscars? as host? he was nominated in the best actor category that year.

    he’s engaging…. as an actor… and, definately…. YES, he’s CUTE. as a button.

    you see him smile w/swag… and you can’t help but be drawn in….


  2. toscanti says:



  3. CTwildheart says:

    I think it was way too soon for him to get this honor.


    jim replied

    I agree. He is a good actor and i like him but whats the rush?


    lisa replied

    Good for him – but yeah I think he is a little young for the honor too !!

    Mary SF replied

    To be considered for a Star the person has to have at least 5 years experience in their field- plus they have to have done some charity work – but the biggest thing is the people nominating the person if selected have to cough up about 30 grand to pay for it. These Stars are no longer about honoring someone- it is all about tourism, and whoever can pay the fee- will most likely get one eventually.


  4. GHFan says:

    For $30,000 anyone can own a star on Hollywood Blvd! ;)


    Patrick replied

    correct…. the fan base… conbributes… and/or a said studio is pushing… his new movie…. for publicity…

    it’s neither her nor their that his aplomb is decorated….? he’s not bette davis.


    Cindy replied

    Exactly. You buy it. It really isn’t an honor. Too funny. Choked up? Hah. They don’t give them to you…. You buy them.


    JustSaying replied

    Wow. Anyone can BUY a star on the Walk of Fame.

    The economy must be that bad in Hollywood.


  5. Bonnie says:

    I do not think he is worthy of the Star, although a good actor. People really need to pay their dues do get a star. But when the fans pay 3500 for the star, then almost anyone can have one, though they do need to be approved as only about 10 are given out each year. But I think this should have happened in 20 years if he is still around.


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